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Putin instead of Obama: Russian foothold in Cairo
Roi Kais
Published: 31.10.13, 22:27
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1. Obama has lost the entire Middle East
CJK   (10.31.13)
the little emperor saint obama lost has lost the entire middle east. yet he still acts as if he were a genius. the american people have twice elected a man to the presidency who is destroying american national security interests.
2. Obama has lost NOTHING!!
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.31.13)
But the USA has... As said before, mr Sotero supports the MB-terrorists (sunni) side., and has NOT withdrawn the support. The current man in th colored house obvious does what he can to destroy the Us reputation everywhere in the world. And what else to expect, just listen to the azaan...
3. Why should we care about Egypt?
David ,   Stockholm   (11.01.13)
The only reason the U.S. has bothered with Egypt is to maintain peace with Israel. But if Egypt is plunged into chaos, is that a concern for America? As long as ships can flow through Suez, that's all that matters. And Suez is on the agenda for the Chinese, the Russians and many others, so America doesn't have to have that responsibility alone. Even oil is becomming less important. Soon, America will not import any oil from the Middle East. Israel doesn't understand that America has a lot of old alliances which doesn't make any sense other than to protect Israel. But as Israel has gotten stronger, America can leave the region, when it doesn't even need the oil anymore. You're on your own, now, Israel.
4. #3 David it's the other way around
Avi   (11.01.13)
Please refresh your M.E history. The U.S gained Egypt as an ally through Israel. Egypt became an asset to the US through us following the 73 war. By stopping us from reaching Cairo and preventing the annihilation of the Third Egyptian Army they showed Egypt it was better off in the American sphere of influence than the Soviet one. Why should you (Who is "we?") care about Egypt is a different question, and quite not relevant for Sweden. But Egypt became a support client of the US - for the US - and by exploiting Israel.
5. Tough democrat needed.
Zechariah   (11.01.13)
Obama and his cabal are hopeless in foreign affairs but the USA has never been that good .They entered WW2 too late allowing the Nazis time to committ their greatest atrocities .In fact they were Suprise attacked by incompetence and complacency.They did well to stop communism in Korea but stuffed up in Vietnam by failing to find a strong leftist leader and force socialist policies in south Vietnam in the Mekong Delta .In Rwanda they did nothing and were Suprise attacked in 9/11.They did not understand the tribalism in Iraq and dissolved the Army and the Ba'ath who could have been proUs and neutral on Israel .They supported El Queda Precedents against the USSR in a shortsighted way and did not make it clear to Sadaam Hussein not to invade Kuwait .Now the Realapoliticic Russians under the crafty Putin are gaining in Eygpt and the Saudis want an Eisenhower Republican.The more Pragmatic democrats ought shift alliances to dilute the tea party mad hatters and form a tough but socially responsible Right Centrist Party.
6. #3doesn't understand politics or business
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (11.01.13)
Are you one of those nieve people who believe countries help each other out of the goodness of their hearts? Well with the exception of disasters obviously, btt even then sometimes. But no! They don't! America gives NO ONE assistance without getting back in return! Not to Egypt, not to Israel!
7. #3
Irishdude ,   Ireland   (11.01.13)
Sweden will be a Islamic country in a few years time You will be on you're own then Sweden
8. David # 3
Herman ,   Boston   (11.01.13)
Have your heard about that cannal that goes from the Med to the Red sea Certainly we do not care about Sweeden [not a very smart example yourself btw] Get ready for a Crescent added to the yellow cross in the flag soon
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