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Report: US offers Iran deal allowing uranium enrichment
Published: 07.11.13, 23:12
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1. Obama is letting Iran keep its nuclear weapons program
CJK   (11.08.13)
obama's sole goal has been to prevent a military strike on iran by any means. hence he will accept any deal with iran short of an open declaration by iran that it will produce nuclear weapons.
2. Meanwhile Congress says it will increase sancitons.
michael redbourn ,   Lisbon Portugal   (11.08.13)
Congress announced today that it's going to impose stiffer sanctions and not wait for the outcome of the present negotiations. So how does that work? If you know then please post.
3. Apologies to Israel
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (11.08.13)
I'm sorry Israel. I didn't vote for the guy. I'll call my senators tomorrow to express my dissatisfaction.
4. The sanctions regime is truly busted
John   (11.08.13)
Now that US has eased the sanctions every other country will be breaking sanctions covertly and many countries will have no moral inhibitions about resuming trading with Iran . The sanctions regime is shot through and ineffective from now on. One year or even six months on there will be no real reversal of Iran's Nuclear program just a veneer of slow down and the retained capability to break out at will. This is yet another classic example of poor international leadership by the EU and the US which is likely to leave the Middle East in all its conflicts floundering and rudderless. Its astounding how lots of smiles and bluff can really trick the senior diplomats and politicians.
5. delivery from Pakistan for Saudi Arabia
ben ,   toronto   (11.08.13)
Care of American President Barrack Obama.
6. New Chamberlains are in making
Anshel ,   Canada   (11.08.13)
In 1938 it was Czechoslovakia and in 2013 Israel is being offered as price for peace for all times...History is repeating...thank you 70% of misguided American Jews...
7. Gringos will always betray you
Jorge   (11.08.13)
either going forward, or walking backward
8. CJK 1
Stephen in New York   (11.08.13)
Continuing enrichment guarantees an Iranian nuclear weapon, which guarantees war.
9. isral vs iran
gene , york   (11.08.13)
Check and mate. Once the deal is signed the window of strike by israel closes.
10. Munich would be a more appropriate venue for these talks
11. If a leader were in charge....
Ezra ,   San Diego   (11.08.13)
He would get the CIA to help overthrow the Muslim dictatorship in EEE-Ran, and give the Persians back their country. If King Cyrus could see this, he'd wage war against the Muslims and drive them out. Instead we (the US) have nothing but bureaucratic apathy, and a dollar with nothing to back it.
12. A similar agreement was made with N. Korea
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (11.08.13)
We all know how that turned out.
13. #2 - some reality for you
spyguy ,   seattle   (11.08.13)
Congress can pass all the laws they want, but the President can also veto them, then the congress has to find 291 house votes and 67 senate votes to over-ride. While they may be able to do that, the resulting law would be meaningless because the US has frozen all Iranian assets in the US and has stopped all trade since 1979. Congress could also try to "demand" other countries do as the US "commands" and most of the other countries on earth will simply tell the US to shut up and go away. If the US tries to use economic force, China will successfully get the US dollar removed as the reserve currency and the dollar will drop like a lead balloon through the floor, devastating the US economically. In opther words, the US congress has absolutely ZERO power.
14. Our Apologies
John ,   NY USA   (11.08.13)
As a citizen of the United States, I would like to apologize to the people of Israel, for the ineptitude of our current government. I am a Catholic and live in New York. Contacting my Senators is a waste of time. The Obama administration is primarily composed of people that have lived off the hard work of others and don't even understand the threat of a business failure. Let alone the threat of attack of one's country and radical Islam. We do not have a foreign policy with a vision. It is a reactive foreign policy, lead by a narcissistic president, that thinks he is the smartest man in the world. Again my apologies and my prayers will be for the safety of Israel.
15. 8 Stephen NY
CJK   (11.08.13)
I have been telling you this for at least two years. unfortunately, I was right all along. shabbat shalom
16. 8 Stephen NY, post script
CJK   (11.08.13)
what is happening to some people on the other website is purposefully allowed by them.
17. Warm fuzzies
Barak ,   TA   (11.09.13)
When I see a picture of one of the last people to commit genocide against us sitting next to one of the people trying todo it now, it gives me warm fuzzies to know that the latter will soon cease to exist.
18. CJK 15- Yes, you were right all along.
Stephen in New York   (11.10.13)
I admit that I failed to understand that he's partial to the Muslim Brotherhood and others hostile to the West.
19. CJK 16
Stephen in New York   (11.10.13)
Oh. Ordinarily I'd be interested in that, but too much going on.
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