First responder: Meet IDF medic who treats wounded Syrians
Yoav Zitun
Published: 27.10.13, 15:51
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1. G_d bless her.
EST ,   Miami USA   (10.27.13)
2. Few, if any, enemy countries would do what our soldiers
Hermon Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.27.13)
do for people who, otherwise, would slaughter them, if they had the opportunity to do so. And some, sadly, consider us, Jews, as inhumane...
3. Well Done Mayan
Johnny mac ,   Ireland   (10.27.13)
Again proof, if it were needed that Israel is the only civilized country in the region. If the situation were reversed I would not like to think what would happen to an Israeli casualty.
4. God bless Israel
Fad Egypt   (10.27.13)
God bless the IDF and the state of Israel !!! at the time the arabs are busy fighting each other in Syria and over the arab world, Israel is giving the support and the help to all who need it whether the wounded syrians or the refugees !!! shalom
5. #2 yet
Yet people like Obama, Kerry, Cameron, Hague and Hollande condemn Israel every chance they have while supporting people who would slaughter Sgt. Yogev's parents and children.
6. Arabs shoot'em We patch'em up
Wade ,   NYC USA   (10.27.13)
An absurd situation- Arabs are wounding their own and Israel is paying to fix 'em up. I admire the efforts of the Israeli medics- but this is costly in material and medicine. Maybe the kindness will change hateful Arab attitudes into appreciation? Don't bet on it.
7. 5 How true, indeed!!
HBI ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.27.13)
8. Fad, how are you doing, bro?
HaifaGuy   (10.27.13)
9. showing compassion to your enemies
Jorge Stern ,   Mexico   (10.27.13)
G-d bless Israel
10. Just to praise Seg Yogev.
Carmenica Fernando ,   Vic: Australia   (10.28.13)
God bless you Seg,you have a wonderful,lovely big heart,I pray that God will protect you in the field.and His Angels be around you and the others.
11. Reviled and hated by the whole world.
Frank ,   Davao City, Phil.   (10.28.13)
I am not a Jew, but look at this article that shows a Jewish heart and the heart of the nation as a whole. No wonder they are called God's people. God bless, Israel.
12. Corpsman
Richard ,   Lexington ky USA   (10.28.13)
One of the hardest jobs to have in the military in time of war. Make sure she is taken care of for they deserve it. 2 Purple Hearts was enough for me.
13. where are split , on the balcony and alikes ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.29.13)
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