Settlers pepper-spray soldiers, IDF leaves Bat Ayin
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 31.10.13, 19:48
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1. Soldiers are there to protect us, should therefore NOT be
Big Mouth ,   On the face   (10.31.13)
Defined as a target. 1 of these DONKEYS must be JAILED now !
2. NATO must replace IDF in West Bank, protect Arabs from Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.31.13)
3. settlers who attacked soldiers and pal
joe ,   kfar saba israel   (10.31.13)
Are terrorists and must be judged like that jailed and prosecuted end
4. Jewish Terrorists
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.31.13)
These people are terrorist is every sense of the word and must be treated as such.
5. Whats new
Ali   (10.31.13)
This happens every day, the new thing that 2 soldiers have been hitted, double standards.
6. #4, I do not think Jewish Terrorists will be found.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.31.13)
The same forces in Israel which support settling the occupied territories are behind protecting the Jewish Terrorists. They will act to prevent the police and the IDF from finding perpetrators of this attack. The cover up will come from political bodies, maybe from the PM's office. You are in Jerusalem and know Haredi perpetrator are conveniently very seldom found, prosecuted and punished. This is why I am boycotting Jerusalem and its "official" lawlessness. I don't say "next year in Jerusalem" any more; I say in Tel Aviv on the tayelet.
7. Leftist did this.
Bill stein ,   USA   (10.31.13)
Reason why would right wing kids pepper spray soldiers guarding their own village? Also if a Arab driver was sprayed coming to the village does it not stand to reason he was invited?
8. funny article
Three incidents are mentioned. Several months ago "unknown assailants" A year ago, Jews arrested, released because they were innocent, no one knows who did it. This time, unidentified masked men, no one knows who did it. Despite the headlines blaming the Jews, in fact all three incidents could be anyone. Arabs? Jews? Shabak? Leftists?
9. Israel becoming Afghanistan
Dan   (11.01.13)
Are we now the home and protector of terrorists? The IDF must be permanently withdrawn from all settlements - let the Arabs deal with the settlers as they wish.
10. guilty 'till proven innocent
Baruch ,   mitspeh yericho   (11.01.13)
A professional news agency should report what happened without jumping to politically correct assumptions. The headline starting with “Settlers” is libelous. As one of hundreds of thousands of settlers I take offense.
11. If faces covered,not yet identified,how do we know are Jews?
12. #6 Jewish terrorist will be found
Rau   (11.01.13)
interogated and released for lack of evident. "Three boys were arrested for the act, but they were later released".
13. Jews will never persue jews.
14. Teror
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (11.01.13)
It is very Simple Arab TERORISTS retaliate again a Palestinian driver that they consider a traitor because he is delevering goods to a settlement and I the same action sprayed gaz at soldiers because they did not have a AK47 to kill them
15. All Part of Settler Ideology.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (11.01.13)
This should not surprise anybody, the settler religious fanatics are not loyal to any Israeli government or the IDF, to them the Israeli government and IDF are just a means to facilitate settlement construction and facilitate the building of a biblical greater Israel, which in the Settler view is ordained by god and nobody else. When the Israeli government and the IDF stop facilitating the building of settlements and negotiate with Palestinians in the peace process and when illegal outposts are evacuated, the Israeli government and the IDF are deemed to be violating "gods will" and are thus deemed legitimate targets by these fanatics, Along with Arabs, via the attacking of Soldiers and Price tag acts against random innocent Arabs going about their daily lives. Why are these right-wing extremists and Religious Zealots allowed such protection by the Israeli government?. Eventualy when and if there is peace certain settlements will have to be evacuated and these fanatics will have no qualms about fighting Israeli soldiers and starting a war.
16. Our brave soldiers removed because of Pepper spray
Jrebecca ,   Modiin   (11.01.13)
Not only have our soliders been pulled out of Gaza border settlements, now they're being removed cause they got a bit of pepper spray. And dont tell me the people of Bat Ayin did this - they really cant prove that. is this an excuse for more cost cutting?
17. Why the soldiers didn't shoot at them?
And why didn't ynet say its a terrorist attack?
18. To #17 - Good questions, simple answer..........
Israel 101   (11.01.13)
Because they were IDF soldiers and it was an IDF (leftist) setup from the beginning.... WHY? so that they could CREATE a reason to leave the area
19. The Settlers
RJE ,   Adelaide, Australia   (11.02.13)
will be the death of Israel.
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