Palestinians to world: Boycott Bank Leumi as well
Elior Levy
Published: 25.10.13, 13:31
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1. Boycott PA also & don't pay them a cent
Jew ,   Israel   (10.25.13)
2. "Palestinians to world: Boycott Bank Leumi as well"
.....and this is our 'Peace Partner' Alek!
3. Antics and Theatrics
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.25.13)
What does Abbas think That this sort of pressure will yield results? Quite the opposite Just a few brownie points, a bit of PR and a blow to the West Bank Economy - wether Israel OR Palestinian and we are back to ZERO Wether Abbas likes it or not Boycotting the Settlements in the West Bank IS ALSO boycotting the whole of the West Bank - Comprendez? Both Settlers and Palestinians are inextricably fated to suffer This isn't just a blunt instrument its a bonkers instrument - just like those 'flog a dead horse people' who thought up the idea Ashrawi..anything to do with YOU?
4. Better than suicide bombers
On the Balcony   (10.25.13)
All that Abbas/Palestine is doing is asking the rest of the world to put their money where their mouth is. Given that the U.S., E.U. and other countries openly consider the settlements illegitimate and obstacles to peace then they should act accordingly. Contrary to Palmor's spin, Abbas pledged not to pursue its rights of statehood and/or actions against Israel in established international forums such as the UN and ICC. Abbas did not promise to refrain from other legitimate means of protest and resistance. Personally, I welcome the PA's increasing recourse to "non-violent" action.
5. Please remind me.
BAB ,   jerusalem   (10.25.13)
Why are we negotiating with this guy?
6. Boycott Europe
John ,   Herzlia, Israel   (10.25.13)
The European countries condemn and boycott Israel but should first look at themselves: 1. In the schools in Holland the children are till today proudly taught how Holland conquered and occupies till today the Southern provinces in wars against France, much longer ago that 1967. 2. England occupies the Falklands and Gibraltar. 3. Spain occupies Baskenland and parts of Morocco! 4. Parts of Poland is occupied since 1945 by European countries. 5. EU member Turkey occupied part of EU member Cyprus. Let the EU first boycot their own member countries.
7.  Boycott Bank Leumi as well
mat ,   uk   (10.25.13)
PA thinks that they can ask the world to boycott part of Israel what have the PA have to offer PALESTIANS SPRING compare that to what Israel offers in lots of fields
8. Singling out Jews, only because they are Jewish, and...
Hermon Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.25.13)
...expecting them to limit their living and working space on earth is nothing short of racism, anti-Jewish racism at that. Singling our Jews, only because they are Jewish, and pressuring them to refrain from residing and producing in parts of their ancestral homeland of 4,000 years is a double insult. And, doing the above contrary to international ethical and legal norms demonstrates the level of commitment on the parts of the Arabs to peaceful coexistence between Arab and Jew, and their level of respect for the rule of law and ethical values. And, since this is the case, why should we, Jews, even deal with this gang that was permitted to come here from Tunis and now act contrary to the agreement on the basis of which they were permitted entry...??!!
9. Since start of PA lies campaign. Buz activity jumps 18%
Adi ,   Zurich   (10.25.13)
Since start of PA lies campaign. Buz activity jumps 18%
10. No wonder Israel does not want to deal with these people!
ex-frummie ,   Johannesburg S.A.   (10.25.13)
11. Confused
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (10.25.13)
How can anyone in Israel or beyond listen to this man and claim that Israel has a valid "peace partner" When will the Israeli left and their friends wake up and face reality. The PA and its' government are a joke. Israel brought them out of obscurity and it is time to return them to obscurity.
12. #4
Israel Winicki ,   Beer Sheba-Israel   (10.25.13)
You donĀ“t know what are you talking about. Abbas only want to put obstacles to the peace proces, because if there be a Palestinian State the money that come from the EU and USA stops and another thing, 15.000 Palestinians are working in those companies in Yehuda and Shomrom. Abbas can give a job to them? I think only like terrorists
13. Pals LOVE Banks and Shekels
Prosecco   (10.25.13)
To make it clear: PAbbas is not boycotting anything from Israel, neither Banks nor shekels.
14. That's the way they negotiate peace !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.25.13)
Those are NOT steps in a direction of peace , the contrary !
15. Total Israeli boycott of Fictional Palestine.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.25.13)
There is no excuse left for conducting negotiations with the terrorist P.A. These creaps are no different than Nazis standing in front of Jewish stores to foster racist boycotts. The time is long overdue for Israel to end all talks with these vile racists. End ALL Israeli support for Fictional Palestine. No more food, money, materials, medicine, electricity. NOTHING for evil Fictional Palestine.
16. #4 Economic terror is still terror
Tahl   (10.25.13)
Just because Abbas prefers to engage in economic terror rather than suicide-bombing-terror (not that he ever really abandoned the latter), does not make him any less of a terrorist. If he really wanted a "non-violent" action to pursue his statehood aspirations, then how about - returning to the negotiation table? Just a thought... And by the way, I find it incredibly rich and grade-A hutzpa, that this Palestinian leader whose state so desperately depends on economic cooperation from Israel (transferring tax returns, supplying water & electricity, transferring international goods and relief aid, environmental and agricultural cooperation, among many examples), would have the gall to call for an international strangulation against that same economy that helps him so much. Not that hutzpa was ever something the Palis had any shortage of.
17. #12 Rethink.
On the Balcony   (10.25.13)
Abbas has no incentive to sabotage the peace talks. He does, however, have a legitimate interest in maximizing any leverage he can get in the negotiations which is what he is doing. The EU is already taking concrete economic actions against the settlements that the EU) like the rest of the world, considers illegal. Abbas is simply asking them to be more consistent. The potential economic benefits and investments from a settlement between Israel and Palestine dwarf the hand-outs the PA currently receives. Israel should benefit as well since it is likely to remain Palestine's primary trading partner. Rethink your position.
18. The PA' s corruption of billions of EU aid ?
Jo   (10.25.13)
Should that not be a reason to boycott PA institutions with non transparent account books .
19. Never mind what Abbas says, how come
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (10.25.13)
Never mind what Abbas says, Telling the world to boycott Israel and now Bank Leumi . How come Israel and America are dealing with the thieving beggar. I learned from Palestinians cleaning for our village that Abbas was a real beggar and they also know he is a thief. The money from the west for Palestinian causes goes direct to Swiss bank accounts ; He is a very wealthy man, richer than Arafat by far
20. West Bank?????
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (10.25.13)
Because the Arabs are claiming over and over again the the West Bank is Palestine we are starting to accept it Repeating a lie 1000 time does not make it true This is israel nothing els Stop negotiating anything with this people what ever we will give them it will NEVER BE enough Being nice is beiing weak Being wlling to negotiat is being afraid Being democratic is feeling guilty Being peacful is accepting them as master Make your choice
21. To boycott the PA
Ron ,   oc us   (10.25.13)
The pals don't make anything. Never have, never will. If there was a branch of the Israeli banks mentioned where I live I would open an account. I buy Blue and White.
22. Mahmoud Abbas vs. Intellectual honesty
Jouni ,   Finland   (10.25.13)
To start with: one sided statehood bid from the PA signifies contradictory act against Oslo accords. Treaty is not anymore valid. Mahmoud Abbas, thus, is an elderly civilian person without any mandate to talk anything. Personally I have done hasbara for Israel since 2000. My first ever trip to Israel was in this October: Haifa, Tiberias, Jerusalem. Now waiting for the next option in Israel. My computer is equipped with Intel, I like Golan Yarden Pinot Noir, available in Finland. As individuals we European Union citizen can and should tell our decision makers to treat israel and other parts of the conflict in a balanced way, not like nowadays, when Arab part is favoritized. Buy Israeli goods produced between the sea and the river, travel to Israel, make friendships with Israelis, tell your politicians to behave properly and find other ways to act honestly.
23. And peace negotiations are supposedly taking place?
michael redbourn ,   Lisbon Portugal   (10.25.13)
Stop the prisoner release and announce that Abbas and all PA members are personas non grata in Israel until they stop preaching hate in schools.
24. Israel response to boycott calls
bg ,   jerusalem Israel   (10.25.13)
Clearly we need many more good will gestures as they are so effective. Take down any security barriers, open the prisons, forgive all Palestinian debts.... it's bound to work. They love goodwill gestures and respond really well.
25. Stop transferring money
Mike ,   Israeli Jerusalem   (10.25.13)
Put a stop to money transfers to these Arab squatters. They are an enemy entity. So cut off electricity, water. Let them starve or go back to Transjordan. Stop playing games with these terrorists. Let's send them back where they belong, this is Jewish land promised and given by G-d. We don't owe then anything.
26. Fire every "palestinian" worker employed by Israelis
A ,   Belgium   (10.25.13)
in Judea and Samaria, and the pig Abbas will be hanging by his neck from a lightpole in Ramallah the same day. Or are the "palestinians" indeed so stupid they don't see what the result of a boycott would be..loss of THEIR jobs and incomes.
27. Ramp up the building.That's what bothers PA most
Sam ,   Canada   (10.25.13)
Hit the PA where it bothers them most. More Jews settling in front of PA faces. Let's see if they stick around the West Bank or leave to get away from Jews.
28. Abass and his Dhimmis
Brod ,   USA   (10.25.13)
Since when did Abass self-appoint himself to be king of the Dhimmis? He has the temerity to order his Dhimmi world and they would grovel to him. Israel should arrest Abbass and incarcerate him where he belongs. He is terrorizing Israel by trying to sabotage Israel. Israel can tell the dark forces to go to Hell.
29. A , Belgium
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.25.13)
Will you do their low paid jobs ?
30. come-uppance
rw ,   teaneck usa   (10.25.13)
this is Hashem's punishment for evil present within the Jews.
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