Hezbollah remains threat to Israel
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Published: 29.10.13, 22:47
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1. The good in this
USA   (10.29.13)
The good thing is if there's another war involving Hezbollah, Israel will have NO CHOICE but to take take the gloves off. This means Hezbollah property and Hezbollah lives in vast Hezbolah controlled areas will be have to be totally elminated and destroyed. "Paradise" get ready for an immense flood of Hezbollah people!!!
2. The probleme is Israel
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (10.29.13)
Sure we can not stand for long wars, so it should be done quick with maximum damage. Then keep updated, act regardless what the the others have to say. Israel have been winning battles, not wars.
3. Israeli Intelligence knows all
Israeli 2   (10.30.13)
Israel enters at will - anytime. Middle Eastern skies belong to Israel. Do not fear.
4. 100,000 rockets but not launchers
STEVE ,   dallas USA   (10.30.13)
Although Hezbollah may have 100,000 rockets, they don't have 100,000 rocket launchers. By the time they get to 1000 Shia Beirut will be a big smoking hole and if they get to 4000 again, Lebanon will be destroyed forever. The rockets will stop long before 100,000.
5. Hezbollah
Etienne Prinsloo ,   Nova Scotia, Canada   (10.30.13)
All with the blessing of Obama and the Democrat Islamophilics
6. Opportunity
michael Pielet ,   israel   (10.30.13)
Every crises presents an opportunity. Israel will have to, must destroy hezbollah, its fighters and supporters. Hezbollah is under strict control of its Iranian masters. The war will only be initiated when iran gives its assent. The Likud by supporting the creation of a terrorist state in judea and samaria, wants to open an additional front in the east. Way to go likud.
7. Next time
Stephen in New York   (10.30.13)
Hezbollah can harm Israel, but not for long. Israel will shut down their capacity to launch quickly. Perhaps the Shiite presence south of the LItani ends.
8. Figures lie
Larry ,   Northridge, usa   (10.30.13)
The most significant figure in this article isthe number of civilians killed.hezb killed 44 civilians(half of whom were arab); one jew for every 200rockets fired. At that rate, which is consistant with the rate per rocket of the gaza wars, if they fired all 100,000 rockets, they would kill 500 jews.probabley less with iron dome protecting jewish cities.Israel fought the 2006 war with 10% of its air power. Assuming a proportionate increase equal to hezb's increased effort, at least 30 thousand lebanese would die. In fact, Israel would not show the same restraint they did in 2006, and lebanon would be battered beyond belief. Also, having 100,000 rockets, doesn't mean having the ability( manpower and launchers) to launch them all. Basically, the rockets are artillary ammunition. No one ever thinks about how many rockets, artillery shells(much more accurate and effective than unguided rockets), and bombs Israel has. This war would be much worse for hezb than the last
9. Dir ballak, Hizbolah !
10. Hizbullah : The Arabs' One & Only Pride
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (10.30.13)
I could have never imagined Egypt would finally kneel down and surrender for the sake of a big desert expanse at the expense of its pride and self-respect . And I never expected a long-forgotten community in tiny Lebanon to emerge as the Arabs' one and only pride in the 21st century . Hizbullah has proved a match to Israel and has thus far commanded its grudging respect . After all the world has no respect except to strong and powerful entities .
11. #10 Pathetic if Hizbollah is your pride
Benji ,   US   (10.30.13)
12. The Article misses the point
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.30.13)
To suggest that Hezbollah have the backing and support of Lebanese is sheer fantasy Its estimated that 80% of Lebanese HATE Hezbollah and the number grows daily. Even Hezbollah fighters have had enough and we see a regular trickle of deserters every week Its intolerable. Its like say the whole of Southern England was run by a Militia that could take the UK into a war with France at a moments notice....Im not sure that Brits would welcome them with open arms Hezbollah are a sickness that has got to be purged from Lebanon and ALL the responsibility for Lebanons Security transferred to the legitimate Lebanese Defence Forces There is no country in the world that would otherwise permit such an outrage
13. #10 Abdel Karim
Goerge ,   Lebanon   (10.30.13)
Sorry to disagree with you Abdel Karim, but Hezbollah is MORE than a match to Israel. Hezbollah humiliated Israel on more than one occasion. When ever Hezbollah confronts and disgraces the IDF, Israel as usual denies. A few days later Hezbollah shows video of the incident exposing Israeli lies. I have seen on you tube countless videos of IDF soldiers crying in panic after being attacked by Hezbollah fighters... I used to believe that it is senseless to resist Israel, but Hezbollah proved me wrong. God bless Hezbollah...Hassan Nasrallah made me proud to be a Lebanese Christian Arab... By the way, Hezbollah's fan base exceeds the Shiite population of Lebanon by far. Just ask us, the Christians of General Michael Aoun...
14. #12 Sammy
Goerge ,   Lebanon   (10.30.13)
What are you smoking Sammy back there in Newcastle? You must be Joking when you say that 80% of Lebanese hate Hezbollah. The Shiites of Lebanon are about 45% of the population and are all for Hezbollah. We, the Christians of Michel Aoun, and Sulieman Franjieh are the majority of the Christians of Lebanon and we are all for Hezbollah. Let me remind you that when Sulieman Franjieh was asked to give his opinion about Nasrallah, he said "Future generations would envy us for being around during the time of Hassan Nasrallah". The Druze of Arslan and We2am Wahhab are all for Hezbollah. Also the Sunnis of Salim El Hoss, Karami, Saad among others are for Hezbollah. It is more accurate to say that 80% of the Lebanese are for Hezbollah... As Christians, Hezbollah is our only protection from the likes of Jabhat Al nusra and Al Qaeda that is slaughtering Christians in Syria and else where...
15. May God bless Hezbollah...
Mark Schroeder ,   Germany   (10.30.13)
The only force in the region that practices the principle of purity of arms...
16. MISPLACED JUDGEMENT.................#12
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.30.13)
One really wonders your source of information on Hezbollah in Lebanon.Let me suffice in stating that you seem to be fed by non-existing information.Please do revise your statement of Hezbollah's being despised in Lebanon..
17. to George
Maroun ,   Lebanon   (10.30.13)
Good comments George, i do agree with you.
18. Hatred of Hezbollah
Steve ,   Dallas USA   (10.31.13)
I would say that the Sunni Arab world hates Hezbollah but the Lebanese here seem to take some kind of bizarre pride in them because in the opinion of most Lebanese, anyone that opposes the Jews must be good. Never mind that Hezbollah are killing Sunni and getting themselves killed in return and never mind that Lebanon is in effect an Iranian province - albeit relatively lightly ruled. But Lebanon cannot take any stance which Iran opposes, because Hezbollah will not allow it. This is the mark of a satrapy.
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