Iranian simulation: Missiles on Ben Gurion
Published: 08.11.13, 10:15
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1. Please watch "Enter the Dragon"
Israeli 2   (11.08.13)
When his opponent broke a piece of wood in front of Bruce Lee in order to impress him, Bruce Lee simply said: "Wood don't fight back." Great Classical example here. These Iranians are not even good at their simulators. I truly feel bad for them.
2. Inferior Shia dictatorship graphics
Dmitry ,   Israel   (11.08.13)
How Iran can expect to defeat Israeli graphic artists with that awful movie, I'll never know.
3. Iran is looking for Troubble !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.08.13)
They will get it !. Arn.Sweden.
4. *You are not alone* - Obama
Raoul ,   Herzliya Israel   (11.08.13)
If those words meant anything at all, Obama and his administration would be quick in condemning such on-a-grand scale incitement as this instead of suggesting lifting Iranian sanctions. Surely!!
5. I was watching yesterday an documentary of Israeli
Miron ,   USA   (11.08.13)
bombs falling on Damaskus... You are not only alone. You are in deep trouble. Self made one.
6. that is a CASUS BELLI ! What are we waiting for to strike ?
7. The world is not blind. The world wishes this scenario
8. we are alone now ! Then we have to fight alone and right now
Frederic   (11.08.13)
9. Iran,2 thousand years of civilization destroyed in 30
Dave de la rond ,   La Paz, Bolivia   (11.08.13)
When a bottle of Tylenol costs 43 dollars in Tabriz ,an apartment in once wealthy north Tehran goes from 500 thousand to 50 thousand and the money traders in Dubai trade the Rial for 41,000 to one dollar,down from 53,no wonder the Ayatollahs and their Gang of evil Zombies are panicking and looking for Scape goats.
10. to 1 : NEVER underestimate Iran and Bruce Lee is dead...
11. Iranian video artists
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (11.08.13)
What do you think, will happen to your country if you're stupid enough to attack Ben Gurion Airport etc.?
12. How many times has
Holy Warrior ,   UK   (11.08.13)
israel simulated an attack of Iran? The fact is, israel is isolated, bibi is crying and Iran is sitting proud. A new alliance is being forged which sidelines israel.
13. It's all right: how many movies has Hollywood made, to look
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.08.13)
like US has won the Vietnam war...? :-)
14. the shia terror entity's days are numbered
CJK   (11.08.13)
the lunatic ayatollahs think that catching the big prize obama will protect them from israel's wrath. they have awakened an ancient people's ancient fighting spirit. now is the start of the beginning of the end.
15. Through out history when push
Barney ,   USA   (11.08.13)
Comes to shove the Jews have been on their own. This is why they are smart and have strength or else wouldn't be here. If I had to guess Iran will never get the chance to launch anything and if they do most likely Israel will resort to non conventional arms
16. Never under estimate Israel.
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (11.08.13)
She is the only nation to bomb to hell two former Muslim states nuclear facilities, Iraq and Syria. They say the "The third time's the charm', G-d knows Israel is not only charmed and more than that, blessed. If, and when, Israel does decide to remove Iran's nuclear facilities, it's adios to these fat mouthed puffed up girlies and time to die. Talk is cheap, war is expensive and ALWAYS won by Israel. Thank G-d. BUILDING LIKE POSSESSED.!!
17. It's no coincidence
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington, D.C.   (11.08.13)
It's no coincidence that Kerry physically resembles and acts like Neville Chamberlain. He's selling Israel down the river.
18. It would be nice to
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.08.13)
Show to the Iranians the Israeli simulation response. Showing them just a slight diffrence in our tech.
19. The filmed produced by obama...
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (11.08.13)
Nothing like a 'lights, camera, action' moment staged on behalf of obama. Only idiots would support an easing of any sanctions against these insane 'death wish' Iranian mullahs. A shame obama wasn't taught about Iran's kidnapping of our US citizens.... Frankly, he doesn't know much... Take his signature "Health Care' law... Please!! ANSWER TO obama. NUTS TO YOU, I'M BUILDING, I'M A JEW!!!!
20. This is stupid
Big Jim ,   Anyplace USA   (11.08.13)
They can't even get a computer simulation correct . It looks like they are using ICBM. Isreal will destroy Iran . Plan and simple .
21. Why the UK & Europe is in decline...
Holier Warrior ,   UK   (11.08.13)
Israel was isolated in 1948, 1967, et al; The world did nothing - This is a reflection of 1) The world's reluctance to get involved; 2) Hatred of the Jews (eg. France's decision not to arm Israel as Israel was being attacked for arms Israel had payed for "in order to show neutrality", but really to watch Israel disappear). Sorry, but Warriors like YOU have been disappointed many timed before. Jews were expelled from England in 1290 - bet we were ISOLATED then too, huh? DAMN, we just DON'T let them kill us! How thoughtless of us!
22. #10 - but he kicked as while alive....
William ,   Israel   (11.08.13)
and Iran only has computer simulations. They couldn't even build a decent drone, and had to steal photos of a Japanese University student project.
23. Israel beats Iran! Hands down.
Kolboynik ,   Indiana   (11.08.13)
Primitive Iranians cant even put a film together. They are sloppy, disorganized and wild. They are their own worst enemies.
24. Iran has to simulate it....
William ,   Israel   (11.08.13)
because they have zero chance of doing it in real life. The could use the pretend drones they claim to have, but turned out to be a Japanese University student project.
25. #12 - if I look at everything happening in Iran today
William ,   Israel   (11.08.13)
and fresh new sanctions heading through the US congress, and pressure on Iran to give MUCH more....I wouldn't think Iran is sitting proud. They're giving oil away for free to India just to keep it flowing. An act of a proud nation? Israel is hardly isolated and Bibi's concerns are definitely mirrored by many global diplomats and IAEA officials who see limited enrichment as giving Iran a chance to build a bomb. The negotiations aren't even over but they will be tough for Iran.
26. I suspect this is a sign of desperation by the Mullahs
William ,   Israel   (11.08.13)
First, it shows a real fear is brewing in Tehran if these negotiations on their nuke program doesn't bode well. Second, it placates the hardline Islamists while Rouhani and Co. negotiate with the West on their illegal nuke program.
27. #17 - really? I thought he was busy selling the US out
William ,   Israel   (11.08.13)
Between Kerry and Obama, they're going to need chiropractic help from bowing to the Muslims so often.
28. #18 - right. a 20 second film....
William ,   Israel   (11.08.13)
one intensely bright flash, then cars, trains, everything stops dead. No people are seen. Silence.
29. The clowns won't even know what hit 'em let alone retaliate
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.08.13)
30. LOL Sitting proud LOL Begging for sanction relief?
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (11.08.13)
Isolated Israel can bomb Iran into the ozone any time she chooses. You poor suckers can't stop murdering other muslims and thinking it's somehow noble or worse, allah's will. Enjoy what little time you have left, Iran, the time keeper to your future or none at all is Israel. And, to think that Israel's still BUILDING AND MORE BUILDING BABY !!!! WHY? CAUSE THE JEWS ARE COMING HOME !!!
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