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Norway promotes anti-circumcision law
Tali Farkash
Published: 14.11.13, 13:53
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1. Makes no sense whatsoever
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.14.13)
To HAVE Circumcision is a Human Right Its a fundamental expression of the Jewish Faith Any health concerns can easily be addressed by certifying and accrediting qualified practitioners to carry the procedure in an accredited medical facility Its a procedure that has been carried out for thousands of years and no Jewish Male Adult has ever to my knowledge hankered after his foreskin You have therefore to question just why the Norwegian Authorities are acting against their Jewish Community in this way Is it EXPULSION by the back door?
2. 1...sigh....
Yaniv   (11.14.13)
Don't be egocentrical. 819 Jews in Norway, 107.000 Muslims. Yeah...they're probably after us...
3. Sigh....Plus
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.14.13)
Its NOT about numbers Does the Word PRINCIPLE enter into your Vocabulary?
4. 3
Yaniv   (11.14.13)
Very much. It has, however, nothing to do with your post. You used the word expulsion (in capitals, strangely) implying that the Norwegian government is indeed out to hurt the Jews. Has it crossed your mind that, given the Muslim population and their violent habits, it is them that they are trying to hurt?
5. #1
Ggrt22 ,   Israel   (11.14.13)
Just because you live in a bubble, doesn't mean there aren't Jews out there who hate the fact that they were circumcised. I was circumcised as a kid and I wish my foreskin was never cut off of me without my permission. And just as Yaniv pointed out, you have a very egocentric view about this issue. The world doesn't revolve around you.
6. The Ombudswoman in Right!!!
David Herz ,   Atlanta, USA   (11.14.13)
The Norwegian children's ombudswoman is right - it is a horrible Jewish tradition that must be stopped! After my bris I could not walk for a year...
7. #5: It doesn't revolve around you either.
Israeli 2   (11.15.13)
8. WOW! His predictions came true!
Israeli 2   (11.15.13)
In 2008, the author of "The 'Pedophile' Sham, Undermining the Torah Matrix" predicted exactly that in his foreword page IX.
9. #6: Excellent!
Israeli 2   (11.15.13)
I enjoyed your "disability". Ha! ha! ha!
10. Norwegian Quislings are Primitive
Circumcised ,   Ex. Cairo, Egypt   (11.15.13)
Norwegian Quislings are Primitive.
11. No 1
Uncut Jew   (11.15.13)
Tim, I'm a 27 y.o uncut Jew. I'm very happy like that and don't feel any less Jewish
12. Still 700 remaining? Why?
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.15.13)
Why would those 700 Jews still remain in Norway? It is clearly a hostile place. Time to go!
13. 11 Uncut Jew: YOU may be happy with that but HaShem is not.
Rivkah   (11.15.13)
YOU will not be a partaker of the blessings of Abraham just as Moses and his sons would not have been if they had refused circumcision (Moses at age 80 was circumcised). General Joshua would not allow any Hebrew to fight in his army who was not circumcised. All had to be circumcised before the fighting began. The Lord so loved General Joshua that He named His Messiah Son Joshua (English for Yahoshua) when he came out of Egypt where He had been called Emmanuel. You are not worthy of the name Jew, bragging about being uncut. How sickening. Go to a urologist and do what is required of you. The Hebrew text of the Scriptures says circumcision is an EVERLASTING commandment. It is not a "fashion" that passes away. It is a seal of a COVENANT with HaShem, fool.
14. #7
Ggrt22 ,   Israel   (11.15.13)
I never said it did. Tim made a point that nobody regrets their circumcision, I simply stated that he was incorrect. Obviously there is a conflict here between a child's right to bodily integrity and a parent's right to religious freedom. I personally believe that in this case, a child should have the ability to choose for himself if he wants to be circumcised when he's old enough to make that decision. Having an opinion doesn't make me one egocentric. However, thinking that every decision that has some negative impact on Jews can only be the result of antisemitism does.
15. Children who are not circumcised are far, far more likely
Rivkah   (11.15.13)
to go to hell. That is an eternal suffering since the worm (soul) dies not, Scriptures warns. The ELS Scripture code matrices indicate that 50% of Jews go to hell, 25% of Muslims go to hell, and 93% of XTNS go to hell. Jews and Muslims practice circumcision but Gentiles are less likely to circumcise males. Much of Norway is descended from the Tribe of Dan, a tribe so loathesome that it is not included in the 144,000 virgins of Israel (true in faith of the 13 tribes of Israel are virgins of Israel) in the latter days of Gentile world rule do not include any from the Tribe of Dan or Ephraim (British Commonwealth). Obviously, something has to go terribly wrong with those peoples for the Lord to reject them in that profound way. Anti-semitism is likely one reason. The Tribe of Dan and Ephraim have pearly gates in the heavenly Jerusalem, but are not going to be in the entourage of 144,000 who will be the last days witnesses for the seventh day Sabbath of the Lord who are supernaturally protected and then are in the entourage of Christ forever.
16. #11
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (11.15.13)
I am happy that you parents had the good sense to leave you intact. If I had sons, I would have left them intact, too. I am glad that I am female, because my parents would have cut me without thinking. All that ancient faith, have to do it because god and covenant said so, is not something modern people relate to. Enjoy your status. I bet the girls love it!
17. Norway promotes anti-circumcision law
SB ,   Vienna Austria   (11.15.13)
I think rabbi Margolin is right. But, even if it's not the antisemitism of the ombuswoman Lindboe, it iseems that Norway's government, after all the wealth created by oil, has nothing else to do but to play the ultra-liberal card and to give example to the world. What makes me angry is that Norway wants to teach just the jewish people a lesson in culture, although the jews have shown in the last hundreds of years an exceptional performance and brought to the humanity more contributions than any other ethnic or religious group.
18. Ggrt22 , post 5
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.16.13)
Have your parents asked for your permission to be born ?
19. Johns Hopkins
Joseph ,   London England   (11.16.13)
The most recent medical research by Johns Hopkins and by the American Society of Paediatrics supports male infant circumcision. At one time as much as 80% of American boys were circumcised, although the figure now is just a bit more than half. The important point is that circumcisors must be qualified and registered. I spoke to two senior Jewish doctors in London, each of whom had thousands of Jewish patients over half a century and both told me they had never seen a life endangered by circumcision done by a qualified and registered circumcisor.
20. #13:Rivkah, as always you provide indescribable joy, when
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.17.13)
reading your sermons. Of course, seen from Torah's perspective you're 100% correct. On the other hand, seen from a healthy, "uncut" mind's perspective : you're 100% raving lunatic. On the other hand I am sure you look normative on the outside. On the other hand something violent happened to your system, enabling you to spew such dribble with straight face & utter conviction. Yes, we must never underestimate the power of faith when it comes to destroying human soul.
21. #20 and #15
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (11.17.13)
You are right on, #20. To #15: Does the Torah really say that innocent children go to hell? Where is the loving god? If 50% of Jews go to hell, then circumcision does not redeem them, so why bother? My last comment got censored, so I am being careful.
22. Circumsicion
Norman ,   Boca Raton / USA   (12.04.13)
"President Shimon Peres even said the anti-circumcision resolution violated human rights" I'm not sure but it seems to me that the right of baby boys to their physical integrity is being violated by adults.
23. 7 circumcisions?? Really??
Norman ,   Boca Raton / USA   (12.04.13)
"Rabbi Margolin claims that only seven circumcisions are performed in Norway each year" I think the good Rabbi is only counting Jewish circumcisions. With a population of close to 200,000 Muslims there's bound to be quite a few Muslim circumcisions. It sounds like the Norwegians are trying to upset the Muslims more than the Jews. Time for Jews and Arabs to unite in the EU to combat anti-Semitism! Lol, how ironic. You will finally realize that your real enemies are the Christians, not the Muslims.
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