Kerry urges Israeli settlement limits
Published: 06.11.13, 17:53
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1. Kerry seems to be lowering his expectations
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.06.13)
Let's face it, they were unrealistic anyway.
2. So what is the difference in views of teh US and Pals?
IESKY ,   KY Israel   (11.06.13)
il·le·git·i·mate ( l -j t -m t). adj. 1. Against the law; illegal. 2. Born out of wedlock. 3. Grammar Not in correct usage. 4. Incorrectly deduced; illogical. USA - Honest broker?? Don't know whether to laugh or cry!!!
3. and you return new mexico, calif to mexico and indian lands
ralph   (11.06.13)
lead by example until then shut up.
4. With friends like these...
yona ,   tlv   (11.06.13)
just amazing how the usa is going against israel all headed by obama, not that its a surprise but still seeing it is terrible. A man with the name hussain will never do anything to empower israel, thats a guarantee
5. Legitimate
Robyn ,   Montreal   (11.06.13)
Building homes is illegitimate but releasing Arab murderers is legitimate?Obama is increasing the pressure. He is linking Iran with the (un)peace talks. Israel must NOT buckle under.
6. What a crock? So, D.C is illegitimate?
Benny ,   IRAN   (11.06.13)
Kerry is babbling the same sneaky innuendo that Obama started. Barack Hussein's Islamic side doesnt allow him to think Israel and all its settlements are totally legal. San Remo 1920, 51 countries,voted that 75% of what is now Jordan belongs to the Jewish Nation. The Brits stole Jewish land & gave it to Jordan.Hello???? Is Kerry a parrot sent on an incitement mission or will he tell it like it is.
7. Obama, Kerry and Clinton
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (11.06.13)
Let them all go to hell! They are enemies of Israel and should be treated as enemies. Take a look at Egypt and what they've done turning to Russia, can you imagine Obama's dispair if he is kicked out of israel?
8. Remember the one word answer the great
A ,   Belgium   (11.06.13)
PM Shamir gave to Daddy Bush when "advised" to stop building "settlements"...NO. Practice saying it Bibi, it gets easy after awhile, especially with the incompetents in D.C.
9. We considere California as settlements. It belongs to Mexico
11. Kerry the friend of palestinian terrorists
12. Kerry the far-leftist should read the Bible.
Judea and Shomron are OURS !
13. Kerry refused to meet the relatives of terror victims
Shame on this US government !
14. Kerry "urges"
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.06.13)
In dealing with people like Netanyahu, "urging" is like water off a duck's back
15. Kerry: Settlements are illegal
harold ,   USA   (11.06.13)
Few months left for the peace negotiation show. I predict a final Palestinian State borders will be delivered to both parties and the Middle East conflict ends. All settlers who stay inside the Palestinian border will be counted Palestinain Jews
16. It seems nobody like the naked truth!!
Ali ,   Ramallah   (11.06.13)
17. Avraham #7
yosef, phd ,   florida-israel   (11.06.13)
Yishar Koach, Nachmias - but not a chance: the Israeli "government" is cowardly and is still acting out of GALUT mentality (what will the goyim say?!) . Therefore the unimaginable showdown w/ the enemies of the Jewish state is only a matter of time...
18. US Can't even keep their doors open
Naftali ,   Modiin   (11.06.13)
The US can't even run its own country every few months they talk about a shutdown they need to focus on their problems before giving out advice and opinions. Putin is now most powerful man in the world, every great empire has fallen usually due to ego I am said to say that the end is near for the US this is a very scary time.
19. Illegitimate vs. illegal
albert snow ,   sweden   (11.06.13)
Illegal is it when it´s against the law. Illegitmate is it when it´s viewed as morally wrong but not illegal against any law. But fact is settlement buildings in area C is not illegal or illegitimate. It´s the legal right Israel got according to the Oslo treaty.
20. Broken record on settlements won't change anything
Sam ,   Canada   (11.06.13)
The UN,US,EU broken record on settlements won't change anything. All 3 groups agree that peace includes a Jewish Israel. They should repeat that over and over to the Palestinians. The Palestinians are just using them for money and to try to get them to boycott Israel to death. It looks like sucking up to the Palestinians is more important than pressuring them to make peace.
21. Which are settlements and what are not?
michael redbourn ,   Lisbon Portugal   (11.06.13)
22. Israel does not have "illegitimate" settlements
CJK   (11.06.13)
the president of the united states cannot determine where to sovereign jewish state of Israel can build housing. the territory between the jordan river and the armistice lines is disputed. the dispute can be resolved exclusively between israel and the arab party. no foreign, third party actor of any kind can unilaterally determine the borders of the sovereign jewish state of israel.
23. #6 Benny.....Amen, Amen, Amen!
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (11.06.13)
My thoughts exactly......
24. Kerry wants more compromises
Gary ,   Cape Town   (11.06.13)
Kerry asks the state of israel to limit settlement building as yet another compromise for peace. First it is the release of murderers that is required to begin peace talks, now it is to limit building for peace talks to continue .... What are the compromises demanded of the Palestinians ? I thought both sides want peace and now only one side is required to make all concessions for peace to work ... Incitement continues, threats continue, all demands continue .... What is the compromise here ?
25. to 15
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (11.06.13)
Keep on dreaming...Israel takes no orders from anyone...Negotiating: yes...But for that, We need a partner...Borders are made, only to be violated...Who knows it, better, then you, "harold" ?
26. Just say no and send him home...
aharon ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.06.13)'s our country, and we will build where and when we like just as they do in his country.
27. The occupiers are the Pals/ Period!
Harry ,   Iraq   (11.07.13)
Kerry should not utter nonsense by trying to implant the Islamic leaning Barack Hussein's mantra that settlements are illegal. In San Remo, 51 countries, including the US, which voted overwhelmingly, by both Houses of Congress, in favor of granting the Jewish people all the land between the Jordan River and the sea, including Jerusalem. It was declared part of the Jewish National Home, based on the Jewish people's historic rights. On the same grounds, the Golan[1] and Transjordan too were within the National Home. The Arabs were given the lion's share, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. The "little dot" Israel is rightfully settling in its land . The only illegal occupiers are the Arabs who fought several wars trying to drown the Jews into the Sea in vain.Kerry, don't be Hussein;s stooge. The Law, God, and 2 Houses of Congress have already voted Yes to Israel. Not in favor of any terrorist Palestinians, declaring "Intifida" daily. The charade has to stop. The US GOVT is not Obama & kerry.
28. Ali Ramallah
Mahmood Abbass ,   Ramallah   (11.07.13)
Shame on you Ya Kafer !!!! What is written in the Holy Quran. Israel belong to the Jews. Read the Quran Ya Kafer
29. # 4 Yona From what you have written
Stan ,   Israel   (11.07.13)
someone who just landed here from another planet would think that ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS OF the USA had supported Israel's occupation of Yosh. You know as well as all of us that the policy of BHO is no different from that of Bush jnr, Bush snr. Reagan, Nixon and all the others since 1967. PS Note that I did not use any insulting adjectives to describe you as is usually done by those who disagree with me.
30. # 3 ralph, the difference is
Stan ,   Israel   (11.07.13)
that nobody at the UN agrees with you, but all the states at the UN including all Israel's friends demand that we end the occupation and withdraw from J + S. It's time to be pragmatic. Israel's security will be as good as it is today, while economically and politically we will be much stronger.
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