Belgium: Man armed with knife arrested outside Israeli embassy
Itamar Eichner
Published: 11.11.13, 13:21
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1. It is good the man didn't have, this time, Iranian...
Hermon Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.11.13)
j...originated nuclear material!!
2.  Israeli security officials were not pleased
LOL !!! Israeli officials should know that Beligium and European countries in general are countries where citizen's rights are protected and where the police cannot do whatever it wants. Israel should know that people have rights and cannot be hold indefinately in police stations without proofs. Israeli officials are welcome to leave if they're not happy.
3. Saeid Moradi - the legless Iranian
USA   (11.11.13)
Iranian Saeid Moradi, the Iranian terrorist who blew off his own legs in Bangkok received a life sentence from a Thai court in August. The other Iranian terrorist Mohammad Khazaei got 15 years. Another Iranian Masoud Sedaghat Zadeh is being held in Malaysia. Extradition to Thailand has been approved.
4. #3 Those guys shouldn't have received life sentences...
shmulke ,   w coast usa   (11.11.13)
...the Iranian ayatollahs and gov't officials who sent those guys should have gotten them.
5. #2
steve ,   dallas USA   (11.12.13)
Having almost any kind of knife in your possession on the streets of Belgium happens to be a serious crime. And bringing on the grounds of an embassy is another crime. But the police are used to not enforcing the law against the Muslim population. They are afraid of that population and they think: Better we just leave it be and it will pass. One day they will wake up and there will be no Western law in Belgium at all. And the Muslims will not just leave the Belgians alone. It will not pass.
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