Beit Shemesh: Hundreds rally against election results
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 24.10.13, 22:04
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1. Haredim=fraud. Claim to be Torah=chilul hashem
kippah seruga   (10.25.13)
2. Legal procedure?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.25.13)
The demonstration is logical and reasonable but the essential step is to take it to court. The police have confiscated 100s of false IDs - take it to court and force a new election!
3. sore losers
david ,   new york   (10.25.13)
if you have a real claim that the election was stolen, then go to court. otherwise, please keep your trap closed: this seems to me like just another attempt to to stoke the fire of a religious/cultural war.
4. Hareidim are not liars or frauds!!!
rbsresident ,   israel   (10.25.13)
Interesting how Eli Cohen himself called Chareidim liars , but of course that wasn't shown on tape! HE lied to them by saying that Abutbol was messing over the Hareidim. He also tried to bribe my husband's Rabbi into voting for him !!!! There were also Dati Leumi kids handing out Satmar flyers trying to make it that Chareidim won't vote.. I can go on and on.. They can have a new election but the very same thing will happen because the current mayor does a GREAT job.. the ones guilty of religious coercion are not the Hareidim .. but the liberal minded who claim to be pluralists about anything EXCEPT the Chareidim!!!!
5. in democracy you don't choose the winner you vote & hope
zionist forever   (10.25.13)
Ever since the election result was announced the secular camp have been up i arms. We have had the secular candidate complaining about it being a hared win as if only secular have a right to rule. We have had them moan about the fact that there are more and more haredi coming to live in Bet Shemesh and they want to divide the city. This is about being sore losers and that secular hate everything about the hared. If there is possible fraud then thats for the police to investigate based on evidence its not for ordinary people with their banners to decide. If there is fraud discovered to have taken place then the court should order a new election but until evidence of fraud is found then this guy is mayor and the secular residents of the city ate just going to have to accept that and get on with their life.
6. rbsresident...
JewishHeart ,   Israel   (10.25.13)
rbsresident, you said, "the ones guilty of religious coercion are not the Hareidim .. but the liberal minded who claim to be pluralists about anything EXCEPT the Chareidim!!!! " And that is why little poor Margolis was spit on and riots broke out in a bus. Yep, it was the secular who started it.
7. Wrotten apples
Ephraim ,   Jerusalem   (10.25.13)
The Charedim in Beit Shemesh smear the good name of real Charedim throughout the country. It is similar to the situation with the palestinians. The palestinians allow terrorists to use their homes and neighborhoods for training and attacks against Israel, then blame Israel for collateral damage when we are forced to defend ourselves. If the palestinians would police their own neighborhoods and throw out the terrorists, there might even be a chance at peace one day. In Beit Shemesh, the Charedi population allows these lowlifes to attack little girls, and women just trying to ride a bus to work or home. The behavior of these "fake" Charedim is not how real Jews are supposed to act, and yet the community at large allows it to happen. When someone spits on a little girl, the rest of the (Charedi) people should spit on them and make it clear that this is totally unacceptable behavior.
8. 2
zionist forever   (10.25.13)
A false ID means nothing until the issue has been investigated find out who was using them and for what purpose and possibly somebody intended to use them for something but never got round to it in which case they were not used for fraud so no ground for another election. Can't have a new election until there has been an investigation and somebody charged with a crime and indicted. Thats just and we cannot allow mob law. Assuming there was a second election and the haredi candidate won a second time what would be the secular reaction? Would they accept thats democracy or start looking for new excuses to condemn the fact that their man lost twice?
9. 7 And antisemite Christians aren't the REAL Christians, and
kippah seruga ,   Israel   (10.25.13)
terrorist Muslims aren't the REAL Muslims, and 21st century reality isn't the REAL reality, and you, the REAL charedim, defend chilul hashem
10. 3 So only Haredim should protest, and THEY can RIOT
Israeili Jew ,   Israel   (10.25.13)
But I won't be like you and tell you to keep your trap closed. People might think you're a fool. Rather, keep opening your mouth and removing all doubt. You're a gas. LOL
11. 8
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.25.13)
A false identity - or rather a huge amount of false IDs - means nothing? Only that someone intends to cheat! It has been proven time and again - not least here in Jerusalem - that some Haridim do cheat at elections with false IDs. For them that is not breaking the law, since they don't recognize the validity of elections in any case. It is much more likely - on past experience - to believe that they did intend fraud than other wise.
12. #6
rbsresident ,   israel   (10.25.13)
actually it was the liberal minded Orthodox who had options to prevent the whole Margolese issue but chose to use those kids as political pawns . I didn't say that there aren't some Hareidi extremists but the liberal minded Orthodox are definetely extremists in their own right. They threatened to boycott all businesses who dared to advertise in the local paper when the whole issue came out because they didn't like that the paper criticized their handling.. THEY victimized the entire Jewish people while those "Chareidi" extemists just did a small part. We also don't know what the whole story is as I am sure we might hear/read a different picture if those "Chareidi" extremists had their own iphones etc.. The liberal minded were desperate to get Abutbul out from the minute he started. Well BEFORE the Orot Issue. You don't have to wear a streimel to be an extremist. You can be wearing a leather or knitted kippa as well.
13. Haredim - if you REALLY love hashem and His Tora...
Yirei haShem Jew ,   Israel   (10.25.13)
Then stop blaspheming by defending all the haredi hilul hashem, come out from among the evildoers, shed your ridiculous medieval costume, and call yourself yirei hashem or something, anything but identifying with the Haredi ultra-extremist evildoers. Every week you mindlessly recite "le-havdil bein kodesh lechol" -- and don't DO it. Make teshuva and start anew. You'll find a lot of yirei hashem Jews you now think are epikoras goyim.
14. Secular candidates got MOST of the votes
Aaron ,   Bet Shemesh   (10.25.13)
There was a spoiler candidate, Meir Blayish, who sucked away votes from Eli Cohen. Had he not run, Eli Cohen would not be in the current position he is in. This was really unfortunate, but such is politics. A similar situation happened in Jerusalem, there the outcome benefited Barkat. I am sorry that Cohen lost, but how can one be naive about election politics, especially Americans? Remember Florida and hanging chads? Such is life. It ain't perfect, but it beats anything else out there
15. Hundreds?
Jacob E ,   Holon   (10.26.13)
Hundreds protesting doesn't seem like enough people outraged for there to be some kind of problem. Also, from the look of the map, it seems like it might just be better to split the area in half. Let each side have their own elections.
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