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US rabbis: Rabbinate won't recognize us
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 06.11.13, 14:54
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1. I wonder what the tooth fairy says about this ?
Miri ,   Holon   (11.06.13)
2. Different labels of conversion ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (11.06.13)
problem solved. It is in the best interest of future parents to get the best conversion ,to make sure that their children will be accepted as a 100% Jew by their eventual Jewish life partner.
3. Avi Weiss can not be trusted
Shlomo ,   Jerusalem   (11.06.13)
Anyone who accepts conversions from those who do not follow Jewish law ie: Reform or conservative can not be accepted to confirm a person's Jewishness. This should be obvious. The Chief Rabbinate has a tough and thankless job today. The halachik world has rules. Not everyone who thinks he is Jewish is Jewish. The US has rules also, not everyone who thinks he is American is an American.
4. Dont give us remote instructions on how to run our life.
hadad ,   Israel   (11.06.13)
Its a chutspa to do that , your Reform and Conservatives views can not work on us by force. it might be good for you there in America, but not here in the Holy Land.
5. 2 Ora What is the best ?
robert ,   Antwerpen (2018)   (11.06.13)
Does it mean that only those who would convert according to the most stringent rules can be accepted ? Even if it were so, what about those who would convert like that but would become less religious some time after ? Beside that, by being too tough on potential converts, we would chase away most of them. One can wonder how come that Islam today has 1.7 billion followers with a substantial percentage of extreme religious people and Christianity 1.7 billion while we have remained around 15 million, losing millions to conversions as we still do. It means that orthodoxy does not enough to keep those who are Jewish by birth or attract converts.
6. 5robert,best converts are those..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (11.06.13)
committed to the original Tora as it was given to the 600000 Jews present at Sinai. The quality of the Jewish people is more important than the quantity. Orthodox Rabbis do not change the rules of the game to fit weak players.
7. Rabbi Weiss
austin ,   USA   (11.06.13)
tell the Rabbi Weiss to stop whining- ordination of women is not Orthodox Judaism He can do whatever he wants, he is not entitles to intimidate the Rabinate to do what he wants thell the Rabbi Weiss to STFU
8. I agree with ORA @# 6: 100%
Israeli 2   (11.06.13)
It is the quality that is important. So many talkbackers think we need quantity instead of quality. I do not prescribe to everything coming down the throats of the orthodox gurus, however if I must choose between reform, conservative or orthodox, I will not hesitate to be in the orthodox camp anytime.
9. Trust, but verify
DianaK ,   Germany   (11.07.13)
We have in Germany an incrasing amount of messianic jews a blend of evangelical Christian theology with elements of religious Jewish practice and terminology. virtually christians claiming they are jews, we have Hollywood's Kabbalah loons etc... If Judaism doesn´t have a supervisory body it will be infiltrated changed and destroyed. I prefer a quetionable Rabbinate as jewry outside control.
10. @#8 You just made the Rabbi's point.
Avishai ,   Houston   (11.07.13)
In the US, you CAN choose. If you want a Reform or Conservative wedding, it isn't a problem. Here in Israel it's a BIG problem.
11. The New improved jewish rabbi
Ethan ,   Eilat   (11.07.13)
The israeli religious establishment has been taken over by fanatics who are creating a new cult and driving Jews away from Judaism.
12. Semicha and Rabbonos
Joe ,   Baltimore   (11.07.13)
If there is no central Rabbinical authority in the USA, there is noneheless recognised Semicha from recognised Yeshivahs. The Israeli Chief Rabbinate should be given from the Yeshivahs details of musmachim [those with semicha]. Those with valid semicha should then be recognised to give evidence as to Jewish status. Any conversion court with three recognised rabbis should then be accepted as valid. There are three levels of semicha, so this would have to be considered.
13. the who is a Jew is now who is a Rabbi?
Larry ,   LA   (11.08.13)
There is a halachic basis for determining who is a Jew but there is no real halachic basis for determining who is a Rabbi since the concept of a Rabbi is given to tradition passed from a Rabbi to a student. So was the Rabbi who made the rabbi a rabbi a rabbi him self? A rose is a rose is a rose? The problem is that there are many Rabbis today in the very orthodox field who are totally incompetent and many in the modern Orthodox field who are very competent. However they are politically different in ideas then their ultra Orthodox co-rabbis so they are being pushed out since even though they have superior abilities in the field of Rabbinics, they are politically 'incorrect' and therefore non accepted. This of course is a travesty of freedom of individuals who are indeed superior in thought being denied equal rights.
14. How convenient for Weiss
ahad haamoratsim ,   usa   (11.08.13)
Are these supposedly intimidated rabbis who won't be named actually Orthodox, or like Weiss have they abandoned Torah for open-headed 'Orthodoxy'-in-name-only? Are they even men, or are they some of Weiss's maharats? When you destroy your own credibility, you can't complain when people stop trusting you.
15. 14-93% Jews don't trust (follow) Ultra-Orthodox
Non-KoolAid Drinker ,   DrinkyurownKoolAid   (11.08.13)
16. Define "recognized". Nobel?
Miron ,   USA   (11.08.13)
17. Heavy Sigh!
jc1255 ,   USA   (11.13.13)
I wonder what HaShem thinks about all of this?
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