Price of unnecessary rows
Alon Pinkas
Published: 11.11.13, 21:03
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31. I am sick of Ynets anti-Bibi rants! Only read one paragraph!
michael redbourn ,   Lisbon Portugal   (11.12.13)
32. #27 yes he does
Netanyahu should apologize to the people of Israel who he was elected to protect. The first four years of the Obama regime were clear: Obama gave unstinting support to Ahmadinejad against the Green Revolution and spent all his time delegitimizing Israel and personally attacking Netanyahu. Netanyahu should have realized Obama would never act against Iran and was using Fatah as a weapon to destroy Israel. Netanyahu should not have been nice to Obama and given concessions, but done the one thing that will allow Israel to survive in Obama's Middle East of psycho regimes with nukes and sarin-armed jihadis: annex Judea and Samaria.
33. pure bunk!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (11.12.13)
what do iran, pakistan, iraq, yemen, turkey, syria, egypt, libya, and tunisia have in common? in each and every case, barack hussein obama has unswervingly supported the radical islamist side. not to spite netanyahu, and not because of israeli settlements. "quiet diplomacy" has resulted in an american advance warning radar in the middle of the negev, which is not only not shared with israel, but which will probably be used to provide iran with advance warning of an israeli attack. and yet this commentator is still determined to bash netanyahu over superficialities of style rather than talk about issues of substance.
The US has mistreated Prime Minister Netanyahu shamefully. Netanyahu rightly rejects a bad deal with Iran which would solve nothing .Netanyahu is doing a sterling job ,he is doing just fine and I greatly appreciate him and his efforts .Enough with armchair critics such as Alon Pinkas. Netanyahu aint perfect but he is trying his best and deserves our support.
35. Criticis, critics, critics.
tiki ,   belgium   (11.12.13)
Critics made Netanyahu Israel's PM for the third time & an impressive career after/between (political & private sector) and leave Mr. Pinkas write sour observations in newspapers.
36. Who cares about Bibi?
Shachar ,   Eilat   (11.12.13)
Israel's vital interests have been compromised by staggeringly bad diplomacy and policy. If you want to shoot, SHOOT. Don't talk . CNN interviews aren't going to stop the Iranian bomb!
37. #30, Find me a quote
Jake   (11.14.13)
It has been repeated ad nauseam in the media that "Netanyahu made no secret of his preference for Romney". Yet no quote or concrete evidence hs been offered in support of this allegation...while on the other had Obama made unusually harsh criticisms of Israeli government policy during the Israeli elections, and has been caught red handed making nasty comments about Netanyahu.
38. Price of unnecessary rows
Isy Borensztajn ,   Schekenyia   (11.15.13)
It is always amazing to witness one's complete identification with enemies point of views and ideals. Yes, our enemies for the time being are the whole Arab Nation(doesn't agree with "aliens" in this part of the planet) and the Hostile present USA Administration. Looks like mr. Pinkas is either suicidal or he didn't take his dally medicine...
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