Ofer Eini steps down as Histadrut chairman
Billie Frenkel
Published: 05.11.13, 11:25
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1. Does the "Path" lead through Negev desert? Hopefully so.
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.05.13)
2. here comes a new MK for Labor, Livni or Meretz
zionist forever   (11.05.13)
3. Good riddance
Sean ,   Phoenix   (11.05.13)
He did more than any other man to slow the economic growth of Israel in favor of his tiny, thuggish constituency. It's over now.
4. A nightmare for three women
Nora Tel Aviv   (11.05.13)
Meretz, Labor and Kadima heads can not sleep well nowadays. Eini is coming to replace one of them in the near future.
5. The Histadruth needs a rebirth for the 21st century.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.05.13)
With or without Eini, the Histadruth is a stumbling block to Israeli economic and social progress. Along with the lazy government under its current lame PM, the Histadruth is keeping Israel in its outdated place among progressing countries of the West, not serving the workers of Israel who could do much better without it. Let's just set one simple goal to whomever will replace Eini: fix the Electric Power union in Israel and make them become integral part of the Israeli working class. I will bet it will not happen in more than the next eight years.
6. #5: In death there is a rebirth. Histadrut needs DEATH.Worry
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.06.13)
not though: the unwashed, undereducated masses will always be ready for a demagogue a la Eyni/Yehimovitch/Sarid (remember him?)
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