IDF says terrorist killed in cave 'threatened forces for months'
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy
Published: 22.10.13, 14:22
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1. When Abbas calls for "popular resistance" he means acts of
Hermon Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.22.13)
terror against Jews, although he would call knifing, stoning, axing, etc. as "non-violent" acts....!! And, yet, some want us to hand over a state to such people....!!
2. A fitting end ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.22.13)
... for a rat scurrying around in a cave.
3. 1 down , many to go!
4. Two birds with one stlne
USA   (10.22.13)
Good job! The POS gets his "paradise" and "virgins" etc and the world gets rid of another terrorist.
5. Keep up the god work until you cleanse the land of ALL......
Mazal tov ,   Israel   (10.22.13)
terrorists. We have a LONG way to go but its doable. Those who want to live with us in peace can stay. The LAST THING we should do is give them more land or a state.
6. yaalon vs barak
milson   (10.22.13)
some idf say we fear an uprising, terror etc similar to barak who would rollout new concessions each time, same like livni, and olmert. Yaalon on the other hand does not shrink;rather he says we will act with resolve and destroy it, meaning abbas or anyone else who attacks. Israel continutes to beset by pacifistswhether lapid whose intruction comes from his late dad, lousy weak mk, and the pathetic collelction of weaklings livni, olmert, sher, the whole haaretz, oz, burg, sternhall, peres, beilin, ben ami, liel, atilla. Look in the blood mirror. The middle east is not a picnic. It is loaded with blood and fire. israeli children need to know how to fire guns, not just pray to god. You want to know one big reason for antisemitism- it is the outward pacifist appearance of the religions who act meek, who are clearly identifiable, and generally are untrained to punch back. I would ask the leaders to ban religious garb in public. Non jews don't pick on idf types usually but they do attack the haredi in jerusalem and in europe in particular. Praying to god is fine but not 24/7. get into the bloody gym.
7. Well done IDF ! Don't stop there
DT ,   TA Israel   (10.22.13)
8. New policy?
Israel Tachlis ,   Jerusalem   (10.22.13)
Nice work boys... perhaps this is a new method they are trying out that guarantees he won't be given back next time they try kidnapping a soldier
9. The Land of Israel
Brod ,   USA   (10.22.13)
It is Judea and Samaria-Land of Israel-Israel's Liberated Historic and Biblical Homeland and NOT "West Bank." "West Bank" is the language of Anti-Semites and Anti-Israel-Islamist-Jihadist and Hitlerite forces-Israel's enemies.
10. rat
allan ,   JHB S.A.   (10.22.13)
One less rat to exchange in talks with Pals
11. Father also said that he loved him to bits
Alan ,   SA   (10.22.13)
12. Any act of Terror is to be condemned
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.22.13)
But the PA have an obligation and responsibility with Israel and the Media to find ways to take the tension out of PA Israel relations by promoting the positives whilst condemning unreservedly the violence and incitement from both sides wether Palestinian or Israeli That's why we are urging the PA and Israel Negotiators to appoint a JOINT ACTION GROUP responsible solely for monitoring as well as finding more ways wether cultural sports education economic to bridge the divide so that it becomes a JOINT EFFORT and JOINT RESPONSIBILITY and a JOINT SUCCESS
13. Kill one terrorist, release 100 more
A ,   Belgium   (10.22.13)
The stupidity of the present Israeli government and its "eager to please" attitude towards the Americans is appaling.
14. #1 Popular resistance
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (10.22.13)
No one should be confused by this term... the popular form of resistance is violence... just look, all the kids are doing it, so it must be popular.
15. Anti-tank missles
Patrik_k ,   Sweden   (10.22.13)
So... The brave Israel security forces, are using two anti-tank missiles when trying to arrest one suspect?
16. "Atmosphere" is brutal occupation, harassment, land theft
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.22.13)
...settler violence, "price tag", killing, torture, humiliation.
17. lose-lose situation
rm ,   NL Amsterdam   (10.22.13)
whether the situation is calm or not...the palestinians always lose since Israel never ever ceases to put more settlers and soldiers in the territories....
18. Why should we talk to such people whose whole intent is
David   (10.22.13)
the annihilation of Israel and the Jews who live in it? Abbas of course is not an exception!
19. #16 Not mine as I would never espouse such nonsense
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.22.13)
20. #16, #19, actually I do spew lots of such nonsense
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.22.13)
21. Why should they?
Chimo ,   Las Vegas, NV   (10.22.13)
There are over 1 million Palestinians living in Israel, why shouldn't the Jews be allowed to live anywhere they want in Judea and Samaria? Until the Pals conclude a real peace treaty with Israel , one that Israel can live with, the Jews have every right to settle wherever they damn well please
22. arobs will never appreciate that Jews gave them democracy.
Moshe ,   Usa   (10.22.13)
They will always hate Jews & want to possess your land, property and dispossess you.
23. #15 Did you actually read the article?
A ,   Belgium   (10.22.13)
The terrorist was given the chance to surrender and refused, he opened fire on the Israeli forces who eventually resorted to using the LAW missiles. Maybe the Swedish Army would have tossed a few Swedish meatballs and salted herrings into the cave , but the Israeli army is a bit more professional than that..
24. #9 - Brod
Lio ,   London UK   (10.23.13)
West Bank West Bank West Bank West Bank West Bank West Bank.......
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