UN expert: GA should seek ICJ opinion on occupation
Associated Press
Published: 30.10.13, 08:25
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1. Ynet, you know I love you ...
Devorah   (10.30.13)
.... but I want to bang my head against a brick wall when you publish Falk's verbal vomits. Falk is a crazy man who hates himself -- sort of like Tom Friedman from the NYT.
2. You dont even have to read between the lines
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.30.13)
To see his shameless and disgraceful one sided Kaufmanesque bias against Israel He serves no useful purpose. He should be quietly retired and put out to pasture
3. My opinion of Mr. Richard Falk is,
Alexander Scheiner ,   Jewish Statae Israel   (10.30.13)
that he is a paranoid, pathologically self hating jew. He belongs to an insane asylum. Unfortunately, in Switzerland are same kind of self hating jews, organized in JVJP.CH and rememberamalek.blogspot
4. Can anyone tell me why we are still a member?
Lawrence ,   Raanana   (10.30.13)
Israel will never get justice from a group like the UN
5. Right after Falklands and Texas.
Miron ,   USA   (10.30.13)
ICJ, by the way, is very clear. Texas is illegali occupying Mexico.
6. GA should seek ICJ opinion
mat ,   uk   (10.30.13)
On special rapporteur R FALK if he is suitable
7. I am speechless
Jerome ,   AKL   (10.30.13)
The Mossad dealt efficiently with greater criminals. Why this one still walks the streets? Some Hitlers unfortunately can be born from within......
8. Nr.5. Read your History -
Arn. ,   Sweden-   (10.30.13)
- the US is Iligally occupying Texas/The Lone Star State. Texas has been incorporated into the US by Military means and not Democraticly. Arn.Sweden.
9. this idio still does not know
Mira ,   Vienna   (10.30.13)
that there is no "International Law" on that, because the land is NOT occupied and an often repeated lie does not conme true because of being repeated, it is disputed land and will that as long as the Pals don't have a reasonable suggestion, stay under Israeli souvereignity. Period!
10. this evil man make me PUKE
Chris ,   HUM   (10.30.13)
11. Israeli occupation??
Miriam ,   Israel   (10.30.13)
In 1947 post war war II the UN helped terminate the British Mandate for Palestine and establish Israel. Now the UN wants to incriminate something they helped create? So where are the 6 millions of us, most that were born here, supposed to go?????? The UN and this foul-mouthed idiot shoul be sued, not state of Israel.
12. evil, personified.
michael Pielet ,   Israel   (10.30.13)
A jew hater that crawled out of the gutter.
13. Falk is only "doing his job?"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.30.13)
We hanged people following World War II for only "doing their job." There's a thought!
14. Rickhard Falk - Your Homecountry - The US -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (10.30.13)
- immediately leave the Occupation of Texas.( Talkback nr 8.) England must immediately leave the Occupation of Northern Ireland - Wales - and Scottland which they now call United Kingdom. They must also give back the Northern Part of the Province of England to Scottland, and the Western to Wales. France most lave the Occupation of Southwestern France the Kasgogne/Bascian Provinces and also Bretange in the West, and Southeastern France inhabited by People of Greecian descent as is also the case with Corse. Etc.Etc, Arn.Sweden
15. #11
Rau   (10.30.13)
"So where are the 6 millions of us, most that were born here, supposed to go?????? " I wonder if your grandparents ever told you that they had been asking the same question about the fate of arabs between 47 & 48.
16. PG The Peace talks will go on till he's 120
Roland ,   London England   (10.30.13)
17. The UN is a terror supporting organization
rr   (10.30.13)
The UN is a terror supporting organization composed mostly from country-members which are dictatorships terror supporting nations.
FO ,   Belgium   (10.30.13)
I don't accuse Falk that I consider either being an ignorant idiot or a renegade. I accuse the successive Israeli governments who for whatsoever reasons refused to take up the challenge and defend not only Israel's rights but also the Jewish rights regarding International Law. Let's not forget that in 1920 (San Remo) and 1922 (The League of Nations Mandate for Palestine) the beneficiary of their decisions was the Jewish people. Now, what this Falk calls "an affront to international law: it must be clear, once and for all, that the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention is not applicable to Israel. The so called West Bank isn't and never was a "High Contracting Party" but a residual part of the "Mandate for Palestine", intended as voted by all the 51 members of the League of Nations, to be part of the coming Jewish state! This is even reaffirmed by Article 80 of the UN Charter! Indeed there was a trial to elaborate an article accusing Israel of violating the Geneva Convention, based on the fact that Israel had been at war with Jordan. But the fact is that Israel doesn't occupy any Jordanian territory. So, the elaborated article is a shameful HOAX! And let us never forget that all decisions made by the UNGA are none-binding proposals! The only binding decision was UNSC Resolution 242, that became the cornerstone for a peaceful solution of the Israeli-Arab conflict, and took into consideration the League's decision of 1922. (Read articles written by Rostow, the author of said resolution). Israel's inconceivable silence about this matter, has as result that this country joined, regarding public opinion, the most hated rogue states, Iran and North Korea!
19. UN's affront to Nations allowing Falk outrages
Falk as leftists go, warp and distort truths. Yehuda and Sh
20. #15 You suppose to go where you come from
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (10.30.13)
Saudi Arabia like your ancestors
21. I propose that this obnoxious Jew be granted ExtremeMakeOver
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.30.13)
Maybe it'll cure him of some of the diseases he tries to spread all around him? Worth trying.
22. #5 Miron - Texas/Malvinas
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (10.30.13)
Texas never wanted to be part of Mexico so President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana went into Texas to fight the rebels. After 13 day of siege Santa Ana butchered all habitant of the fort of Alamo. Mr. Samuel Houston, very angry of Mr. Santa Ana's action and fearing that Santa Ana will do the same with him retreated. Mr. Santa Ana's ego grew treating Mr. Houston of a coward and chase him East. Mr. Houston with an inferior number of soldier prepare a Batlle in San Jacinto on April 21, 1836. and in 18 minutes encircled and took prisoner Mr. Santa Ana during the siesta. Santa ana begged for his life and Mr. Houston forced him to sign the Treaty of Velasco where Santa Ana changed his life for renouncing any rights of Mexico over Texas. Texas declared its independence and later asked to be admitted to the Union. Second comparison. The Malvinas Island were surrounded by Mr. Juan Manuel de Rosas so England canceled Argentina's foreign debt. The English parliament were furios due to the cost of maintenance and wanted to give them back. Rosas never responded.
23. Falk, nazis also "did the job and / or follow orders"
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (10.30.13)
24. Falk is a Meshugganeh
David ,   Minneapolis, USA   (10.30.13)
Mr. Falk is yet another self hating Jew who goes out of his way to demonize Israel at every twist and turn, probably in an effort to prove how 'unbiased'/'un-Jewish' he is. On the other hand he may be working for Mossad, we'll never know.
25. #15 "fate of arabs between 47 & 48"
A ,   Belgium   (10.30.13)
Jahannam would be a good start,but if that isn't possible, back to the Arabian peninsula where they came from would be acceptable too.
26. Chance to prove Israel owns Judea/Samaria.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.30.13)
Israel should have no fear of the ICJ. Rather this is a good chance to prove Israeli ownership of Judea and Samaria to the world. The U.N. will condemn Israel no matter what. However, Israel can easily prove, to the complete satisfaction of every decent person, that this land is ours. We could encourage our allies, strengthen our position and expose our foes for the racist scum they are.
27. Why give up?
Noa   (10.30.13)
"Israel did not have any delegate speak at Tuesday's committee meeting" It is not a good idea to pout in a hostile environment.
28. #11 Miriam, Israel if I may
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (10.30.13)
Until recently, I didn't know the exact sequence of the facts of the establishment of the State of Israel that I'd like to share with you, it was not the UN who first helped establish the State of Israel, it was Israel's victory over Syria, Egypt, and Jordan and the public announcement first by David Ben Gurion and his declaration that the result of this tremendous victory over these hostile nations made Israel a nation and that was the newly reborn Nation of Israel. And winner takes all, and 'to the victor belong the spoils.' the UN had no option but to be in agreement with Ben Gurion's factual declaration of the rebirth of Israel as the Nation of Israel, "The Homeland for The Jewish People." This, we already knew would happen, " Next year Jerusalem" The combined Muslim armies cannot accept defeat.. Look at them now. Better yet, look at Israel now. Even with her warts and all, she soars. BUILD A BUNCH!!!
29. International law...
Raoul ,   Herzliya Israel   (10.30.13)
does not cover DISPUTED territory. Falk must educate himself on the San Remo international declaration (1920) which makes self-evident that the "territories" are clearly not "occupied".
30. # 14 Arn, Sweden
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (10.30.13)
Don't forget the USA, first the Natives, then Britain, then a civil war, and finally, We the People. That was up until now ( Ug, gag, vomit in my mouth, obama ) Will obama be impeached? Get even BUILD OVERTIME, ALL THE TIME!!!!!
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