As talks flounder, US to give $75 million more in aid to Palestinians
Elior Levy
Published: 06.11.13, 14:32
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1. Lucky
It is lucky that America has so much extra money that Obama can pay Abbas $75 million so he'd agree to meet Kerry. Imagine how embarrasing it would be if Obama did not pay and Abbas refused to waste his time?
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.06.13)
3. right down the drain
alexi   (11.06.13)
obama is not a pacifist like carter and nows how to use the jackboot. His affinity to the moslem world is fine, that is his preference. But his looking the other way on erdogan, a cold blooded liar and bs artist, and abbas, antother lyer is something else and contradicts his narrative. That he finds bibi an ass is not a problem as I find him to be an ass kissing insecure guy who wants to do the right thing but has no inner confidence and is unable to say NO to kerry, and even no to abbas. He worries like outgoing amridor, another useless asskisser, that eu and usa will leave israel by itself. Well if they do, then israel will do its best and the west will be without its major security advance guard, so its a 2 way street. The reason bibi is the way he is, he was brought up with a silver spoon, much like lapid.
4. Another $75 million for the extortionists?
Rob Gard ,   USA   (11.06.13)
Let me see if I can understand this insanity. Abbas secures the release of dozens of convicted and imprisoned murderous terrorists in exchange for (temporarily) showing up at the "peace talks." He continues his bluster and threats and incitement, including a celebratory welcome home for the released murderers, while expressly threatening a third intifada if he walks away from the table. He then walks away from the table, and this clueless Administration awards his outrageous behavior and extortion with another $75 million. That's just NUTZ!!!
5. Uncle John gives Pals 75 million to shut them up
Sam ,   Canada   (11.06.13)
Uncle John teaches the Palestinians that all they have to do is have a temper tantrum and he will reward them with money.
6. For Pete;s sake US stop feeding the habit
Norbus ,   JERUSALEM   (11.06.13)
They have learned to be perpetual victims. 65 years on, and still holding on to the beggars bowl, refusing to settle Jordan is the place in accordance with International law; Our land which we reconquered is ours. Ashur would have hoarded them and marched them off to where they could not walk back. Agree with kings Abdallah to resettle them in Jordan with a suitable dowry
7. Obama's administration built on lies
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (11.06.13)
We can no more trust Obama than Haman. He threw us under a bus with the 1967 border over writing Israel's rights in International law as he would issue an executive order. His wife at Princeton supported PLO and he boasted he would destroy Israel He lied to Americans to legislate his signature Obamacare He messed up the middle east
8. "$75 million in aid to create Palestinian jobs and help them
A ,   Belgium   (11.06.13)
improve roads, schools and other infrastructure". In other words, more US taxpayers money to line the pockets of Abbas and the other thieves. Why would "palestinians" need money for infrastructure for a country that doesn't exist? Or maybe they need more schoolbooks ignoring the state of Israel and preaching hatred. In any case, I'm sure all of the U.S. (and polak) talkbackers here who are so eager to criticize Israel for everything and anything, that they will be simply outraged at this indecent waste of their tax money...if they can arouse themselves from their lethargy.
9. Paletinian-Israeli peace
henry ,   manila   (11.06.13)
Abbas will be assassinated even before his signature dries up on a peace deal with Israel and he knows that. The hard lesson that was Anwar Sadat is never lost on Muslim leaders in and around the ME. US leaders do not know this or are stupid enough to accept this fact of life among Muslim leaders in the ME. Nothing is gonna come out of Kerry's efforts and money.
10. Should last them a few months!!!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (11.06.13)
11. As an American tax payer this is appalling
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (11.06.13)
but, even worse is allowing obama, the pals, saudi's, or any muslim any of Israel's land, it is not obamas or kerry's to give. KEEP THE LAND AND BUILD BABY BUILD !!!!!
12. 75 millions for few hours of negotiations
good money   (11.06.13)
Abbas just did a 75 millions in return for few more hours of sitting and talking with Israeli negotiators without compromising on anything when negotiating with them. 75 millions for few hours of work - certainly a high productivity
13. Continue "talks", go to ICJ on war reparations, settlements.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.06.13)
14. A sick administration in the White House
Norbus ,   JERUSALEM   (11.06.13)
Obama has ridden roughshod over the American constitution, lied on Obama's signature legislation to get it through, lied about Benghazi, with list of horrors too long to reel off here, Obama's administration considers settlement illegal on the Land of Israel . Tough . Obama Kerry and the cowboys in the White House can't over ride international law as if it were the US Constitution I say never again, so never rely for our security to the hands of another country..
15. Go Home Kerry ; Your threats do not hold
16. Obamacare unravelling : A legacy is needed
Tough luck Obama. Machinations have failed. Obama ain't getting a legacy at cost of second Holocaust.
17. Extortion!!! Give me more money or else...!!!
Hermon Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.06.13)
And some attempt to tell us that Palestine, Inc. is not the best business in town....., although, of course, it is managed as a Mafia type enterprise...!!
18. Aid for incitation,terrorism and corruption
dovdevan ,   ashdod,paris   (11.06.13)
that's what PA represent a gang of corrupted people ! they don't want to recognyze israel as the jewish people state they glorifie terrorism by giving them money or give their street a terrorist name that's what american money is aimed for
19. Hard Choice
Harvey ,   London   (11.06.13)
How to spend 75 million bucks . Third Intifada or PA slush funds / Swiss bank accounts ?
20. The USA "Settlements are and have always been illegitimate"
IESKY ,   KY israel   (11.06.13)
If this is the US view, then the US cannot possibly be considered an honest broker in these peace talks. There is plenty of literature and legal opinions stating otherwise - disputed territory, yes, illegitimate??? Never!!. Perhaps its time to test this issue in a truly objective international court - Shamgar et al vs. the rest... Only problem remains that there are no truly objective courts anywhere.
21. Benassi : Israelis are wetting their pants
scared from your threats; Surprised your computer has not been hacked to confirm you are a Palestinian
22. #13 Not mine
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.06.13)
23. shakedown experts
david ,   new york   (11.06.13)
palestinians agree to meet so israel must empty the prisions of palestinian terrorists. the palestinians break off the talks so the US must give them $75 million to prevent them from launching another intifada. hamas gets billions from europe and arabs to keep them from killing too many people at once. no one has to actually work there, they make far too much money through terrorism
24. As an American ...
Ashley ,   US   (11.06.13)
I am an American citizen and I am disgusted that even a cent of my tax money would be given to Palestinians. I know the truth and how they terrorize Israelis. If there is a petition or anything else that can prevent this, let me know!!!!
25. #4 dont worry, it will never reach them.
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (11.06.13)
It will go straight into Abbas's Swiss Bank account
26. #21 Secular Humanist, Democrat, Irish Italian Catholic, Free
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.06.13)
#22 not mine.
27. evidence
DavidR ,   USA   (11.06.13)
One poster stated that the "Administration is clueless." Not so fast! They are NOT clueless, this is their plan from the beginning. Shouldn't the US be neutral in this? Of course they should. So, where is Israel's 75 million? I rue the day that I was born American! I am so ashamed and angry! I am totally disgusted by this government! The US citizens must revolt and get rid of this laughable excuse for a government and get back to the Constitution.
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.07.13)
Bibi has the best answer. he builds and laughs at Abbas stupid requests. He freed bunch of idiots and got paid for it too. Is Kerry stupid or what? If peace is made then the prisoners will be released. What difference 26 prisoners make to the future of so called Palestine if you don't agree to have peace?
29. submit or resist
Aymen ,   usa   (11.07.13)
Their is no peace and unfortunately their will be no peace as Israels government and people alike show no desire for it and continue to live in a Bubble. Unfortunately for the Palestinian population they have one of two option submit or resist and the Israeli population is to blame for forcing the Palestinian population to choose so now is the time people submit or resist????????????????????
30. #20 ONLY Israel argues that the
On the Balcony   (11.07.13)
the settlements are legal. The world's nations and the organizations established to determine and apply international law, have been condemning the settlements for over 40 years.
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