NYT: For Israel, Iran strike is 'only acceptable outcome'
Published: 13.11.13, 11:42
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1. "Congess(ie American peoples reps),Israel andGulf/KSA are
Alan ,   SA   (11.13.13)
a tiny bit important imortant players in this movie. "It would be NICE"....what a statement.LOL.
2. Despite his last name, Mr. Friedman is not one of us, and we
Hermon Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.13.13)
ought to treat his views of the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, and its freely elected government as representative of those eager to undermine Israel's most vital national and security interests, and by extension, the vital interests of the people whose nation-state Israel is.
3. Oh, stuff it!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.13.13)
Amazing how Thomas Friedman continues to self-portray as a leading authority on the State of Israel. He's been persona non grata in Israel for over a decade. Hard to be a pundit about anything when the country about which one professes to be an expert hasn't been allowed to enter Israel for so long. Gee. Friedman and Noam Chomsky could form a support club -- "Experts who are Completely Out of Touch with the Reality of the State of Israel." Obama, Kerry and Alice Walker should be offered free lifetime memberships.
4. Barak H Obama
Hammer   (11.13.13)
I was wondering is BHO Shia or Sunni. Now it's clear, he's Shia, want to be united with A-Bomb A-yatollas. From the other hand, he still supports Muslim Brotherhood which is Sunni. This makes Kerry, Friedman and NYT so confused.
5. You are right Friedman!
JGad   (11.13.13)
"We, America, are not just hired lawyers negotiating a deal for Israel and the Sunni Gulf Arabs, which they alone get the final say on. We, America, have our own interests in not only seeing Iran’s nuclear weapons capability curtailed, but in ending the 34-year-old Iran-US cold war, which has harmed our interests and those of our Israeli and Arab friends," Friedman writes. The publicist states that "there is nothing that threatens the future of the Middle East today more than the sectarian rift between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. This rift is being used by President Bashar Assad of Syria, Hezbollah and some Arab leaders to distract their people from fundamental questions of economic growth, unemployment, corruption and political legitimacy."
6. Fair Enough
Shmuel ,   Merkaz, Israel   (11.13.13)
Then just get the He## out of our way, stop tying our hands and let us do what is necessary to protect OUR vital national interests! It has become clear that the current US regime can no longer be considered an honest broker. This reminds me of the old joke where the boxer is sitting in his corner after a brutal round and his trainer tells him "You're doing great; he barely laid a glove on you" to which the badly bruised and bleeding boxer replied "Then keep an eye on the referee, cause SOMEBODY is beating the crap out of me...."
7. IDIOT !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.13.13)
I Quote - "We, America, are not just hired lawyers negotiating a deal for Israel and the Sunni Gulf Arabs, which they alone get the final say on. We, America, have our own interests in not only seeing Iran’s nuclear weapons capability curtailed, but in ending the 34-year-old Iran-US cold war, which has harmed our interests and those of our Israeli and Arab friends," Friedman writes. Comment - The US legasy and Irans Shia-Islamic Legacy, can never ever Reconcile and Harmonise. Therefore a Military strike is the Only Option to stop Irans Nuclear Program. Your talk about Intressts is Sheer Selfdeception, and the selfdeception you follow in this regard, will strip you of all US intressts there is. Bad by Idiot !. Arn.Sweden.
8. Users, abusers and short term memory
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (11.13.13)
In a long term relationship between 2 parties ups and downs abound; USA made alliances in the ME based on its long term needs, mutual interest; It was no one way street: heads I win, tails you lose. The colours of the immorality of a user is seen in Friedman's thesis. USA needed ME oil; created the alliances ; It protected its interests at high costs it abused , bringing much misery to Egypt , Iraq, Syria, Libya , Israel embarking on thoughtless selfish abusive behaviour. Friedman; USA is now becoming a laughing stock corresponding to the depths its leftist constituents have led it to sink to. America needs its allies and indeed Israel more than the other way round. The Left installing Obama in office could never have harmed America to the extent it has suffered. Democrats will be out of office for a long while
9. Though Johnny boy claims otherwise
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.13.13)
the Americans ARE dumb and blind and they do not realize that with a deal they have in mind it certainly will be their war in no time!
10. Soft Memory?
Arie Ruder ,   Ashkelon, Israel   (11.13.13)
One can undrstand that the US has interests - but we have somthing more than that to regard: our well being and even more, our existence. When putting into equation the Irani statemets calling for the annihilation of Israel (the "cancerous entity "), US "interests" have no place in this equation. Therefore, the opinions forwarded by Mr Friedman, are a disturbing voice echoing a soft memory or no memory at all.
11. Nuclear proliferation Tremendous Danger
Zechariah   (11.13.13)
The USA went to War in WW1 in part because Kaiser Bismarkian Germany Encouraged Mexico to attack the USA.So if SouthAmerican countries get to the nuclear threshold in 2100 The USA will be in Discomfort .Therefore Iran needs to be contained and by the USSR also.Moscow has a million people from Islamic Lands Khazistan Ubekistan Azerbaijan Huge Land Masses .
12. Another self-hating Jew
Anshel ,   Canada   (11.13.13)
NYT and Friedman conveniently forgets that the US self interest in 1938 contributed to demise of democracy in Europe, attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, to Holocaust, death of countless American soldiers who eventually had to fight the evil and eventual expansion of Soviet Union into Eastern and Central Europe. Why on the Earth Friedman and NYT cannot understand that it is not only about the bomb, but also about supporting terrorism via proxies like Hezbollah, Hamas, supporting and fueling violence in Iraq, threatening the existence of Israel, threatening the stability in the Gulf region. Certainly appeasement cannot and will not resolve the issues, the opposite, it will give them legitimacy to continue in their evil's way. Thanks G-d, not only Netanyahu sees it that ways, but the French, the Saudis and the Gulf states and the majority of people (Democrats and Republicans) who were elected to represent the Americans, the Congressmen and Congresswomen. I don't remember that NYT and Friedman were elected, or were appointed to be spokespersons for the Americans, save the White House that is getting more isolated at home and around the world.
13. Anti-Jews, anti-Israel
michael Pielet ,   israel   (11.13.13)
Uncle tom has made a nice living out of constantly criticizing israel. No reason to stop now. Anti-israel, anti-Jews.
14. Relax, everybody. What Mr. Friedman thinks doesn't matter.
Rachel in Jerusalem   (11.13.13)
In fact, what any media pontificator or European diplomat or sadly uneducated American president or Secretary of State thinks doesn't matter. Israel will take care of itself, with whatever means the situation warrants. And the good Lord will stand with us for protecting His People and His Land. I'm at ground zero and am not worried at all, why are you? Relax. Go kiss your kids and remind them that the good guys need to be strong. And that the good guys win in the end.
15. Bay of pigs. Cuba. Missiles against US. Was US silent.!. Ira
Adi ,   Zurich   (11.13.13)
Bay of pigs. Cuba. Missiles against US. Was US silent.!. Iran through proxy hezbollah has 20,000 missiles pointed at Israel in levanon. Iran with the tools to make an atomic weapon is a threat. Israel security is not negotiable.
16. NY Times disturbed view of the world.
r ,   USA   (11.13.13)
Is the media so left wing in the Post /Times axis of evil, that this new US dictum of US impotence is the result? Come on guys remember walk softly but carry a big stick dictum still works. Obama lost Afghanistan to the Taliban, Egypt to the Russians, Libya to A Qeda, the war in Iraq to Shia radicals, Saudia Arabia to the French, and on and on. This is NY times style success.
17. 2 no, he is not one of us, as you note.
nancy j. jacobson ,   washington, dc   (11.13.13)
18. Friedman compared to Talkbackers
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (11.13.13)
I am tired of Friedman being held up as a person who has knowledge or the right to influence. The only difference between Friedman and the talkbackers in this venue is that his writing skills may be more polished. Other than that what gives his opinion any more weight or validity than the opinion of any person posting on this site. The elevation of this man to someone with any authority must stop!
19. Israel's predicament
Harry Stowe ,   London   (11.13.13)
OK Uncle Tom Friedman, we know where you stand. Question is, do you know where Israel's security lies?
20. #18 Agreed
Hammer   (11.13.13)
In doubt that Friedman would be a good talkbacker though. He's apparently failing to strike the point with short and convincing message.
21. #5
Madeleine ,   Israel   (11.13.13)
So what are you saying in your post, apart from repeating two quotes from the artticle. You haven't said anythign at all!
22. the liberal never learn the lesssons of history
dovdevan ,   ashdod,paris   (11.13.13)
in 1979 the american ambassy in teheran was storm by the islamic revolutionary where they held hostages during a year, in 1982 in lebanon the djihad islamic took responsability a terrorist attack that blew up the american compound in beyrouth !! what did change in teheran attitude toward the west and israel since that time ?
23. Friedman = Obamas MORON !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.13.13)
24. This is not our war...until Pearl Harbour
Alan ,   Canada   (11.13.13)
25. To: Ellen at No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.13.13)
Did you read the original op-ed? "We, America, are not just hired lawyers negotiating a deal for Israel and the Sunni Gulf Arabs, which they alone get the final say on." Hardly a literate person's idea of "polished" "writing skills." While many of the talkbackers on these threads are fluent in several languages, Thomas Friedman, alas, has yet to master his native tongue!
26. maybe he should remember...
jo b ,   israel   (11.13.13)
its not because of israel that the cold war with iran began, its because they took 51 hostages from the u.s. embassy for 444 days, its because their official chant is death to america and its because they are the main sponsor of the terrorist group who bombed and killed 241 american marines in 1983. the fact that friedman needs another source of oil (ie u.s. interests) and is ready to potentially sacrifice israels existance or is ready to dishonor the memory of all those killed and maimed by irans exporting of terror across the globe shows just how naive and idiodic his views are. the good news for friedman is that any day the even more idiodic obama administration that has made every mistake possible since coming into office, will probably be calling him anyday now offering him a job.
27. Friedman's/NY Times' Views
joyce fraser ,   USA   (11.13.13)
are naive at best, but likely more nefariously against Israel's security and even Israel's future. In any case, there is more than ample evidence that NY Times' policy continues to work with those Forces of Evil and Forces of Darkness which seek to destroy one of the most enlightened progressive nations - namely Israel - that ever existed. In addition to ongoing events within this upside-down world, there appears to be more evil, hate, destruction, etc, in practice and being imparted ... as ominous examples ... to come!
28. The NYT's Obsessions
Steve ,   Palm Beach, USA   (11.13.13)
Homosexuality and Obamalove.
29. Friedman is Obama's shill and propagandist
C   (11.13.13)
Obama has messed up everything that he has ever touched. His polls are in the toilet. He has lost much of the Sunni states. Egypt is making deals with Russia. Decades of American diplomacy are being destroyed by Obama in his quest for nirvana. Neither Israel nor any country in the region or any US allies can have the slightest trust in this arrogant narcissistic man, Obama.
30. He is agreeing with Israel, Except he wants Israel to attack
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (11.13.13)
If the Persian people were freed from the ayatollah, Iran & the Mideast would be a much better place. Also terrorist groups like Hezbollah & Hamas who only cause strife & suffering for the peoples they occupy would lose their funding.
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