Report: Palestinian killed by IDF fire in Qabatiya
Elior Levy
Published: 31.10.13, 08:25
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1. When the IDF knocks the door opens
Yonatan ,   Dishon, Israel   (10.31.13)
The bad part was that each missle costs way more than the worth of the terrorist. The good part is that he won't be traded for no peace
2. palestinian reports means nothing.
ghostq   (10.31.13)
clashes means, palis were full loaded militants.
3. Correct.
Israeli 2   (10.31.13)
This means be careful who you mess with.
4. Thank you High Court
Many call the High Court anti-IDF, but the elimination of Assi proves the critics wrong. In the past, IDF would find a friend, family or neighbor to try and convince a terrorist to surrender, which would lead to a fair trial, comfortable jail sentence and eventual release by a corrupt Israeli government to a hero's welcome. The High Court decided that this was illegal, so the IDF has no choice but to shoot the terrorists. Thank you High Court for saving us from our own government.
5. And why is this news?
Ariel ,   Rehovot, Israel   (10.31.13)
10 million Moslems have been butchered in cold blood by other Moslems since 1945 as a result of several genocides, civil wars and a collective Moslem state of mentally insane frenzy where they are tearing each other apart. So IDF killed one anti-Semitic Jew hating Arab colonialist and squatter in Israel - yes - and? So what? What's the big deal? If you attack Israelis and Jews that's what's gonna happen.
6. To No. 5
Bertram ,   London   (10.31.13)
Good to see you supporting Israel as a fully paid-up member of the murderous Middle East. Thank goodness Israel can throw off the albatross of humane values and join the Islamists. Why should Israel waste its military superiority? Get in there and show them !
7. The PA lies again
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.31.13)
The PA police killed him and is now blaming Israel for it. Typical of the Islamofascists to do that and the Euronazis will whine about it
8. To nr 6 - the "Jew" Bertram
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.31.13)
Are you mentally challenged or just plain evil and deceitful and insincere? Who attacked who? Israel merely defends itself. You don't seem to mind when Moslems butcher Jews or when Moslems butcher each other. Why should Israel throw off humane values? And why would self defense contradict human values? Do you consider suicide to be humane? Why should Israel join the Islamists? Because Israel happends to take the liberty and fundamental human right to defend itself? Israel shouldn't waste its military power - no. I know you are mocking Ariel and you said that sarcastically, but quite frankly, Israel's enemies need to be destroyed. If you think otherwise it clearly shows you support racism against Jews, genocide on Jews and that you are indifferent to Arab hatred of Jews. Bertram "the Jew" has the same moral clarity as Hamas and Hitler. Have you ever contemplated going to a mental hospital and staying there? Or why don't you join Hamas and PLO against Israel? You seem to care more about them then about your "Jewish brothers and sisters". After all, if you care sooooo much about your "fellow Jews" - how about supporting them and standing up for Israel and supporting IDF when it destroys Arab terrorists? After all, the Arab terrorist was killed because he planned to kill Jews. But that doesn't concern a "humane" person such as yourself - right?
9. # 6
Ariel ,   Rehovot, Israel   (10.31.13)
I wrote: "If you attack Israelis and Jews that's what's gonna happen. " And your response implies that I support Israel as a "fully paid up member of the murderous Middle East". I don't support mass murder. Nobody "pays" me. If you don't like the murderous nature of Moslems, why do you always lambast Israel's self defense? Why don't you lambast those who attacked Israel? We Israelis defend ourselves to STOP the murderous plans of the Arabs. If using lethal force is wrong, then how do you suggest you stop a violent armed terrorist in a state of mentally insane frenzy? How do you stop them? How do you convince them that their violence, their hatred of Jews and their racism is morally wrong? How can you reason with someone who cannot be reasoned with? Are you a pacifist or do you just deny Jews the right to self defense? Judging by your talkback I get the impression that you are deaf and blind and indifferent to Arab and Moslem violence but you deny Jews the right of self defense. So the real murdeorus person in here is you. You make me sick.
10. To nr 6- Bertie !
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.31.13)
Maybe it escaped your notice that Ariel suggests that IDF should stop those who attempt to massacre Jews. Are you saying that when the attacker unprovokedly, and with murder in his mind, attacks an innocent victim, it is not the perpetrator that should be criticized but the victim that attempts to defend himself? Is that your general moral paradigm or does your moral conscience have a selective view of right and wrong depending on the ethnicity of the people involved in a conflict? Yes I'm implying that you are a Fascist and a racist - Bertie.
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