Livni: Bennett part of 'radical minority'
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 13.11.13, 21:28
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1. Livni is the sister only labor & meretz would like to have
zionist forever   (11.13.13)
2. You were NOT ELECTED... your party was a total failure!!!!!!
Silverman ,   NY   (11.13.13)
because NOBODY in Israel agrees with you!!!!! Bibi APPOINTED YOU to do his dirty work.
3. For Livni and her like,Facebook is a boon
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (11.13.13)
Facebook is like manna from Heaven for people who cannot keep their big mouths shut. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
4. Quite to the contrary
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.13.13)
Bennett and his party constitute the Israeli equivalent to the Moslem Brotherhood...Jewish and Islamist "brothers" fighting together against Peace
5. Palestinians use diplomacy+violence to eliminate Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (11.13.13)
There will always be a segment of the Jewish population that doesn't want to give up parts of biblical Israel. Livni should know that and knew that when she took the job. That's not the problem. The problem is neither Livni , Peace Now or anyone else can convince Palestinians to accept a Jewish Israel. Livni is whining because she can't close the deal.
6. Livni's persecution of Bennett again
Anne Leslie ,   Aberdeen, UK   (11.13.13)
It seems Livni's thinks that she is the Saviuor of Israel again. If she wasn't in this current government she would be unemployed. She would do well to keep her big mouth shut in future.
7. Livni can't count
Michael ,   Shomron   (11.13.13)
This is laughable. Livni talking about an extreme minority? She need look no further than herself and her own party. Which reminds me, is it simply possible that she doesn't even know how to count?
8. Livni, do you even know what a minority is?
Etoile ,   Montreal, CAN   (11.13.13)
Clearly numbers are a mystery to you, so I'll use simple words. A minority, is a group that does not form a numerical majority. How many seats does your party have again? And how many does Likud, Jewish Home, Yesh Atid and all those other parties have that don't share your ridiculous ideas have? Here's a hint, its alot. Oh yeah, one more thing. Why would you be opposed to a referendum, since it is obvious that you are the majority and Bennett's the minority? Seriously, if you can't keep up with the adults it is best not to say anything.
9. Livni
Livni is one of Israel's most corrupt politicians, catapulted from Likud back-bencher riding on Daddy's coattails to being minister just because she accepted Sharon's bribe. Livni is also one of Israel's greatest failures. She has no positive achievements whatsover, but is directly responsible for strengthening and rearming Hezbolla after Lebanon II. She is personally responsible for the strategic threat in Israel's north and for many thousands of dead Syrians. Maybe she should just shut up?
10. I wouldn't want *that* piece of work as my sister
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (11.13.13)
She calls them a "radical minority", but they represent a larger part of the electorate than those Livni represents. The Left, it seems, has been living in denial since 1977. Israel has since then elected center-right coalitions more often than leftist coalitions, and the "peace camp" has been broadly discredited. They however remain a dominant force within Israel's media, academic, and justice sectors.
11. Livni will say and do ANYTHING to get her hands on a Nobel..
TR ,   Israel   (11.13.13)
PIECE Prize She doesn't care less about the price her idiocy and ego will cost everyone else!!!!!!!!! And we are seeing the results of her policies already.
12. to #4
David ,   Israel   (11.13.13)
Peace with whom? can you elaborate? Livni is acting like its her backyard, she will sell or give away when and how she wants... "we are sick and tired" of all the "peace" makers!! where did it bring us?
13. Palestinians use diplomacy+violence to eliminate Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (11.13.13)
There will always be a segment of the Jewish population that doesn't want to give up parts of biblical Israel. Livni should know that and knew that when she took the job. That's not the problem. The problem is neither Livni , Peace Now or anyone else can convince Palestinians to accept a Jewish Israel. Livni is whining because she can't close the deal.
14. Stay strong Tzipi, remember what I said
Rabb Munawwar ,   D.C.   (11.13.13)
We,,, all of us, will be together and pray/celebrate on that day, great day,,,, "The Shabot Shalom,,,,,,, P.S. Be the Sister Jewish Heroine, as your sister predecessors, we are still writing "The Book", it's almost finished,,,,,,, Shalom.
15. Bennet is not only a "brother", and hopefully,
A ,   Belgium   (11.13.13)
the next PM. You, Livni, are a loser who attempted to give Israel away to the "palestinians" and failed even at that. And now you want to show how "humane" you are? You helped negotiate the release of 100+ murderers and terrorists! Damn hypochrite, go shed some crocodile tears for that poor boy.
16. Liar Livni is the minority according to polls
bernard ross   (11.13.13)
17. She is right
Naftali ,   Modiin   (11.13.13)
A minority has but that minority is her. Didn't a recent survey have something like 84% of Isralis are against the talks. She is like Obama she wants to get things done it doesn't matter if it is good or bad as long as they can check it off there to do list. On a day that an Israeli shoulder is murdered she is defending a peace plan and going against another Jew as being the problem. Shame on you and I am Ashamed to call you a "sister"
18. Will a real woman take over Livni's job? She sounds like a
hipocrates ,   earth   (11.14.13)
simple minded ditz.
19. It's not about reaching a peace deal at all
Yael Schlichting ,   Munich   (11.13.13)
It's about reaching a bad peace deal. The so called Palestinians didn't move a millimeter yet. They want it all and they want to give nothing in return. It would be better if the peace talks fail and Israel then unilaterally assigns a territory to these stateless Arabs.
20. Livni is pathetic
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (11.14.13)
She cannot take responsibility for the fact she could not reach an agreement when she was FM or now because A) She doesn't know how to negotiate & B) Abbas does not want peace.
21. Security Paramount
Zechariah   (11.14.13)
Iron Security is first Area C can be a huge military defense Barrier . Israel ought have a post Shoah Memory when only a few Helped the Jews and definetly not turkey as the Struma Episode Attests.The Ruthlessness in Syria of the Fatah Baath And the Jihadi Califati in Iraq ought Remind us of what enemies we face.
22. DEMAND Livni's immediate dismissal.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.14.13)
Livni and her pathetic new party are completely rejected by Israel in elections. In fact, you can bet your last shekel Livni's party will not exist two elections from now. Livni speaks for a tiny radical minority. Not Bennett. Both elections and polls prove this conclusively. Every sane Israeli should demand Livni's immediate dismissal.
23. Livni is a disgrace to israel
Rozie   (11.14.13)
She claims that Bnnett is a radical minority...she is a stupid women that cannot string 3 sentences together. She is ready to sell Israel down the river. Has no concerns for anyone or anything. She caused many problems when she was in the prior governments. GO HOME. You are nothing more than an idiot.
24. BIBI actively recruited Livni
On the Balcony   (11.14.13)
and her faction BEFORE bringing any othr party into the coalition. Livni has not changed her position. So... either Bibi deliberately chose Livni with the intention of sabotaging her and making her a scapegoat OR, he supports her efforts in doing the job he asked her to do. In either case, it is clearly Bibi who is two-faced, not Livni.
25. Livni is the only radical..
Clear thinker ,   NYC   (11.14.13)
She is a left wing radical! To the contrary Bennett is 100% on point when it comes to every issue israel must deal with. hopefully he will be next PM!
26. Livin is right but...
Dan   (11.14.13)
Bennett and the rest of Bibi's reptilian right-wing lunatic coalition were democratically elected. The question is why, and the answer is ongoing Arab aggression, the lessons of Gaza and Lebanon, and the failure of the left to offer an alternative. Where is the Israeli leader able and willing to argue against the settlers?
27. #24 you are right
Livni has never hidden her plan to deliver Israel to her enemies in exchange for personal gain. Netanyahu pretends to be Zionist, but surrendered to Obama's dictate to appoint the Livni as a minister.
28. Only in Israel
Eden ,   Tel Aviv   (11.14.13)
I swear this is the most unprofessional country in the democratic world! Only in Israel do politicians daily criticize each other on Facebook like little school yard bullies. And we trust them to make crucial decisions that involve our safety? How can they if they don't even know what class and tact are???
29. Soooo tacky
M ,   IL   (11.14.13)
30. Livni's puerile Facebook vendetta vs. Bennett.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.14.13)
Livni conducts a puerile Facebook vendetta against Bennett like a grade school bully. Is this what we want to represent Israel today??? Enough is enough. Livni must go. She has no business representing Israel in any capacity whatsoever.
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