Can Israel survive Obama?
Noah Beck
Published: 15.11.13, 11:28
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1. No surprise there
Abu Zib ,   Haifa, IL   (11.15.13)
It's bad case of the "told-you-so"s.
2. Any pressure will only unite Israelis
Israel thrives   (11.15.13)
3. yes
With the start of impeachment proceedings against Holder and Obamacare's crash and burn, Obama is becoming increasingly desperate. Like others of his ilk, when cornered he will try a "Hail Mary" to destroy Israel as a last attempt to achieve something, whether through Iranian nukes or Fatah terrorists. If Netanyahu finds the strength to retain Judea and Samaria under Israel control, Israel will survive even if Obama manages to arm the Ayatollahs with nukes. If Netanyahu stays on the path of establishing a new Arab state ruled by the Fatah terror group, Israel cannot survive. Of course, Israel might get lucky and be saved despite Netanyahu: look what happened to Syria and Egypt.
4. Obama will bankrupt US. China wants gulf oil. Iran will thre
Obama will bankrupt US. China wants gulf oil. Iran will threaten gulf states. US $ is printable ONLY because commodities are US$ based. That can change in a day and will. Kerry and Obama will decimate the US financial system. The small ppl in the US dont yet understand their economy depends totally on foreign policy and that allows the world to use US$. I feel sorry for the American people. They have been totally deceived. Here in Zurich there are bets. Will Oil be traded in Euro or Yen
5. Scary
Michael Pielet ,   Israel   (11.15.13)
Chilling! You saved me the time forf writing my own blog, expressing the same sentiments.
6. Yes, we can!
Ehud   (11.15.13)
7. Israel must take uncompromising stand like J.F.K. did.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.15.13)
The way for Israel to meet the dire challenge from the Obama regime is to take an uncompromising stand like John F. Kennedy did during the Cuban Missile Crisis. First of all, Israel MUST destroy Iran's nukes. Disregard Obama's evil duplicity and do what has to be done. Just as Israel did what had to be done to Iraqi and Syrian nukes. Secondly, Israel must stop the "peace talks" farce with genocidal "Palestinians" and claim our land in no uncertain terms. This tiny land is ours and "Palestinians" are mortal foes, like the Nazis, and Israel must deal with them as the WW II Allies dealt with the Nazis. The only mistake the author makes is his statement Israel is isolated "like never before". Not true. How isolated was Israel when the U.N. vilified Zionism as racism? Isolation is not to be feared. Israel rises to her greatest heroism during isolation.
8. Sad truth
B.G.   (11.15.13)
It is sad truth. B.G.
9. Plus c'a change, plus c'est la meme chose!
AVouskila ,   South America   (11.15.13)
This talkback is not meant to be Foreign Affairs 101, it's just a reminder that the international community is not the perview of anciant disciples of Mother Theresa. The good writer of the post has his own interest in the matter at hand: his recent book that basically deals with Apocryptical (Biblical would you say?!) future for Israel. Now, be practical, though I think Obama's grapes of wrath presidency is a failed one, he, however try to defend and advance the American Interests. What is so perfidial in this? isn't it the most important task for the leaders of any nation? big or small. And here is my beef for long time, Is Israel regarding itself as an American State, owing allegiance to America or America has appointed Israel as a little sister?! Of course, Israel has been for too long attached to the idea that it belongs to the West camp, when its geography and political logistic are really far to the EAST. History is always (well almost, but with different actors) mirroring itself. Take for instance the Melancholic Messia Roosevelt before and during the Second World War: He did'nt fight, hardly, the spreading of the Nazi's ideology in USA, among the best and brightest American Heroes and Intelluctual, then he had no qualm about returning back to German inferno ships loaded with Jewish refugees. It is a fact (an unfortunate but practical one)Israel has to do what a Nation is obligated to do (see Saudia Arabia, cutting the embilical ties to the Big Washington mother) KEEP ITS INTEREST above any emotional feelings. China, India, Africa are the great guiys of tomorrow!!
10. Oh Yee of little faith
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (11.15.13)
We as Jews survival over 4 millennia is attributed to miracles , when in fact it emanates from our strong self belief and faith in the Creator. Contents of the link; independently verifiable as it emerged from different sources; Shater's son trying to urg Obama to release his father, hence Obama sent McCain and Lindsey Graham, a Christian Lawyer group and now a totally independent organ
11. The peaceful Obama
Fahd Najjad Alharby ,   Madina ,KSA   (11.15.13)
The key issue with Obama is that he managed to use his liberal instincts with the fact that Bush admin was misguided when it fells for Iraq and the Talban chase with no startegic vision . The upshot of all this is that Obama is causing more havoc for the region in the short to medium term , not to mention the thong term .He seems to think Iran has been unjustifiably. Treated and he is there to amend ways with the past .It is ironic he is doing this when the Iranian leadership seems to be aware of the acute risks to the regime .Obama is really trying to save them from themselves . The source of the regional difficulties is the religious fundamentalist orientation of the Iranian regime which forced others to look out in defensive mode . Even Algaida can be read Asa reaction to the Iranian conduct .The most quoted explanation for 9/11 is how the Hozb Allah got away with easily killing and scaring the Americans in Lebanon . Obama is not only naieve but wrong and dangerous to peace in the region .
12. The short answer is YES.
Gideon Reader   (11.15.13)
Obama is in the endgame of politically self destructing; bleeding from a myriad of self inflicted wounds whose instrumentalities are over selfcocnfidence, incompetence, corruption, hubris and base stupidity. It ain't gonna be easy but Yesha will be fouurishing when Obama is still being asked what he would have; should have done differently to prevent history from highlighting his as the worst most incompetent presidency in U.S.history. By the Way: Noah Beck's book if quite good. Give it a read.
13. Show us your face, Noah Beck!
aslan ,   israel   (11.15.13)
Can you be uglier than your lines?
14. Why won't America fight our wars for us?
Zionist Bob ,   Israel   (11.15.13)
Haven't we been frantically funneling money into American politics via AIPAC? Haven't we sufficiently guilted them by reminding them of the Holocaust? Why, then, won't they do what we tell them to? The very last thing we want to do is take on Iran ourselves as they'll surely beat us as bad as Hezbollah did (twice.) We really need to work on our victim mentality if we want to make this work. Also, since we only have one ally on the planet, we really need to insult and ridicule the Americans as much as possible. Obviously the rest of the world has woken up to what a bunch of cry babies we are, and are thus ignoring us, so let's all get together and work on getting the Americans to do what we want. How dare they believe they have their own interests!
15. secret deal?
freddie ,   USA   (11.15.13)
show us, please, where Obama made a secret deal with iran...the US simply does not work that way Alas, it is time for Israel to realize that the US scan not and will not do whatever Bibi thinks ought to be done. Many here and elsewhere are tired of weekly announcements of new settlements while the Israeli govt then tells us the Arabs do not want a settlement
16. can america outlast obama .
aa ,   nyc ny   (11.15.13)
can america outlast obama . his agenda is to destroy israel as a start and continue destroying america .
17. Obama
CJK   (11.15.13)
this is the man who admitted that he cannot do mathematics beyond the seventh grade. yet, the security of the world depends on this ignorant, vainglorious, irresponsible man. Israel must do that which is in her own self interest, including a military strike on iran. once the shia terror regime has nuclear weapons, israel's survival depends on acting irrespective of the wishes of the obama regime.
18. The Way Forward
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte   (11.15.13)
Israel’s problem is that in some ways it is ‘too nice’. It does not project the power that it has and use some balls. Notice how the ‘international community’ does not pick on China or threaten to boycott it, even though China illegally occupies Tibet and has one of the worst human rights records in the world? Nobody bothers China because China is powerful and not afraid to use its power when necessary. Unfortunately, it is power that the ‘international community’ respects. With the limited information that I have, here is what I think Israel should do. This will take courage and political will. It will not be easy, then there will be some very, very tense times. 1. With regard to Iran and Hezbollah, Israel should officially announce that it is a nuclear power. It should further announce that it will not allow Iran or Hezbollah to rain down rockets on Israel without an Israeli nuclear response? (Would the U.S. allow any country to saturate the U.S. with bombs? Of course not. The U.S. used nuclear weapons against Japan when Japan was no longer any threat to the U.S. mainland.). Then Israel should proceed to take out Iran’s nuclear centers. If Iran and/or Hezbollah respond with rockets, then Israel should detonate a nuclear weapon in a remote area of Iran as a warning. Hopefully, that will be sufficient deterrence. If not, then Israel should announce it is going to destroy Tehran, and give the city a week to evacuate all civilians. 2. With regard to the Palestinians, Israel should announce that since it is unable to come to an agreement with them, Israel will unilaterally decide the borders of a new Palestinian state, and Israel should immediately annex the major settlement blocks near the Green Line. Israel should include a very small portion (maybe one neighborhood) of East Jerusalem in this new Palestinian state. That way, if the Palestinians ever decide to become reasonable, they can save face by having a piece of Jerusalem. Israel should then announce that it will keep its troops in this new Palestinian state until security arrangements can be made to have NATO troops go into this territory. Israel should further announce that future minor border modifications may be possible if the Palestinians accept this situation (which they will not for the foreseeable future, of course.) Israel should remove its settlements from the area that it has designated for the Palestinian state, (even though this will be difficult.) 3. With regard to the ‘international community’, of course there will be a major outcry in response to these Israeli actions. There will be an effort to impose an economic boycott on Israel. Israel should announce that any such economic boycott will cause the country to move to destroy its enemies. While there will be an international shock wave over all of this, in the final analysis Israel has over 100 nuclear weapons with a second-strike capability, and the ‘international community’ will be completely impotent to harm Israel, if Israel makes it clear that it simply will not tolerate any hostile moves toward it, either militarily or economically. Eventually, the ‘international community’ will leave Israel alone, in the same way that it leaves China alone.
19. American only likes to fight wars for Iraq to help Iran and
jericho ,   causa   (11.15.13)
and Afghan to help Pakistan. But when it comes to Israel they want to help make weak borders and make it harder for Jews to survive
20. #14. Hey you liar!
Tom W ,   USA   (11.15.13)
1. Never ever fought an American GI for Israel: instead many Jews fought FOR America. Even during our fateful hours we suffered American arms embargo, and the Holocaust generation alone defeated our enemies. Not the Magnificent America you adore. It's a despicable disgrace to denigrate those Eurasian Jews who did the real heavy fighting while the Americans and their Jews counted their Wall Street dividend - $$$$$ - and couldn't care less about Israel. Yes, the Evil Stalin did more for Israel in '48 with arms shipment than the overbearing, pontificating American airheads you adore.
21. What can you expect from a former drag queen?
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.15.13)
22. We warned you this guy would abandon you.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.15.13)
American Jews voted him in anyways. This guy is a lemming to Israel and the United States. A good portion of us despise this joke being played out on the world.
23. #11, Obama is one of your own, recreating Islamic Caliphate
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.15.13)
24. #14, Jihadi Achmed of Tehran is not fooling anyone
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.15.13)
25. #11
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (11.15.13)
" the thong term", you say. Hey friend, this is not the Clinton administration anymore!
26. Only if :
andyprigge ,   ORANGEVILLE   (11.15.13)
Only if the Israel of today is the same one that is spoken of in Ezekiel 37. Since the government is a political entity and not guided by a spiritual essence, I wonder now.
27. #23, 24 not mine. #14 Correct, Israel a crying spoiled brat.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.15.13)
28. Noag\h Beck
Isaac Shladovsky ,   East Windsor, NJ   (11.15.13)
There must be something about the surname Beck that provokes the "I hate Obama" juices in some folks. It now seems that Israel has a partner to the American Glenn Beck. The question is not whether I srael can trust Obama but rather can Israel trust the Likes of Noah Beck as evidenced by all the comments re his absolutely unsubstantiated and hateful article. Just pure, unadulterated DREK.
29. Regarding #13 and #28:
Israeli 2   (11.16.13)
They are seething. They are the wayward wind on their way to emptiness. Just ignore.
30. apocalyptic
rm ,   NL Amsterdam   (11.16.13)
There is no such thing as an apocalyptic choice for Israel and Obama is not evil personified. The war whether it comes or not is not for Israel's survival. Israel will survive even if Iran should get nukes. It's about Israel sending out a clear message to the region. Forget about nuclear ambitions we just won't allow it. Nothing more..nothing less. All else is just propaganda. Obama is looking out for American interests first and foremost...and since he is the President of the US and a new costly war in the Middle East is not in the US best interests he doesn't rush in headlong. And whether gung-ho over-zealous Israel likes that or not that is a wise policy
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