Ireland: Israeli products marked with yellow sticker
Itamar Eichner
Published: 05.11.13, 12:33
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1. Bravo to Ireland and to BDS!
Non Jewish Immigrant ,   Haifa   (11.05.13)
Consumers have the right to know what they are buying. More countries should adopt the system.
2. Great to see!!
Sally ,   UK   (11.05.13)
I hope other countries follow Ireland's example
3. #1 How did you get to immigrate to Israel?
Sooner or later you're going to be caught,CHEATER!
4. Non Jewish antisemite at#1: no problema, we'll adopt it too!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.05.13)
5. The policies of our political leaders
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (11.05.13)
in pandering to 500,000 settlers is putting at risk the future financial prosperity of 5.5 million Israelis. Complaining about the colour of the sticker is window dressing to hide this fact.
6. # 1 Why don't you leave Israel?
No Zoabi   (11.05.13)
If you hate haifa, leave it. None was feeding you and your peers.
7. Ireland & boycott
Ben ,   Greenville   (11.05.13)
It is time to start boycotting the boycotters.
8. BDS
Alan ,   Richfield   (11.05.13) I know what to buy...Israeli products.
9. It's unlikely that BDS didn't know...
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (11.05.13)
That a yellow sticker would raise certain connotations. Given their declared support for a one-state solution and the dissolution of Israel, it's not surprising. The sad part is, that if such a boycott ever became effective, the first victims of the BDS boycott would be the Palestinian employees of Jewish companies in the West Bank. I guess that shows exactly how much the BDS people really care about the Palestinians.
10. #1 what about
The problem is not boycot, but the hypocrisy. How many Irish boycott Chinese goods to support Tibet? Turkish goods to support Cyprus and Kurdistan? Spanish and French products to support Basqueland? Saudi Arabia to support the Shi'ite? By supporting Arab colonists occupying Jewish land, but ignoring truly oppressed people, BDS shows themself to be a corrupt arm of the banksters, big oil and the weapons manufacturers masquerading as good people.
11. Such fools are the BDS...seems they
benjy   (11.05.13)
become dumb and dumber every day, and those Palestinians that loose their jobs due to these products not being sold, have the BDS to thank. Please dont boycott Guinness!!! and beleive me the BDS do not speak for all the Irish!
12. Irish Catholics ever antisemetic
13. Who authorised Jeuden Mark and who put it on
14. #3
On the Balcony   (11.05.13)
Many of the over 1 million immigrants from the former Soviet Union either are not or do not consider themselves Jewish. Documents establishing that one had a "Jewish" grandparent and was therefore eligible to make aliya were openly marketed in Moscow and elsewhere and were not carefully scrutinized in Israel if the person was not claiming to be halachically Jewish. Israel benefited from this influx of "Jews" from former soviet countries because they drastically reduced Israel's need for Palestinian workers and were settled in Israeli-Arab areas.
15. anti-semitism with a new coat
Larry ,   LA   (11.05.13)
that's all it is...
16. Fantastic, more countries WILL follow!
Lynx ,   PALESTINE   (11.05.13)
17. just one response to BDS
dr daniel mostrel ,   paris france   (11.05.13)
buy buy buy these products and proudly buy buy buy
18. #14 On the balcony
Madeleine ,   Israel   (11.05.13)
We certainly did not need the faux Jewish Russians. the early aliyot in the seventies wwere great. Those who came after the fall of the FSU brought the mafia, alcoholism and plenty of other undesirable traits.
19. Sounds like it's time for a BUYcott
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (11.05.13)
Supporters of Israel can go into these stores and specifically BUY these products - and make a point of it.
20. For justice in Palestine, slap a Mic anti-Semite
Jeff Hodges ,   Dublin   (11.05.13)
21. # 10 Ireland's in a hell of a financial mess.
bUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (11.05.13)
and if not for their soberish females, they would still be bashing one another's brains out. If you like drunks, you'll love the Irish. If you love freedom, you'll love Israel. BOYCOTT ISRAEL PLEASE LESS pals TO PAY. HALLELUJAH. MORE JEWS ARE COMING HOME.!!!!! LIKE THIS NEW HOME???
22. I love Medjool Dates
john ,   uk   (11.05.13)
I shop at Tesco and i promise to purchase any Israeli Product i see with yellow stickers on.
23. Where else ?
Ivo ,   Israel   (11.05.13)
Where else than Ireland who identified itself alongside Hitler against the allies, to mark Israeli products with yellow stickers. Filthy IRA country,eat your own vomited hate.
24. BDS, Racism and Crimes: What Can We do?
Thytan ,   Den Haag   (11.05.13)
beyond the obvious inherent nasty nazi-soul of the yellow tag, this BDS-act is also an act of vandalism. I would urge the store owner to review the surveillance video and file a criminal complaint against the perpetrator(s). BDS-activist are the worst type of criminal cowards. Go after them with the criminal justice system and they will disappear!
25. Well Done BDS!
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.05.13)
I will drink a pint of Guinness Stout in your honour.
26. Irish Boycott
philipmax ,   NYC   (11.05.13)
Boycotts are dangerous. If one side starts the other side can do the same. Now, I want to boycott Irish products... oh,oh ..there are none to choose from. That country is full of blighted potato heads.
27. boycott
george ,   raannana   (11.05.13)
The irish are known not to have been anywhere near the front of the queue when G-d gave out brains to mankind. As for the zevel at number #1 do us all a favour and return to your cesspool country of your escape!
28. I failed to find these, but got some Israeli plums
Dr. Guy ,   Dublin, Ireland   (11.05.13)
I failed to find these at the Clearwater Tesco Extra in Finglas, Dublin (mind you, we were distracted somewhat by my 17 month old son), but we did get some tasty Israeli plums there. I actively participate in the BUYcott of Israeli goods and thank BDS activitists for their shopping lists.
29. #7
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (11.05.13)
If you are calling for a boycott of the boycotters, then I'm afraid I'll have to boycott you for calling for a boycott
30. This makes it easier to find and buy products..
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.05.13)
..Just as what happened in Norway. The leftist government which was thrown away a month ago, also initiated a boycott, bu the result was just opposite, friends of people bought more...
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