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Suspicion: Anti-Semitic attack in Australia
Published: 26.10.13, 19:23
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1. My Rabbi was punched in London by these people
2. Same problem in Holland, France and Sweden
Wonder why   (10.26.13)
3. What happens in Israel, does not stay in Israel.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.26.13)
4. very disturbing
alsky ,   toronto   (10.26.13)
nothing will change until people understand that political correctness will be the downfall of western civilization. Tough new laws are required and those who break the law will be sentenced to long prison terms and or deported. May the family heal quickly and all those who are the victims of anti-semitism.
5. Great cultures are not destroyed but self destruct
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay,MN USA   (10.26.13)
6. In UK a tourist was attacked by these "gangs".
7. There's also antismetism in Israel
And racism too Israel is not the solution.
8. Reply to Steve Benassi No. 3.
Pauline ,   Israel   (10.26.13)
Australian newspapers have identified the attackers as a "gang" and, as a former Sydney-sider, I can tell you that this area of Sydney is specifically a high density Jewish area, the street where the attack occurred is filled with numerous private Jewish daycare centers, one of the Yeshiva daycare centers and Bnei Akiva Youth Center and one of the larger local Synagogues. This "gang" wanted to attack Jews and went trolling in the one place they new they would find Jews. This attack has nothing to do with Israel, no matter what excuse people use to justify their hatred and anti-Semitism. Attacks on Jews has happened in the past long before the creation of the modern state of Israel and I am saddened to say will unfortunately keep happening in the future.
9. Why is anti-Semitism rising?
Dan   (10.27.13)
Many reasons - but one of them is the legitimacy that Netanyahu and the settlers and Haredim have given to hating Israel; they have done this by pursuing an aggressive Greater Israel fantasy which the whole world agrees is illegal and making it absolutely clear that they do not want a 2-state solution. The blows suffered by these Jews were inflicted by Netanyahu.
10. Big deal
RJE ,   Adelaide, Australia   (10.27.13)
Every minute of every hour of every day there will be some unfortunate somewhere or other who is the victim of criminal behaviour. We all see this for what it is: criminal behaviour. Except of course unless the victim is a Jew in which case it is something completely different. It isn't!
11. If there no strong reaction by the authority.....
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (10.27.13)
If there is no strong reaction from the authority and society it will happen again. I have some working contacts who are all Muslims, Arab, Pakistani, Indians who claim to be Africans and Afghan Hasaras Shiite. And most of them were either refugees or economic opportunist. Boy boy boy on one hand they cry pity and demand human rights to be accepted by Australia and on the other hand they behave equally evil like those who killed them. An Afghan who used to worked under me, he look like a Chinese, a hasaras Shiite mongoloid and he said, If you want to go to heaven kill a Jew! I felt sick and I piss him off!!! I lost pity for these guys and I never trust them. By the way all of those Muslims did try to influence me with hate poison. God bless the Jews and Israel(end)
12. not australians
tristan ,   sydney australia   (10.27.13)
this was not australians, you guys need to understand we are over run with immigration from the worst parts of the world, this is so the socialists/communists get votes, this attack was done by lebanese immigrants NOT australians, australians and jews are brothers
13. RE: Stop Belly Aching Mates Stop.
BrumbyJoe ,   Australia   (10.27.13)
Every Day In Oz People Are Bashed In The CBD and Kings Cross Just To Name A Few Places. Just Because They Were Wearin Skull Caps Doesn't Make It Anti Semitism. Each Week Christian Mates Even Various Faith Tourists Are Bashed, They Don't Belly Ache It's Anti Christ. Drongos Attacked and Drongos LIve World Over Not Just In Oz, Change your Headlines to " Innocent Bystanders were Bashed". Did You Belly Achers Notice That For Weeks Oz Is On Fire And Many People Are Badly Affected As Well As A Few Million Animals Were\Are burned Alive? Ya don't Belly Ache About That Do Ya, Get Serious!
14. With such a big populations of Arabs - no surprise
No worries???   (10.27.13)
Lebanese, Saudi Arabia etc. I think AU gov shouldn't allow them to come in, just like Japan does.
15. Australia and Europe are racist societies
Declining society   (10.27.13)
We see it everyday in the comments of the racist ignorant anti-Israeli haters all over the web. Europe (and Australia with it) decline back to racism and darkness. Europe's economy will continue to sink. The Jews of Europe and Australia will have to immigrate to Israel or to America.
16. MUSLIMS are digging their own graves.
Andy ,   Manchester, UK   (10.27.13)
Everywhere in the Western Christian world, Muslims are now despised, hated, seen as terrorists, intolerant, ignorant, barbarians, invaders, exploiters, predators... And what do they do to combat that ?...Let's just wait for the backlash...
17. Shocking news! Unbelieveable!!!
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (10.27.13)
18. Bondi
Sydneysider ,   Sydney Ozz   (10.27.13)
Those were Muslim youth who's been looking to assault Jews . Boni has a high Jewish population , as a result they were looking for a specific area where they can find an easy pray . The only good thing is that visitors and bouncers from the local pub have got out to stop the assault and stopped the " youth " until police's arrival.
19. #7-rubbish, there's no antisemitism in Israel
Israeli   (10.27.13)
The amount of anti-Semitism you can find in Israel is negligible to non-existent, and its extremely not tolerated by the society.
20. #15 to America? are you joking. Home of the KKK
Alan   (10.27.13)
Are Jewish people still restricted from entering country clubs? but if you base your facts on comments and articles in the Ynet paper then you're crazy.
21. anti semitism
marryanne ,   jerusalem   (10.27.13)
#7 is one hundred percent correct. You can sometimes feel like your in germany in the 1930's in israel. As a chareidi I have experienced unfathomable hatred in 2 specific instances since I live in israel. Instances that I could've reported and sued for.
22. What a stupid reason !
Judd Rusnak ,   Sydney Australia   (10.27.13)
What the Jews in Australia go to do with Bibi Nethanyahu and his government action/policy? Why is it the Jews fault here in Australia for what the Israeli government are doing you stupid, ignorant shmock!
23. 10.
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.27.13)
Well, you see, bright spark, we, Jews/Israelis, see ''it'' differently. A criminal wont tell you you are a dirty Australian when he stabs you in your back, will he? He will simply stab you.
24. 11.
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.27.13)
Thanks for your blessings Calibi. Thanks for your post. Take good care of yourself. We, the ones who read other news sites, know that Oz is overrun with immigrant filth.
25. 9.
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.27.13)
Jews have always been hated since the beginning of time. Bibi, settlers, etc are not to blame. It's people like you who are instigating the hatred with your closed mind.
26. 21.
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.27.13)
Could have, would have? but did not! Never in your life could you ''feel like you're in Germany in the 1930's in Israel" Israel was created on the ashes of our forefathers who were murdered for being Jewish.
27. # 11 Calibi An oddity
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (10.27.13)
Hey want to go to heaven? Kill a Muslim. That's what Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, etc. etc. are all doing, a field day for Muslims murdering Muslims. Maybe their onto something? Muslim Birth control? BUILD BABY BUILD !!!!!
28. # 13 Kidnapping any more native kids to Christianize' them?
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (10.27.13)
You have your hypocritical gall, your British convicts overtook Australia, raped the natives, stole their assets and you tell Jews to stop bellyaching? Another Muslim I presume, wait until the other Aussies start murdering them in return. Ah, that' will be glorious, wont it? BUILDING A BIGGER ISRAEL!!!!
29. Need more reasons to BUILD IN ISRAEL?
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (10.27.13)
I don't think so. If Israel doesn't keep building, her persecuted Jews will not be able to enter the only land of refuge, Israel. SAVE JEWISH LIVES KEEP BUILDING !!! !!!!!
30. pos arabs attackers!
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