Kerry: Israeli, Palestinian talks intensifying
Yitzhak Benhorin, AFP
Published: 22.10.13, 08:59
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1. Negotiation about what?
Israeli 2   (10.22.13)
Compromising Jerusalem or any land? The answer is: NO! How to help build for them an infrastructure in Jordan? The answer is: YES! By all means. Getting them on track to a real peace denouncing Hamas with our help? The answer is: YES!
2. Their offensive mosque..
aharon ,   jerusalem   (10.22.13)
sits in Israel... the JEWISH state. We will wave the Israeli flag and or build housing anywhere we choose in OUR country
3. Time to dissolve this patheticn weak government, stop the
A ,   Belgium   (10.22.13)
charade called "peace talks", and bring in leadership who isn't willing to destroy the state of Israel while bowing like mindless sheep to their American masters. Feiglin/Bennet/Lieberman for New Leadership!
4. #1
Michael ,   Haifa   (10.22.13)
You are quite brilliant when you apparently negotiate with yourself
5. The best way
RJE ,   Adelaide, Australia   (10.22.13)
to destroy your enemy is to make friends with him. Until Israel realises this it will never know peace. Shalom
Zechariah   (10.22.13)
7. Its time temple mount accessible to all especially Jews
Martin SA   (10.22.13)
Its time temple mount accessible to all especially Jews. Just because some arab muslim prey there does not make them exclusive. Where is tolerance. These mosies are obsessive of our Temple. They cant tolerate any variations and that why they fight amongst themselves and act violently. They cant be trusted to show understanding and caring and leadership as we do. Their minds are fixated. They cannot and must not be trusted. A smile and handshakes does not give them credibility to be in charge of themselves never-mind other religious groups. Their word is not their bond and behind each agreement is a plan of bad faith. Time an again. Does Tzip Tzip not have eyes to see and a neshomela perceive these blustering obsessed people. Enough said. For these palukas to carry on about behaviour on the temple-mount their teeth should be blunted. ABBASS WANT DE JUDIFY EVERYTHING HE LACKS TOLERANCE AND SHOULD BE IGNORED\\ YET these anti-Semitic politicians will respond to any negative allegations against us. THEY FORGET THE MURDERS OF THEIR OWN IN CHURCHES AND O N M U S L I M S A R O U N D the world. The eu PUPPits aSHton and unexpectedly Merkle too. Abbas must give them goodies to smoke because as he leaves they spew anti-Jewish edict about the Hard Done by pA and settlements and how his people are suffering. And its our fault. They waste all the aid money and cry for more, please help us out of our misery as he banks another million in his Swiss etc bank account etc.
8. Doubtless Obama Kerry peace modelled on Obamacare
Norbus ,   JERUSALEM   (10.22.13)
Doubtless Obama Kerry peace modelled on Obamacare The haves is Israel, sweat, work fight and believe in self help and life The Have not PA are professional victims, ignore the million Jews cleansed from the ME, and rely on handouts just like the scroungers in USA bleeding the economy by entitlement USA can't afford Well, the hell with Obama and his broken socialism which involves redistribution of wealth.
9. Livni Peres Bibi
Bill Stein ,   USA   (10.22.13)
In my opinion Livni Peres and Bibi are selling Israel out for their new yachts.
10. The m.o. of the Obama administration...
Pressure Israel into doing a deal, while removing the pressure on Iran to do a deal. Result=disastrous deals=disastrous foreign policy=disastrous legacy of Obama presidency.
11. #4
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.22.13)
You are quite brilliant when it comes to selling out Israel.
12. Those that are pressuring Jews to give
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (10.22.13)
13. make friends with your enemies!
M.C.   (10.22.13)
Can you explain how one makes friends with those whose declared goal is only to kill you?!!! You have no idea as to what is going on in Israel re the PA Hamas etc. The only way for Israel to have peace is to declare an end to the disastrous 'peace talks' and deport the terrorists who have no claim whatsoever to our land. Bibi must release the Levi report People like you need to read it!!
14. As long as they keep Livni in the US let them "talk"...
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.22.13)
Not having her around here is a bonus in itself.
15. The talks will be for naught until and unless the PLO...
Hermon Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.22.13)
...with which Israel conducts the talks, accepts Israel's RIGHT to be, to exist as the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people; and until and unless the same organization that committed to change its Charter 20 years ago, but is yet to do so. The PLO Charter continues to call for Israel's demise; for the "cleansing" of the Jewish ancestral homeland of its Jews; and, for the use of all means in order to advance the above goals. But, despite its written commitment, the PLO has not changed its Charter. So, why should we trust it would honor any other commitment that its heads make...??!!
16. Courage required!
michael Pielet ,   israel   (10.22.13)
The end result of these negotiations, no matter what the result, will not be peace. The issue here is existential. the security of the nation. In 3.5 years obama will be gone, sent to the dustbin of history. Question for our time, will Bibi and the nation have the courage to say No!
17. Inquiry
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (10.22.13)
Wouldn't it be a hell of a lot easier and more just for all that the pals move and take their Mosque with them? Everyone knows that that particular site is most reverend to all Jews and Christian's ( never to muslims ) everywhere. The pals occupying it is more than a crime, it is a sin. Secondly, why aren't all Jews and Christians suspect of a DOA "Saudi "Peace Plan" meant to be the death knoll to Jews, Christian's and to Israel? Why is obama promoting this forced submission of Israel to his and the Saudi's will?? Is this meant to be "The Arab's final Solution" and is obama meant to be their foreign agent? The whole thing stinks to high heaven, again, obama tries to serve up Israel on a silver platter, E. Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Gaza, up to his Saudi King. America was never meant to be an agent of any foreign potentate, King, or Pope. It is up to Netanyahu to learn the art of firmness for he must say no to this deadly folly. DON'T STOP BUILDING.!!!!!!!
18. 15 Spot on. The true face of the PLO ought to be exposed.
Deb Goldfarb ,   Washington, DC   (10.22.13)
19. "Accept" or "Respect"?
David Segal ,   Philadelphia USA   (10.22.13)
Rather than demand that the PLO "accept" Israel's right to exist as the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, why not have them pledge to "respect" Israel's right to be the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people?
20. #16 "will Bibi and the nation have the courage to say No! "
A ,   Belgium   (10.22.13)
The nation of Israel may have the courage to say NO, the current leadership, headed by Bibi, doesn't have courage for anything. Annexation of area C and witholding of all supplies and money going into gaza would be a good start to prove I'm wrong.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.22.13)
22. Kerry the Idiot
Brod ,   USA   (10.22.13)
Hussien the Islamist and Kerry the idiot should stop pressuring Israel into self-destruction. Israel should say NO to these dark forces that are aiding Israel's enemies in usurping the Land of Israel. They are NOT king or god of Israel.
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