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Germany seeks 'no spy deal' in EU
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Published: 26.10.13, 09:07
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1. This Obumma is really something.
2. Oh what a cold world
Cameron ,   USA   (10.26.13)
We'll keep tabs on Paris, Berlin, and others as well. Nothing changes. We do what we must in the name of national security interests.
3. #2 Double standards, zero credibility
Jake   (10.26.13)
Release Pollard, you hypocrite.
4. Spying on Europeans
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (10.26.13)
What secrets do European countries have that are worth spying to get, other than who their leaders are sleeping with? That information is already available in the news media. Which may explain why Obama is terrorizing the American news media .
5. Obama betrays his country signing treaties like that
zionist forever   (10.27.13)
If the Germans and any other EU countries form a treaty like this they are being very naive and it will cost them dearly when it comes to intelligence gathering. They should also remember todays friend is potentially tomorrows every, Israel know that first hand when in the 60s the French & British went from being Isareals best friends to supporters of its enemies and Obama started supporting the islamic world over Israel. Obama had no right signing into law that limits Americas intelligence gathering capabilities. The treaty might not be worth the paper its written on but that treaty gave away the on paper gave away Americas RIGHT to spy and all countries should reserve that right because other do it ti them. The only people Obama is willing to stand up to and take on is Congress with every other government and entity in the world he likes to appease because he wants to be liked.
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