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George W. Bush to raise money for group that converts Jews to Christianity
Published: 07.11.13, 23:56
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1. !! Wrong Move
Ovadiah ben Avraham ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.08.13)
That's just flat-out wrong. Hope someone in his staff fixes this and cancels. George Bush does not belong in the same category with Glenn Beck.
2. What's wrong with Jews as they are ?
Roland ,   London England   (11.08.13)
3. That man in the 'old testament'
ahad haamoratsim ,   usa   (11.08.13)
You mean in Devarim (excuse me, Deut.) 13:1 - 6? "f a prophet or a dreamer of dreams arises among you and gives you a sign or a wonder, " etc.? I thought most missionaries prefer to skip those verses.
4. As according to Jeremias prophesies -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.08.13)
- HASHEM will make a new covenant with the Israelo people, since the Israelis broke the Old One. I Quote - an express effort to convert Jews and not to accept the validity of the Jewish covenant. Comment - What remains of the Old Covenant is the Promises of HASHEM which can never fail but, the Israelis themselves has no Pesronal Relationship with HASHEM any longer, a Relationship which can only be restored by Elijah, the Prophet to come. Arn.Sweden.
5. Israel should start "Bnai Noah" outreach to Christians
Moshe ,   Burning Bush, OK   (11.08.13)
to help "save" them...
6. Practical joke called for:
shrinkDave ,   MiamiUsa   (11.08.13)
I think it would mess with the Muslims if all Israeli Jews converted to Christianity! Totally confused, they would be. But they already are, so cancel this comment.
7. Our "Friends"
Perverse   (11.08.13)
This is from the man who declared, when Governor, that Jesus Day be celebrated in Texas. When will the right learn that the Christian right ain't our friends.
8. No Pork Chops though
Zechariah   (11.08.13)
Messianic Jews in favour of Greater Israel from the Sea to the River with civil rights for Palestinians that can live in peace with the Jews are good but I think a Noachide conversion is better tho not as charismatic as we learned from the Lubovitcher Rebbe.Don't believe in boiling live lobsters I hope the Messianics agree.
9. Here's a suggestion. Go convert someone else.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (11.08.13)
Once, just once, I'd like to seem them "choose" someone else as a target of their faith efforts. Hey, there's a pool of 1.3 Billion Muslims. Go try to convert them and leave us the hell alone.
10. Bush should help converting Muslims
11. #2:I suspect a huge amount of envy, both of the spiritual
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.08.13)
realm as well as material one. This has been going on for ages and will continue. Deep in their hearts, the Christians suspect, that Jews might hold onto the True Truth. I am speaking as a die-hard secularist, of course :-)
12. Bush
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.08.13)
Netanyahu and AIPAC's darling president
13. UGH
Simcha ,   NYC USA   (11.08.13)
He must be back on the sauce. Ari Fleisher must be so proud.
14. Note to writer and others...
Jordan Ariel ,   USA   (11.08.13)
"Jesus" being Jewish and all, and his original followers being Jewish and all... and only later were gentiles "grafted in." It was a Jewish thing (most may find it to be a heretical Jewish thing) before it was a Christian/Catholic thing. You dont have to agree with it, you have every right to be offended and angry about it... but the Messianics (the ones who are actually Jewish) are Jewish like the rest of us. They believe the Jewish Messiah already came, while the majority of everyone else either disagrees or just doesnt care.
15. Messianic "Jews" (Christians) are dangerous
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (11.08.13)
They are deceptive in the way they pose as Jews & they are the most fanatical Christian sect.
16. this is hard to beleive
arne ,   chicago usa   (11.08.13)
W. has been a long and good friend of Israel and the Jewish people. He's had a number of them in his cabinet. Maybe they got the wrong one in this article, it might be his father which I can understand. I hope I'm right, I'm a fan of W, at least I was anyway.
17. If you believe in freedom of religion...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.08.13) have to accept the fact that some people's religion say they must proselytize. In other words Christians and Muslims think it is a "mitzvah" for them to get converts to join them. How do you think you can legislate or control private conversation and still call yourself a free democratic state at the same time? FYI, Jews use to proselytize too back in the day until Romans, Christians and Muslims threatened to kill or actually killed them for doing so. Hence we are so few while they are in the billions. If the Jewish community was smart they would welcome the challenge and turn the tides. I personally love talking to missionaries from all types of religions, I often send them home with lots of homework and I have yet to have one to return but that's just me ;^) Something also has to be said if your kids don't like the faith they grew up with or if they're not knowledgeable enough to resist silver tongued missionaries, both are easy targets and that is your fault not the missionaries. Even better though, maybe if everyone would "Imagine" like John Lennon, the world will live as one.
18. #2 What's wrong with ALL of us?
Johannes ,   Norway   (11.08.13)
Pavlov's/Shaul's letter to the Romans 3:23: "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Messiah Yeshua. 25 God presented Messiah as a sacrifice of atonement, through the shedding of his blood—to be received by faith." Bible believing Christians are expecting his imminent RETURN; Jews his COMING in glory following their calling on him (Baruch Haba B'Shem Adonai). These events are separated by "Jacob's trouble"/the Tribulation! As Josef in Egypt caused every man to go out from him when he made himself known unto his brethren; the "church" has been raptured at this stage. Only now Messianic "times of refreshing" are coming.
19. Who cares ?
Avner ,   Tel aviv   (11.08.13)
If people wanted to convert, it's their free choice. If Bush believes in missionary activity, that is his business. And if you disagree with it, then ignore it.
20. So what? He's a devout Christian.
Jake ,   USA   (11.08.13)
I am a Jewish supporter of George W Bush and this doesn't bother me. After all he IS a Christian so naturally he would support the idea of converting others to Christianity. This article sounds like a cheap attempt to discredit one of the greatest allies Israel has ever had.
21. Bush thinks it's cool to study Torah
Ezra ,   San Diego   (11.08.13)
He's fascinated with tzitzit, talliet,...etc. He's always been attracted to the exotic and different. Some bad news for christians: When Matthew wrote about J.C. "I cannot return unless YOU (the Jews) say I am the messiah." That ment no second coming folks! Cause all the Jews won't convert. Consolation prize = the church owns property in Eretz Israel (for the moment). Stay Happy :)
22. Most "Messianic Jews" are non-Jews who effect Jewish rituals
Scott ,   USA   (11.08.13)
23. I'd say his market was cornered what, 6000 years ago?
Miron ,   USA   (11.08.13)
Speaking of the Wall street...
24. Isaiah 53 a scripture ignored
Galut ia ,   Selah   (11.08.13)
present in the Isaiah scroll dated aprox 150 BC
25. This is what Jews must expect in U.S.
ComeHomeUSJews ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.08.13)
Having grown up in 50's America I can say that in regards to the attempt to denigrate Judaism and promote Christianity among Jews nothing has changed in fact it has gotten even worse there and American Jews will be constantly faced with this demeaning insult to their faith it will not change. The answer is obvious a stronger Jewish education for the Jewish youth there accessible to all regardless of financial status and the obvious aliah to Israel . Tensions will only continue to grow there between Jew and Missionary Christianity as they refuse to acknowledge the gross insult it brings however on the other hand as a Rabbi once said " G-d created Mormon missionaries so that Christians would know how Jews feel when they the Christians try to missionize them" One can only imagine what would happened if Jews had a multi million dollar organization dedicated to converting Christians.... Not to worry the few Jews they will convert will cost them millions and millions of dollars and will basically be as it has been in the past psychologicaly damaged people with little or no Jewish education or background or even halachically Jewish with only some very distant Jewish great great ancestor & many such will as in the past capitalize on this financially i.e. scoundrels
26. Bush is absolutely correct I told you tb ers before
Milk D ,   East Coast/USA   (11.08.13)
be careful about letting the American people know what your true beliefs are in reference to your religion. DONT mistake the American govts. support for Israel and the American peoples support for Israel. They are not the same, one has to do with money and that's a fact can you guess which supports Israel for which reason? Keep spouting about what Jews believe....I can guarantee that's the fastest way to lose our support here at home. The USA is a CHRISTIAN nation. PERIOD. Hashem? Torah? no such thing!!! Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and his word is professed in the BIBLE...don't ever mistake our what the majority of Americans believe..we are tolerant but not on this SUBJECT and don't forget our population is 375 million..END OF discussion.
27. mr.G.W.Bush
nihom ,   Israel   (11.08.13)
The ex president should keep off his hand to financiially support groups. trying to convert Jews to become Christians The Jewish religion is not only the oldest one but also the best one.
28. #19 you don´t care ?
DianaK ,   Germany   (11.08.13)
1. If you don´t care why do you read this article ? 2. burying your head in the sand, is a sign of weakness , resignation , apathy and depression. 3. for many centuries people tried to change our jewish Character even by force and destruction , they killed 6 millions of us and for this REASON ! I CARE!!!!!!!!
29. This is a call for the Jews to make Aliyah
Come Home   (11.08.13)
30. bush said at the white house,"jews don't go to heaven."
debra ,   usa   (11.08.13)
this jews for jesus stuff by bush is no suprise. he said the above quote soon after he was first elected president. i saw him say it on tv and almost fell out of my chair in shock. i knew at that moment, he would never bomb iran's nuke sites to save israel.
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