Ireland: Israeli products marked with yellow sticker
Itamar Eichner
Published: 05.11.13, 12:33
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31. #19 You beat me to it
Sidney ,   USA   (11.05.13)
It is time for Israel to get smart and turn the BDS weapon against the anti-Semites. Don't hide Israeli products, boast of them. Israel has supporters all over the world, Israel should learn to use them. All over Europe there is hostility to Arabs and Muslims. A way to express this is to buy an Israeli product. The pro-Palestinian drive is rooted among certain elites and governments playing Machiavellian games not the general public.
32. Attention to BDS
Yaniv ,   London   (11.05.13)
Your aim of course is just a public political stunt because you can't stand Jews. I suggest you use those nazi yellow stickers on your mobiles, laptops, desktops, tablets (even the life saving ones) medical equipment and a load of other things as they all have something in common ( parts that were invented/produced by The Great Israel/Jews that you so vehemently hate. Let's see how far you get with that.
33. For justice in Palestine, Boycott Israel".
mat ,   uk   (11.05.13)
justice for Palestine? BDS are doing this because they are anti Israel and Jewish the proof the Yellow sticker bds using justice for Palestine as the reason to do it Israel should boycott in what ever they can in tech,medicine etc
34. Will they boycott medical products
Marian ,   Romania   (11.05.13)
created by Israelis ? or by jews in general ?
35. Ireland is a cursed place anyway.
Yanky Pipchick ,   Indiana   (11.05.13)
What do you expect from these losers? Always intoxicated. -- They also cannot play football. 2 left feet.
36. boycotts against jews and israelis are illegal
CJK   (11.05.13)
these boycotts discriminate based on religion and ethnicity and are therefore illegal
37. Boycotting
marvyn ,   london   (11.05.13)
What about boycotting the arab muslim countries where the governments have killed how many tens of thousands of their own muslim citizens? By the way, Medjool dates are the best in the world.
38. No 3 - Am I supposed to be afraid or scared?
Non Jewish Immigrant ,   Haifa   (11.05.13)
Because frankly, I am not. Israel is still a country where freedom of expression is lawful. No 6 - Haifa is NOT in the West Bank. Haifa is in Israel. I love Haifa. No 10 - What do you know about boycotts on chinese and turkish products? Do you follow every single news in the world?
39. Israel needs to diversify her markets
CJK   (11.05.13)
it has been known for millennia that europe is extremely antisemitic. until rather recently israel might not have had the opportunities to diversify. however, with the fall of the soviet union, that is no longer the case. there are many countries that do not have a millenial tradition of jew hatred. it is time to separate from europe, with the exception of certain countries, such as germany. Israel will not and cannot accept that she be blackmailed boycotted or treated with utter disrespect by the continent of genocides.
40. #1 clean Haifa from yourself
Prosecco   (11.05.13)
you SHOULD boycott Israel and leave a country ASAP!
41. #38 POS
Show me one example of a BDSer who put a sticker on a Chinese or Turkish product with the word "boycott". You can't because the paymasters won't let them.
42. to # 18
Dov ben David ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.05.13)
Why are you generalizing so heavily. We have around 1.5 million immigrants from Russia. Are you claiming that all belong to the Mafia? Please, do not harm your own people!
43. BUYcott Israeli products & boycott the boycotters.
tiki ,   belgium   (11.05.13)
Put stickers on Irish a.o. produce highlighting their 'negative affect: "Irish Whiskey" tastes good but WILL kill you! "Ryanair" looks cheap but IS a cheat! South African "gold" shines for the rich by ABUSING the poor! It's not that difficult.
44. I think I know #1
Dov ben David ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.05.13)
This is not an Anti Semitic Person. He is from GB and is married to a Palestinian woman. Furthermore I like to say as a Jew, a former Israeli paratrooper and of course a Zionist, that the occupation must come to an end. We are an a difficult course, because we must end it with security for ourself. The problem is not black or white...
45. To all of you who love Israel and
Think with your heart and not with your brain. Try to understand the following. Its not the Irish government who is doing this. Its organisations that want to see the end of the Israeli occupation. I believe that most of us Israelis agree on that!!! These organisations as I understood are illegally putting stickers in shops where they sell products from West Bank and not Israel. I am worried that the next step, if the present negotiations will fail, will have a much bigger impact than today. I predict EU and/or UN resolutions of various boycotts. If that will not occur, the third intifada is on the doorstep. The fascists in Israel, and they are not few, just hope for this. Together with their friends the fanatic religious movement, they bring the "Gogogmagog" upon us. The next war will not be a Six day war. Bare that in mind all of you who push us into a new war...
46. Irish Supporting Terrorists
Doodele ,   Canada   (11.05.13)
What a surprise!
47. BDS Is Crumbling
Thytan ,   Den Haag   (11.05.13)
I am sure BDS-ism WON’T survive because of the following: a. BDS-philosophy is founded and grounded on dishonesty and internally incoherent ideology. b. BDS-niks accuse Israel of “apartheid” but they (i.e. BDS-niks) practice the worst kinds of racism against Jews and non-Jews who support Zionism. c. BDS-niks aspire the disappearance of the State Of Israel by advocating the “right” of all Palestinian refugees to return to Israel proper and One-State for Jews and Arabs from the river to the sea. But – surprise, surprise – BDS-niks won’t openly admit that to the public. Their “intellectual elite” in the West hide behind the slogan: “we are agnostic to Israel’s existence”. d. BDS-goal is unattainable. BDS-niks are dangerously hateful, envious and jealous. They look for, see and read all of publicly available Israel’s achievements in it’s short history and their hearts are immediately filled with hate and rage. BDS-niks are getting ever desperate these days (for their lies aren’t working and their tactics have demonstrably failed). I will not be surprised if they start setting themselves on fire in the Streets of Norway.
48. Say thank you to JVJP.CH
Alexander Scheiner ,   Jewish Statae Israel   (11.05.13)
and their friends in the UK, D and USA. They are behind the Palestinian BDS-Movement. rememberamalek.blogspot
49. No 36 you're wrong
These boycotts are against illegal settlers of the West Bank, occupying Palestinian lands. You wish it would be against Israelis and Jews so you could whine about antisemtism again and again... but the world is not fool anymore.
50. Jews doing what they do best
crying about antisemitism....
51. disgusting antisemitism
nadav ,   tlv   (11.05.13)
are they also labeling items from Abkhazia, Gibraltar, the Malvinas, Western Sahara, Northern Cyprus, Kurdistan, Nagarno-Karabak, Tibet, South Ossetia, Southern Kuriles, Corsica, and the Basque lands as "occupied territories" or is this tactic only applied against Jews! i think we clearly see the answer to that question! Jews should boycott Tesco for allowing this!
52. From now on I boycott every Irish product
Belgian Jew   (11.05.13)
53. 2 sides of the boycott
Mendoza ,   Tel Aviv   (11.05.13)
both sides will suffer from the decreased trade. I do agree that the occupation must end with a final compromise agreement. Seems to me that only a forced international solution wll bring sanity to untennable situation. And yes I am Israeli, served in the army and worked until my pension time came around ,so that I am looking for a better future for my grandchildren. Obviously our prime minister lacks the vision and guts to lead us to a better future.
54. To # 50
Dov ben David ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.05.13)
That is a pure Anti Semitic statement. 42, 44, 45 are my postings. You cannot generalise the way you do. I don't think all Non-Jews are Anti-Semitic because of your posting.
55. #18
Harold ,   USA   (11.05.13)
A Russian Jewish Engineer immigrated from Israel to the US told me that 33 percent of the Soviet immigrants to Israel were not Jews and even not circumcised and many were circumcised just few days before boarding the plane to Israel.
56. I buy Israel whenever possible and
Barney ,   USA   (11.05.13)
Make them the recipient of my charitable giving. No better cause
57. #1 WTF are you on about...?
Ireland already has settlement markings, this is vandalism and racism by the BDS movement. Can you go into any store and vandalize products with whatever messages you want without the store or cops stoping you?
58. A very one sided picture ...
jimbob ,   belfast NI   (11.05.13)
The problem in Ireland is that we never hear any PRO Israeli news. The Irish like to see themselves as siding with the oppressed, so the real question should be how did the Jews of all people allow themselves to get identified as oppressors? And how in the name of common sense did Arab/Muslim parties come to represent freedom? Israel needs to take a long hard look at its image around the world and start to highlight the very real positives. By the way, the vitriolic and racist comments of some of your (presumably Jewish) readership does you no credit whatsoever. Substitute the word Jews for Irish and read your comments back folks. Then ask yourself if you are people anyone would do business with ...
59. I feel ashamed
Irishdude ,   Ireland   (11.05.13)
I feel ashamed to be Irish after reading this story, the organization are hypocrites they are motivated by anti-semitism at the end of the day they don't care about arab's they just use them as a pawn to bash Israel, you would never see sticker reading boycott turkey, Iran, china, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan, Russia etc in shops over here Please don't tar us all with the same brush many of us over here support Israel against those that want to destroy you
60. #49..the world is not fool..
Prosecco   (11.05.13)
Not sure regarding the world, quite sure about you. Goods produced on "Palestinian lands" give jobs to arabs. Those boycotts are against jews and in NO WAY support the case you mean. BDS label fruits, but not life saving drugs or PC components developed in Israel.
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