Conflict can be managed
Ophir Falk
Published: 14.11.13, 20:01
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1. You have forgotten something.
Rodney ,   CT. SA   (11.14.13)
2. Nice article.
cfspirit ,   fr and dz   (11.14.13)
This seems to be a management of the conflict. I prefer an end to the conflict but why not if it is a transition to an end of the conflict.
3. There are no "currently" unsolvable issues: they are None-
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.14.13)
Issues. There will be no additional Arab state on Israeli soil, so if we want live in peace, we should all go home and prepare for the unavoidable.
4. Conflict Can be Managed
Zit-Eye Zilla ,   Calgary, Canada   (11.14.13)
Another excellent opinion piece by Ophir Falk. I would like to see more of his articles on this site.
5. What status quo?
Eyal ,   Jerusalem   (11.14.13)
When Israel is building thousands of new houses in the settlements and gobbling up more Palestinian land, there is no status quo. What Ophir and his friends want is the world to do nothing while the settlements make a 2-state-solution impossible. Not gonna happen.
6. article
jason ,   calgary cansda   (11.15.13)
Great article Found it brought ome clarity to the tenuous border/geographical issues facing Israel and its Arab-world neighbors. The main diffrrences thst I saw between the comparisons of the other nations that were scrutinized was that some sort of economic trade/resiprocity exists and for the most part thre is little or no animosity beteeen said countries. Having ssid that,for me it once again boiled down to a fundamental religious and philosophical difference that translates into geographicsl fragility.
7. I agree.
Israeli 2   (11.14.13)
My only concern is that desperation or temporary insanity may cause an Israeli negotiator to do just what he must or should not. It happened to Sharon. Instead of saying my greatness is attributed to G-d. He thinks that he conquered and therefore he may give it back. Ophir, this is a land for Jews and Torah laws must be upheld during any and all negotiations.
8. Natives will get used to smaller, and smaller reservations
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.15.13)
..."and they would be wise to act accordingly."
9. The big difference between .......
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (11.15.13)
border issues between .... Israel and Palestine and the other countries mentioned above is that in all the other countries it is non-Jew negotiating with non-Jew . Religion does not get in the way.
10. Idiot alert
Yanni   (11.15.13)
We're all Palestinians Ophir, no matter how many lying journo-shmournos like you lie lie and lie.
11. No Proposal
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (11.15.13)
The article contains no proposal for either Palestinian economic environmental enhancement or Palestinian security enhancement. The article doesn't even propose anything for Israel other than status quo which is lopsided to Israel already. Nice try. But proposing nothing is no proposal at all. No wonder Palestinians are not rushing to the idea of an interim agreement.
12. yes but
rm ,   NL Amsterdam   (11.15.13)
I am sure that a prolonged period of 'conflictmanagement' without feeling the need to talk or enhance peace would be great for Israel. Cause ofcourse, during such a period Israel would not feel bound to stop building.....And for building land is needed. And land is such a great asset and ever so easy to take in the wild Westbank. The palestinians will be safely tucked away behind the fence. The army and the secret service will keep them in check. Yes it would be heaven..... Except that it wouldn't be....ofcourse
13. This would've worked in 1988
Jake ,   USA   (11.15.13)
Unfortunately, the Jordanians in the West Bank are now called Palestinians, and their autonomous entity is hell-bent on slandering Israel and eroding her legitimacy through boycotts and lawfare. Instead of Israel constantly playing defense, the PM should announce that if the current talks fail, the PA will be dismantled.
14. Conflict cannot be managed
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (11.15.13)
This is not a US-Canada border dispute. Neither of them are gobbling up the other's land, controlling the other's population, or posing security risks which cost lives and money. Both sides have made mistakes. We need to find a way forward. If not now, when? In the meantime, both sides should work on trust-building in words and actions. I understand that some settlements will remain and be incorporated into Israel. But stop building new ones or expanding existing ones. Such actions tell the Palestinians that Israel really isn't interested in a two-state solution. I'm sure a solution can be found even for Jerusalem. The city is already divided. How many Israelis go to east Jerusalem now? It is time for Israelis and Palestinians who support a compromise to convince their "leaders" that this is what we want.
15. What a joke
Ed ,   USA   (11.15.13)
The author has sunk to amazing lows comparing border disputes between the US and Canada to the West Bank settlements. The total of seven disputes is one tiny barren island of rock, and six areas where the nations disagree where the border lies on the bottom of the sea. Sure, some seawater and a barren rock have the same weight for an international dispute as 500,000 Israeli citizens living across the Green Line. Keeping our heads in the sand about the necessity for establishing a border will destroy Israel proper by making it a defacto one state with a Jewish minority.
16. This is it!
Hertzel ,   Israel   (11.15.13)
This is the smartest Anallisas I ever read in 50 years of my following this dilemma hands down!!!!!!!
17. What are the Palestinians proposing?
non offer   (11.15.13)
18. The US and UK have gone to war for less
to #15   (11.15.13)
19. Open minded article
Ofer   (11.15.13)
An open minded article. However, should you revised the first paragraph (?) since the century-old conflict was on its first stages not with the Palestinians since there wasn't any such "Nation" until the 1960's. "Daber Iti Ben-Adam."
20. #8. Natives will get used to smaller, and smaller reservat
Pals are natives to Saudi, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and North Africa, followed the yeshuv for work
21. manage the convict
deborah bee ,   Hollyweird   (11.15.13)
On what planet, you have got to be kidding? They can be managed? In the interim period, Sir, they intend to destroy us.
22. Pakistan and India Pprtitioned, Part of Jordan can be too
Martin SA   (11.15.13)
Pakistan and India Partitioned The Abandoned part of Jordan can be partitioned too. Jordan abandoned a large tracts of land in 67 by default and by military defensive action to Israel. In order as the author suggested we all need to manage ongoing conflict after a just and fair. So we need to re-arrange the pieces. Some pieces for A and some suitable pieces for I, Eretz Ha kodesh, us. Simultaneous with announcing annexation Partitioning is announced. Israel to have final say on the partitioning. 67 goes in the bin. We need to manage this so-called abandoned land between all its “squatters” or settlers. All squatters including Arabs are then given status according to the pieces occupied by them in Yehuda and Shomron and confines. Jerusalem and confines being the diamond on the crown is awarded to the victors of the 67 event. Special rules applied. The rules are applied to ensure it unification under Israeli rule. Everyone should understand the special treatment and its merits. The Guardians of Jerusalem in position since 67 and prior, continue to allow freedom of worship and reasonable access to holy places. All security concerns of Israel and Arabian Jordanian to be tabled. Elections in these areas are called but subject to a strong security presence of Israel to ensure a verifiable just result. After two years and proven stable conditions the forces hands over to a local defence and police authority as is appropriate. The consistent appropriate conduct of Israel is what earns it the right to oversee and manage the transition. I have tried to give practical substance to this idea of managing security concerns but avoiding vague innuendoes that continue to float around this Middle East arena. Comments from the author and others please.CC to BB.
23. Conflict can be managed
Haim Ben Joshua ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.15.13)
xcellent Idea. Hope Israeli andpalestinan leaders rwead Ophir Falk's article and follow his suggestion
24. Are they serious? Are they
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.15.13)
Whats the Palestinian State for? A State and Homeland for Palestinians So can anyone tell me the logic for Abbas and Co to seek the return of Palestinians to.....Israel? Are the PA leading Palestinians yet again 'up a garden path'? How can the new State of Palestine prosper when the majority of returnees with their financial resources and talents and compensation...end up in Israel? No NO and three times NO What we want is the Palestinians to get compensation so that they can build homes and businesses in PALESTINE not Israel...and never forget....at least 60% of them OPTED of their own free will to leave Israel in the first place so is it not BIZARRE that they would want to return?
25. Since this conflict is based on THEOLOGY !
trump   (11.15.13)
No solutions based on territorial concessions will resolve it .
26. Natives in the land I stole are crammed in smaller res. now
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.15.13)
27. The question is "is it being managed?
Shachar ,   Eilat   (11.17.13)
Or is it being left to winds to decide it's fate???
28. Palestinians want self-management.. [end]
On the Balcony   (11.18.13)
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