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Showing Scotland another side of Israel
Anav Silverman, Tazpit
Published: 21.11.13, 07:36
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1. This can work against us too
Scarborough1414 ,   Scarborough, ON, CAN   (11.22.13)
In a development straight out of a West Wing (TV series) plot, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh's granddaughter was spirited to Israel for medical treatment for some kind of digestive disorder. How did Hamas thank us? With more threats and more violence. Did Haniyeh say thank you? You're joking, right? The co-operation in Afula is admirable but what do the Arab staffers say to their friends and relatives privately afterward? I shudder to think about it. Big, bad Israel, I'm sure. They will never love us. At best they'll put up with us, grudgingly. Don't get your hopes up. I'll make this fast. In the 1950's an Israeli woman doctor, fluent in Arabic decided to do a "good thing" (Martha Stewart catch phrase). She began a radio show in Arabic with all the requisite medical terms to help educate doctors (as opposed to laymen) about better medical procedures. Listeners could send replies to a post-box in Europe and then some of the letters would be read over the radio. Not one listener wanted his name mentioned on the air. Quelle surprise! Some of the listeners were doctors who wrote of medical matters, but many were hate letters screaming for the Israeli [bleep] to get off the air. One guy summed it up: You want me to say thank you, you want me to say that the Israelis are better doctors than we are. Forget it. I would rather my patients all die than have to thank you for saving them, even my own family. We will be better doctors without your help. || The lesson in all this: help the Arabs if you want (I wouldn't trust one with a scalpel in his hand) but don't expect them to thank us. They think we should be thanking them, for what I don't know. Thanks for killing my people, thanks for destroying property? No thanks, [bleep]
2. Scottish doctors
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (11.22.13)
Most will not be deceived by Zionist propaganda moves. Scotland is a fiercely Christian nation, and its people acknowledge that "Israel" is intrinsically illegitimate directly because of the Jewish rejection of the love and salvation given by Christ Jesus almost 2,000 years ago. This is a matter of Divine edict, which remains valid to this day.
3. Re: Scottish Doctors
Benjamin ,   Denve, CO , USA   (11.23.13)
Graczek, Why don;t you and your Society of St. Pius X cohorts go troll elsewhere. You are a disgrace to the human race. You have a very big mouth, but nothing to stand behind it. You are a blatantly anti-semitic excuse of a human being. You should start following the teachings of your Pope. Hypocritical SOB - I thought your Lord and Savior teaches Love - you are a sack full of hate.
4. 2
and it thus remains only IN YOUR IDIOTIC MIND. gee, you are such a moron, it hurts!
5. No.2 ! you are so full of BS, and know
Patsy Mackenzie ,   Stirling Scotland   (11.23.13)
nothing of us Scots. You have yer head up yer backside, and I nea think it goes elsewhere! I am visiting Israel, amazing place. People like No2, will ner be No.1 cuz of their ignorance!
6. You have never lived in The Scotland I know.
Jo   (11.23.13)
Born and raised
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