Protest against prisoner release: 'Your death was in vain' written near graves
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 29.10.13, 12:48
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1. So they want to release murderers and jail protestors
Joe ,   Was Israel   (10.29.13)
So the Israeli government wants to release the terrorists, murderers of innocents, and instead jail the protestors. Makes alot of sense. "Oh how low have we fallen!"
2. Peace now petition AG ; desecration of dead
Typical bloody leftists crap; What about desecration of the living, and having achieved Jack in first 4 months except more killing and incitement from ABBAS why should the deal be maintained on Israel's side. Obama, Kerry and ABBAS can go to hell
3. Shame
michael Pielet ,   israel   (10.29.13)
Bibi and the likud had to choose between shame and war. They have chosen shame and surely shall have war.
4. Bienvenidos a Los Estados Unidos
ASTRONAUT ,   SC   (10.29.13)
Welcome, Israeli amigos to the country of capitulation, where criminals are carefree and conservative citizens bear the responsibility.
5. Giborai israel
michael Pielet ,   israel   (10.29.13)
These heroes of israel, our dear soldiers, resting forever, i salute you. Without their bravery and steadfastness there would not be a Jewish state.
6. Wake up call for the dead & living
7. Eli ben Shem
Yoav   (10.29.13)
" Eli Ben-Shem, said the protest act is not legitimate. act of cowardice. ... red lines were crossed ... shameful and damaging to the memory of the fallen..." Really? Why? What's cowardly about it? What red lines were crossed? What's shameful is releasing terrorist killers, not protesting their release. If the fallen soldiers could rise, they would join the protest! Eli ben-Shem is the shameful coward trying hard to be oh-so humane and politically correct. This whole business makes me good and sick!
8. One man's axe-murderer of a 67-year old Holocaust...
Hermon Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.29.13)
...survivor is another man's hero. One of the prisoners being released this week, along with one who was released in August 2013, murdered 67-year old Isaac Rotenberg with an axe. Rotenberg wasn’t the oldest victim of the prisoners who made it onto the list Sunday. Fatah member Ra’ai Ibrahim Salam Ali was jailed in 1994 for the murder of 79-year-old Moris Eisenstatt. Eisenstatt was killed with ax blows to the head while he sat on a public Kfar Saba bench reading a book. Another prisoner, Salah Ibrahim Ahmad Mugdad, also of Fatah, was imprisoned in 1993 for killing 72-year-old Sirens Hotel security guard Israel Tenenbaum by beating him in the head with a steel rod.
9. Its so wrong. So unjust...especially if they kill again.
Scott ,   Haifa   (10.29.13)
10. Eli ben 'WHAT??"
Mirriam ,   Tiberias   (10.29.13)
Am I to understand that the chair of Yad Lebanim is mum about releasing the murderers of these Israelis from prison but all for incarcerating their families who put a small, respectful sigh by their loved ones graves to protest said release? Talk about seriously twisted!
11. Mount Herzl
Ralph ,   Rishon   (11.01.13)
This may sound strange, but......... Don't tell me there are no cameras in the Mount Herzl complex. Surely the perpetrators must have been seen on these cameras but the guards scanning them must have been asleep on duty, otherwise there is no logical excuse.
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