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Rohani says nuclear rights are 'red lines'
Published: 10.11.13, 09:18
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1. End of the Charme offensive?
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.10.13)
I dearly hope that the stupid West will not bow to the crooked interests of Hussein and his slave Johnny in the WH!
2. Iran and the free world
E1   (11.10.13)
Does Iran have a military nuclear program?! I am very surprised! In 2003 they had no nuclear program, at all! How comes that they have now a military nuclear program?! And about what are the negotiations now? If they will be allowed to get the bomb in a week, or two weeks? Or about the procedure how to notify us that they already got the bomb?!
3. #2: In answer to your question.
Israeli 2   (11.10.13)
The USA, Russia and China are going to give them the bomb, nuclear warheads and everything necessary to destroy Israel.
4. An appreciation note to #1
Avi ,   Israel   (11.10.13)
You have put it so well, Mira, that I have nothing to add. Thanks.
5. Bibi the booboo hobnobbed with the goyim for years
Yanni   (11.10.13)
With ZERO results. He could have expended his energies improving life for Israelis, but no he was hobnobbing with the timewasters and hypocrites. Israel gained nothing from all this, except a big turd on a dish from Pharaoh Hussein.
6. #3 Israeli 2
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (11.10.13)
Ever heard of the term "Samson Option"? Maybe with the help of USA, Russia, and China, Iran will be able to destroy Israel. But all these countries will be destroyed also.
7. Kerry said the same about Israel-PA negotiations..
Lisbon Portugal ,   Lisbon Portugal   (11.10.13)
It's sad to have such a naïve Secretary of State :-( And he screwed up so badly on TV that Israel no longer considers him an "honest broker".
8. Mullah Hassan trying to save face after collapse of talks!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (11.10.13)
The mullahs will not give up nukes unless they are forced one way or another!
9. No bowing head to any authority but Allah. And, this is fine
Hermon Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.10.13)
with B.H.Obama, the Appeaser-in-Chief of Islamism.
10. This is notObama red line
Ali Fahhad Jassim ,   Kuwait   (11.10.13)
The Iranian president realizes the weakness in the Westren camp , he thinks it is a strategic opportunity to press ahead . They Iranias are aware of their weaknesses including the trap in syria if utilized smartly by others to bleed Iran . but he thinks the opportunity is worth trying , the red line herring is part of the Game , but it can be like Obama red line too ?
11. Yes #6...but...
Israeli 2   (11.10.13)
I am concerned for Samson, not them Philistines. There is only 1 Samson. I wonder what Israel is really up to. It must be something real big.
12. The sanctions must be strengthened
Conroy ,   Toronto   (11.10.13)
Putting aside the facade that the parties have made progress, the Iranian President declared his country will not stop enriching uranium and never will. That's what it all comes down to folks. So in essence NO progress of any significance has been made. Ergo, keep the sanctions against Iran. And strengthen them.
13. #11 Israeli 2
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (11.10.13)
I suppose it will be something like "The Bahrain Protocol". Saudi Arabia and the other GCC member aren't that excited abouth the Great Pretender in the White House is doing.
14. # 10. This is notObama red line
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (11.10.13)
Abu Hussein Obama is not his own man, never has been a real man ; A puppet who gives a good acting performance Puppeteers Samantha Powers, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice have their hands up his skirt, hence you can never see clear logic in his decisions usually a compromise cocktail Khamenei is very ill; He has been talking to Obama via Valerie for over a year. He dare not leave things at breaking point should he die. Iran is as weak as they dare let it get to , and if the Gulf Emirates, Saudi, Israel and to a lesser extent Egypt as it has its hands full , continue to press Obama not to surrender the choke before the Iranians pay the real asked for 6 times by the UNSC , and then Israel proves Iran can enrich 20% direct to 95% with super centrifuges there is a chance the West will overrule Obama who is dying to surrender , for a legacy, to be forced to act properly
15. Avi & Albrecht
Larry ,   Israel   (11.10.13)
Yes. It seems that Obama has managed to create an Israeli-Arab tactical alliance, over the bedrock of enduring Arab hostility to Israel. The Saudis have had enough of the pro-Ikhwan policies. I suppose a value of these talks is that the nuclear program is unmasked. Anyone really believe that Iran is negotiating to protect peaceful nuclear energy? It's more of a 'don't bother us, Israel's destruction is not our issue' for many around the world. So be it. I guess many experts underestimate the Israeli military abilities vis a vis the IRI.
16. the shia terror regime is under numerous Chapter VII UNSC'R
CJK   (11.10.13)
the shia terror regime must understand that rights can be exercised only if the attendant obligations are fulfilled. the shia terror regime decided by its own free will to start a secret nuclear program which later became a secret nuclear weapons program. at present, the shia terror regime has basically all of the components to assemble nuclear weapons and has the ballistic missiles by which to deliver them. the shia terror regime will be prevented by whatever mean available and necessary to finish assembling nuclear weapons.
17. Diplo-Speak
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (11.10.13)
Kerry DiploSpeak: "...with good work and good faith over the course of the next weeks we can in fact secure our goal." English translation: If we can cajole France to surrender its objections to obama's 'flexibility' towards Iran, surrender to the mullahs will be achievable in our time."
18. 17* Diplo - Speak : L. Fabius= NON !
Tartoufe ,   Nice, Ranaana   (11.10.13)
Slimy forked tongues in the Obama administration beat Arabs at their own games of duplicitous talk. Laurent Fabius, emulating Picot, will not yield to USA whom they hate.. and have a commercial score to settle. Saudi, Emirates Egypt , with Israel for encore worth a lot more than Iran. NON is no in French
19. #18, Grab friends wherever they are
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (11.10.13)
I'm an ashamed citizen of the USA, a people hijacked, not unlike the people of Iran, by a narcissistic, anti-Israel despot. Our despot, whose middle name HUSSEIN rolls off the Muslim tongue effortlessly, has been a Marxist, Communist Muslim sympathizer from the word GO. Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright...Saul Alinsky...the list of his extremist mentors is chilling. For whatever reason it was made, France's objection to this sellout to Iran is welcomed by Israel and the people of America. The UN Security Council seven years ago said NO MORE CENTRIFUGES shall be allowed to be built in Iran. Since then, these duplicitous diplomats have stood mute while 15,000 high-speed centrifuges were brought online. A bunch of wussie hypocrites and open enemies of Israel. Congratulations to France for being the spoiler in this farcical attempt to assure Iran its nukes.
20. #12 the sanctions will not be strengthened
spyguy ,   seattle   (11.11.13)
In fact in the coming months, regardless what happens with the negotiations, the existing sanctions will slowly go away.
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