White House: Iran turned down proposal at Geneva
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.11.13, 23:05
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1. President?
JJ Po   (11.13.13)
Read his red book. His aim is to leave America weakened and taken iver by the Muslim brotherhood. His only non muslim friend is georges soros the anarchist
2. Obama and netenyhu
Farrokh ,   Iran,usa   (11.13.13)
Obama and neteniahu can take the option on the table and shove it you know where.
3. The Tremendous Dangers
Zechariah   (11.13.13)
The tremendous dangers are that Fifty plus nations and all sorts of Criminal and FanaticoSuicidals will have Nuclear Weapons by 2100.Even the Current nuclear arsenals are unsafe.
4. Is the dark odorous shadow of Ahmadinejad
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.13.13)
Still hanging over these Talks? If Iran finally decides to walk away from the Talks the demented Monkeyman Ahmadinejad will have had the last laugh The thought of him grinning and finger wagging in front of the worlds cameras with Chavez like a copuple of children playing the 'Does Iran or doesn't Iran have a Nuclear Bomb' Guessing Game Or the time he said a blessing as he caressed his Nuclear Rod in front of the Worlds Media? Is THIS what Irans new Leadership are fighting for or have they put this Ahamadinejad Nightmare behind them? We have to wait and see ]
5. #2 Apart from your colourful medical discourse
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.13.13)
Which sounds suspiciously like 'Son of Ahmadinejad' Would you rather see the Talks break down or for the Talks to continue to explore ways forward - however difficult to prevent catastrophe?
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