Hamas puts 'Israel Resistance' on Gaza schools curriculum
Published: 05.11.13, 20:18
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1. adds value to human rights studies
it's true. years from now people will study the organized child abuse brought forth by Hamas.
2. Building for the future
Chaim ,   Sweden   (11.05.13)
It is encouraging to see that Hamas is trying to build a future for their people by giving the children education. Really.
3. Israel resistance
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (11.05.13)
We can help the cause here in the West through a properly organized and enforced BDS program. Ireland shows the way through a well-organized boycott. We should emulate its people.
4. Hamas: A Voice For Hate
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.05.13)
Hamas COULD have said, "Let's give these children the best education DONOR money can buy." But no, instead they take every opportunity to promote hatred and jihad against Israel, condemning these children to a wasted life, just as wasted as the current crop of Hamas leaders. Hamas = losers. (Except Mashaal and Haneyeh, who live like princes, are fat from eating so well, wear $5,000 watches, drive fancy cars, and send their kids to England for school.) Now why do the idiots living in Gaza put up with them? Oh, I forgot. Hamas tends to throw people who disagree with them off of rooftops or shoots them in their knees.
5. Would the US let Mexico do this?
Dan   (11.05.13)
Gaza needs to be placed under new management, either Egyptian or Israeli.
6. Isn't this rather dangerous?
Mark ,   London   (11.06.13)
Is it wise for Hamas to teach young people about their human rights? Such as the right to change your religion from Muslim to Christian, the right to wear whatever you like etc etc. Might this not turn around to bite them, or will they just beat human rights out of those who don't agree with their repugnant philosophy?
7. Gaza, a factory of radical terrorists of the future
Airdrone pilot ,   World   (11.06.13)
The brainwashing of their children, the repression of shaaria laws, the culture of hatred, the corruption of its leaders, and the silence of the west, the stupitidy of UN supporting this enclave of idiots. Poor humanity moral levels. sic
8. Will postpone the peace in another 50 years
I   (11.06.13)
9. Replacement Theology
Ezra ,   San Diego   (11.06.13)
There's absolutely no reason to brainwash your kids against a nation which allows Arabs to coexist with other faiths, and nationalities.
10. new? news?
Larry ,   LA   (11.06.13)
what is perhaps more important is that the anti Israel thoughts are an important part of the religion of the Arabs and teaching in the Arabs schools is merely an extension of this perversion. Israel has made many mistakes in (non) administering the West Bank. One of the biggest was giving the Arabs total autonomy in education. Thanks to Israeli Leftists all Arabs whether in Gaza or in the West Bank grows up hating Israel as part of his education most of which was permitted by over Liberal Israeli idiots.
11. #3. Israel resistance : Bring it on
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (11.06.13)
BDS ? The world has much more to lose; China will not boycott. Canada will not boycott; America will not boycott. Ireland is a broken society, invaded by East Europeans, Africans, and other benefit hunters; The locals are emigrating in huge numbers. Catholics there have always been antisemitic Israel will not only survive, it will wean itself from aid and be the stronger for it; Israel is no South Africa. and hypocrisy of Tutu, Abu Mazen and Obama is there for all to see. Israel is moving an airforce to drones missiles and technologies you ain't heard of yet. So Get yourself behind BDS, eat some pig trotter stew, and choke on it. You are no pole but a deluded lefty
12. Good Morning Gaza...
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.06.13)
So whats on the Childrens School Time Table today? Murder, Hate, Racism, Intolerance, 'Resistance', Hamas History Lessons? And what is Mashaal doing today? On another Foreign Tour and Shopping Trip? (Just where oh where does he get his money from) And what is Zahar planning to do today? You've guessed it - Planning more misery for Gaza And what are UNWRA doing today? Trying very hard not to notice the Gaza School Curriculum What a mess ,
13. to #3 yet they send money to make
ghostq   (11.06.13)
stikers for the products, seems like the stikers worth more than buying the products. oh so wise... lol
14. I wonder... after the class: "how to become
ghostq   (11.06.13)
Shahids" they will get an A+ but zero graduates.
15. Like a mirror
Fleur ,   Belgium   (11.06.13)
of Israeli education... The only difference is that resistance is a right but occupation no.
16. # 15 - You have no idea
ChanahS ,   Israel   (11.06.13)
What Israeli education is all about. One thing is for sure - Israelis teach life while Hamas teaches death.
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