Study: Half of Israeli children experienced abuse or neglect
Omri Efraim
Published: 12.11.13, 11:14
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1. define your terms
Larry ,   LA   (11.12.13)
This article borders on the absurd. what does the author define as abuse? giving a child who will not listen to his parents a spanking or a patch? depriving him of his weekly allowance? why do we need half baked articles like this that look like a big abuse trend and the author does not define his terms. Totally amateur,
2. Excuse me - but child abuse has always been here
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.12.13)
Here in Israel, the States, Europe, etc. It is only now the media is advertising it and we know more about than before.
3. emotional abuse
LeahGG ,   Modiin, Israel   (11.12.13)
I told my daughter she couldn't use my tablet, and she was miserable and felt that it was deliberate cruelty and it cause her pain and suffering. I expect the social worker to come any minute...
4. How Much Clearer Do You Want It?
Steve Feuerstein ,   NY   (11.12.13)
"NCC estimates show that some 462,000 children (17.6% of all children) have experienced sexual abuse." This statistic serves as an indictment of our society. Regarding the comments of #1 & #3, how much clearer can it get? For too many beautiful, innocent, holy children living in our midst, life is one ceaseless horror show.
5. 2. Always been here
Joseph ,   London England   (11.12.13)
It's been an issue in the UK media for at least 30 years, going back to Esther Ranzen. I think what has changed is that normal parental behaviour is not being called abuse. If both parents are out working or if there is only one parent there is likely to be some neglect. Males tend to discipline boys in a physical way, which some on the Left would include as 'abuse'. Not giving in to whatever children want can also be seen as emotional abuse. Words have new meanings!
6. I donĀ“t belive a word
Diana Kashapova ,   Germany   (11.12.13)
That is antisemitic propaganda to blame and terrorise Israel again and again. Jewish parents love their children.
7. It would be more convincing...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (11.12.13)
if we knew what kind of questions they asked the children.
8. Either we, Israelis are monsters, or Man is a monster or
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.12.13)
something is rotten in Kingdom of Denmark (the Ivory Towers of H.U.) I suspect the last....Reminds me of the craze of the '90's: children witnessing under induced hypnosis to alleged sexual abuse by family membesr & fathers going to jail in droves. Real stuff happens for sure and must be exposed, but 50%?! For our common sake I hope not.
9. Abuse 50% of children
Rami de Lieme ,   amsterdam Netherland   (11.13.13)
I would like to see the questions and answers. A child who gets a "patch" for not listening may feel this as abuse, but it is a repremande.
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