Israel 39th in 'Prosperity Index'
Sa'ar Haas
Published: 31.10.13, 00:18
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1. Legatum Institute is owned by the UAE
Avner ,   Tel Aviv   (10.31.13)
Legatum Institute is a front company for the UAE sovereign wealth fund, which invests heavily in it. Treat its 'neutral' reports with a pinch (or perhaps bagfuls) of salt.
2. Completely biased
Ehud   (10.31.13)
Ranking Israel 119 and 120 is a joke, as everybody knows who actually has been here. Better to check out the slightly more objective "lottery of life" ranking by the 'Economist'. Here, Israel ranked 20 (before Italy) lady year, and is expected to improve when next month's edition comes out!
3. #1 and #2,...
split ,   US   (10.31.13)
Jeffrey Gedmin, President and CEO of the Legatum Institute - Gedmin was an Executive Director of the American Enterprise Institute’s and New Atlantic Initiative. (NAI) that was based at the American Enterprise Institute, a neo-con think tank. In 2005 NAI was shut down and merged into the "European Studies" program at AEI. Read; the nest of Israel firsters, chickenhawks and neo-con-artists. Hard to find a more dedicated source prizing Israel and more cunning zionist interest peddler than him ;) ,... In regard to chartity - Despite what the Israelis think of themselves there's a good article at Los Angeles Times "Israel ranks low in international giving" which proves that they're endless at bragging and pretty short on giving. Have a good day ,...
4. Split, USA
Ehud   (10.31.13)
You wrote a lot, but did not make any serious attempt to address my argument: It was based on the fact that the 'Economist', a British magazine which is critical of Israeli foreign policy, but a bit more professional (and independent of funding by 'sponsors' such as the UAE) ranked Israel as #20 in the world (where best to be born in 2013), not 39. Legatum's ranking of Israel as 119 in a personal freedom index is ridiculous. Look at France. There you have 'Investigative Judges' (policeman, prosecutor, and judge in one person - a scary Napoleonic concept), you have a press, which is much more influenced by the government, a judiciary which is hesitant to follow through with government corruption (Chirac), and a parliament where the Muslim minority (10-15%) is virtually unrepresented - all in striking contrast to Israel. Nevertheless, France was ranked higher. Why? Because it is not convenient to state the truth when it comes to a fellow EU country? Because it is always good to put Israel down, if you wish to get more funds from the UAE? How did they rank the Emirates, where non-citizen foreign workers are subjected to despicable constant abuse ?
5. Split, just to finish my point
Ehud   (10.31.13)
What about France deporting tens of thousands of European citizens - against European law - because they are Roma? How does that qualify them for a high ranking?
6. Ehud @ 4 and 5 ,...
split ,   US   (10.31.13)
Hey, this ranking is based on a variety of factors; on what the Israelis have said and believe in regard of themselves, the quality of life on the top of the wealth and economic growth supported by numbers - For instance 53% said they've donated to charity twice as much as the world average and that's a hasbara crap they got infected according to Los Angeles Times ,... The Gypsies are being deported for being illegal and a nuisance in France, they don't send their kids to schools, don't work and are over represented in crime business Have a good day.
7. Roma, not 'gypsy'
Split US   (11.02.13)
'Gypsy' is a derogatory term. They are called Roma and Szinti, and they are not illegally in France, as they are Euroean citizens. Their deportation is illegal, as stated by EU judicial institutions. What would you say if Israel would deport Palestinians because - as you described the Roma - 'they are a nuisance and over represented in crime?'
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