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Religious women want to have fun too
Tali Farkash
Published: 24.12.13, 14:48
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1. Where did women of the wall disappear?
Miron ,   USA   (12.24.13)
Another invention of English speaking press lost funding, when Obama had to pay for fixing his healthcare web - site. I wonder if the checks had "Women of the Wall" crossed out and "fix my web - site" written over, to save on paper. Go figure mistery of habits of rich people...
2. Nothing wrong with waiting until marriage to have sex.
Jake ,   USA   (12.24.13)
The problem is getting married in your mid-20's or later, several years after "coming of age" sexually.
3. Four kids at 32? Where does she have time for fun with sex?
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.24.13)
The main problem is Haredim don't know how to have fun and exercising birth control while at it. Haredi women are pregnant most of the time without enjoying the process of getting there. My feminine instincts are telling me this.
4. Religious Women
Zeev ,   N.Y.C. U.S.A.   (12.25.13)
I think religious women are not very exciting.
5. Far from better in secular society.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.25.13)
The first time is painful and not overexciting for women.The secular girls fearing to lose their boyfriend often refrain from telling them that they do not enjoy. Religious women have not that fear and If they are ,as they should be respected,valued and cherished they trust enough their husband to share their feelings . After a while, they can abandon them selves. And after returning from the Mikvah, feel lifted up to the 7th sky.
6. Yahel institute
Chanie L. ,   Lakewood, NJ, US   (12.25.13)
Thank you for this very informative article, would you by any chance know how to contact Yahel Institute or Ms. Prins? I have tried searching on google but couldn't find anything. any information would be a great help. Thank you.
7. Reply to 4. How many shiduchim?
Danny ,   London England   (12.26.13)
You think religious women are not very exciting? Assuming you observe negia, yichud and tzenius you won't really know until you are married. We tend to judge by innocence, purity, intelligence, beauty, geniology...The pseudo-religious also judge by financial support, which is often a mistake.
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