Ashkelon residents alarmed at second car blast in days
Matan Zuri
Published: 02.11.13, 20:46
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1. criminals
donald satisky ,   leesburg,va usa   (11.03.13)
What is Israel's problem with organized family crime....just get rid of it. You know who the culprits are, and who the head of the crime families are. Just do it. The major crime families in the U.S. were finally wiped out by laws enacted. You can do it too.
2. 24/7 Surveillance on these crime families.
bob k ,   orlando us   (11.03.13)
Israel can go undercover or conduct surveillance on Arab terror groups why not on these vicious crime families? Apprehend them let them know that their every move is watched, their phones tapped, harass them and arrest them, try them and lock them up. seize all their assets. Shut them down.
3. they should arrest all the crime family members
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (11.03.13)
The police know who they are. They're all criminals. I'm sure if they searched the houses of each mafia boss they would find enough evidence to put them away.
4. #1 - great in theory
g ,   Tel Aviv   (11.03.13)
The key words are "laws enacted." You live in a country where that happens. It does not happen here. There are hundreds of laws, but for every law in Israel, there are 100 loopholes, and there is deeply ingrained corruption, including in government. The political will, therefore, to act on laws that would touch on their own power, is zero. As for police enactment, what you should know is that the police here have long had a poor reputation. Poorly educated, poorly trained, poorly paid and poorly led. The result is anarchy out there. Nobody is scared of the threat of police, not even three year olds. You only have to tune in to a Knesset debate to see how unruly the average Israeli is. If that's the elite, what can be expected of the lower orders.
5. Not only do the mob know where the
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (11.03.13)
police officers and their loved ones live - to intimidate them... Police and thieves are sometimes from the same family Where you have 10 siblings, there are considerable odds that at least one will choose the 'dark' side.
6. Most of the families live outside of Ashkelon
vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (11.03.13)
Like every where else in the world you have crime. Ours up until now has been minor. We abhor this and are very angry. We hope our new Mayor takes note and does something before the anger of your average Ashkeloni takes to the streets en-mass.
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