PM: Goal is to get Iran nuke deal peacefully
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Published: 23.10.13, 16:50
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1. Syria also "sharply expanded "its CHEMICAL program for more
Alan ,   SA   (10.23.13)
than 7 years....So are they permitted to keep some of these CHEMICAL weapons as well. At least Israel took out their NUCLEAR programme a few years ago...Would they also have been allowed to keep a few Atomic Bombs on the same terms and conditions Sounds like the "little bit pregnant" proverb to me
2. "WE are very close to striking a deal..."
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (10.23.13)
Who exactly are "WE"? The US is close to a deal with Iran, in spite of Israel's objection and meddling. Trying to save face?
3. weak
Dianak ,   Germany   (10.23.13)
Netanyahu is so weak, the goal of negotiations is always a compromise. an agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions. that means the Isranians will keep parts of their atom project. In some cases you must be uncompromising, Bibi is too weak for that.
4. Sounds like Iranians get bomb on Churchill/Netanyahu's watch
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.23.13)
DANNY LOFTY ,   ENGLAND   (10.23.13)
6. @4 Noodles - Hahahaha.....It's supposed to be...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (10.23.13)
..."Benyanston Chuchillyahu". Don't you follow social media???
7. It sounds like Israel wants Iran's nukes,be patient.
Ken ,   Burma at Peace   (10.23.13)
8. Dianak
Ehud   (10.23.13)
In what universe is 'compromising' with an unacceptable position a sign of strength? Probably in the one in which giving up is a success, and defeat is kind of victory without winning!
9. Look. Israel is destroy it's self, it doesn't need help from
Ken ,   Burma at Peace   (10.23.13)
10. only the fools trust
CJK   (10.23.13)
only the fools trust obama and khamenei. iran will keep its nuclear weapons capabilities. the entire world will pretend that iran has renounced its nuclear program and obama will be hailed as the new messiah.
11. Social Media !
Claude ,   Cape Town and London   (10.23.13)
Gunnar, I doubt if Churchill would ever have followed what we today call Social Media, far too shallow and plebeian for such a great man to bother with. Maybe his aloofness and indifference to the Plebs and Prols around him helped him in his Great War Time efforts, but remember he lost the 1945 election. I think he would have correctly claimed that Social Media is really not very social, and something one would not admit using in polite society. Maybe this explains its popularity amongst the Swedes
12. Peace with Iran
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (10.23.13)
Can Israel really be at peace with a country whose religion calls upon its followers to kill Jews? Whose Imams issue Fatwas calling for the destruction of Israel? Is Iran going to renounce Islam? I don't think so.
13. Obama's Master in Mecca won't allow Iran sanctions removal
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.23.13)
14. @11 Claude - I was encouraging the signature...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (10.23.13)
..."Noodles" to follow how Netanyahu's ridiculous comparison between himself and Churchill is being poratrayed in social media. In other words, how it is being portaryed NOW, IN THE YEAR 2013. I thought it was obvious that it was not Churchill, but rather the consequences of the pathetic Netanyahu´s comparison that was the point here. Are you all right there?? You appear as high as the Table Mountain top.
15. #8
Dianak ,   Germany   (10.23.13)
"In what universe is 'compromising' with an unacceptable position a sign of strength? Probably in the one in which giving up is a success, and defeat is kind of victory without winning! " You misunderstood me, Israel should never compromise over the security of the jewish people. No mercy with enemies , no mercy with antisemites. no release of terrorists. no negotiations with fakestinians.
16. #13 not mine.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.23.13)
17. As High as Table Mountain!
Claude ,   sea level Cape Town   (10.23.13)
Well the view from the top is always good. I agree no one should compare themselves to Churchill, he really did play a most significant role in saving his country in its darkest hour. Your English language, spelling, syntax and composition skills are rather weak, which perhaps explains why your post was not too easy to understand. Perhaps it is best to remember that those who use 'Social Media' the most, are probably those who have the poorest social and language skills, and this may explain my own decline into proletarian habits
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