Second group of Palestinian prisoners released
Published: 29.10.13, 23:25
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1. Why is Bibi so afraid
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (10.30.13)
of Obama. Syria tells the US off. Iran tells them off Only Israel allows the US to dictate to them when and how to release prisoners. What a shame.
2. blackmail: no peace until Abbass is incarcerated
Larry ,   LA   (10.30.13)
Between Hamas and the PA, Israel is stuck in the middle of a good cop bad cop syndrome with Obama dealing the cards. Let us introduce the death penalty for terrorists and be done with such disgusting blackmail.
3. Bibi is only leader who fears Obama.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.30.13)
Bibi is a contemptible coward who frees terrorist monsters because he fears Obama. No other national leader, in the world, fears Obama. No other national leader has any problem telling Obama "NO". Most think, correctly, that Obama is a big joke. Even the pathetic P.A., which relies on world charity, has no problem telling Obama "NO". When are Israelis finally going to put an end to this incredibly sick situation?
4. Disgusting. I want to vomit.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.30.13)
If the Israelis really think the way to peace is to kiss the ass of your enemy, they are mistaken. abbas gloats as if he has accomplished something and now makes more demands- "I won't sign..." Bibi, if he had ANY balls, would tell Abbas that no more prisoners are being released until the peace treaty is signed. Do Israelis really believe that Abbas will make peace? After he's spent decades demonizing Israel? After lying to the west for years about what the PA is doing? After telling his people that Palestine is from the river to the sea? Abbas is a dirtbag, and nobody is calling him out on it. The release of murderers to an organization that has the destruction of Israel as its main goal is perverted. Time for new elections where Israelis with moral character can take leadership positions. Out with the old and in with the new. Bibi is so out of touch with most Israelis he must be booted out of office before he does any more damage.
5. The quantity of political Viagra pills
Joe ,   Northern Israel   (10.30.13)
that Israel gives Abu Mazen in order to survive is running out.The sick joke of releasing murderers for no serious intentions by Palestinian Authority that can be murdered any day by Arab "brothers" is a farce. Abu Mazen and his gang should be given a 9 months period to recognise in writing,authorised by the Arab League, the UN ,the International Justice Court in The Hague the EU and the USA and RUSSIA the State of Israel- before they will be removed out of power .
6. And the world media is quiet and forgiving about this?
Tahl   (10.30.13)
Imagine the international media outcry if Bibi released Jack Teitel or Yigal Amir from prison, shook his hand and called him a Jewish hero. He would be absolutely skewered and eaten alive. Why then, is Abbas treated with silk gloves? Why is he forgiven? Why the blatant double standard?
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (10.30.13)
any difference. These morons will go back to killing the next day and the peace process will be dead again and again. Peace will not happen until Jordan and Egypt agree on a viable solution. Otherwise all of these is just a big waste of time and of course money of the tax payers. BHO does not have the guts to get Jordan and Egypt to participate. He has already killed his relations with Egyptians. So Gazan are bound to suffer until eternity. Jordan king does not have the drive and maturity to make a real peace either. So Israel has no peace partner. It has piss partners.
8. I am not ashamed that this traitor and I are both Israeli
YairH ,   Israel   (10.30.13)
I am ashamed that we are both life forms that have their origin on Earth.
9. Absolute insanity!
Reuven   (10.30.13)
10. o.k. so this will be
arne ,   chicago usa   (11.05.13)
the end of it--if things don't move in a better direction and I mean a whole lot better you will not see another "good will" jester for a long long time. in addition ,if any of those on the list commit another crime they will never see the light of day.let's not come down to hard on bibi, we don't know all the facts that led up to what's going on.
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