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Words can kill
Hagai Segal
Published: 17.11.13, 19:54
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1. Am I hearing right?We don't understand what Arabs are saying
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.17.13)
in Arabic??!! So we're practically like Norway? Until now I thought we were denied by our Leftist media the contents of Arab hate mongering for obvious reasons, now I have been enlightened: it's a LANGUAGE BARRIER!!!!!
2. Announcements of new settlement construction
surely planted murderous ideas in many minds too.
3. Mr Segal
If you were stealing my land I would also have murderous ideas!!
4. #2, is another mind deranged by Obamacare LOL
5. Maan News
Robert Haymond ,   Teko'a, Israel   (11.18.13)
Reading Maan News in English and their socalled "contributions" in the forums succeeding each article will give the Jewish reader the understanding of how this particular outfit goes about inciting the Arab reader in the Arabic editions. Maan News should be outlawed.
6. incitement
rm ,   NL Amsterdam   (11.18.13)
Look I don't doubt that there is indeed incitement to be found in the Palestinian media.... But how about Israeli incitement towards Palestinians...you know the kind that enables Israel to do what it does and has done for 46 years? The things I read in talkbackforums are really not pretty even if you consider the fact that it's probably just a small portion of the population......Incitement is in this conflict a two-way street with both main actors completely failing to notice their own defaults....which is just one of the many issues that make this conflict so unsolvable....
7. #6 wrong! It was and will always be that Arabs
Isac   (11.18.13)
cannot accept accept a small piece of land called Israel which happens to be a Jewish State. Just look back at 1923 where hundreds of Jewish residents where killed in cold blood in Hebron by Arab killers. Why? Because they always hated the Jews. This is not Norway and Sweden where those two nations would likely try to resolve some disputes in a "regular" way. You don't have to go far to recognize what Barbarians the Israelis have to deal with on a daily base if you watch what is happening in all the North African (Arab) nations with their so called Arab spring.
8. rm Amsterdam
Robert Haymond ,   Teko'a, Israel   (11.18.13)
Have you ever read Haaretz. It pretty much incites...against Israel. For the rest, most include pro and contra views is a vis Israel. As for the forums, instead of theorizing, why don't you actually go to the Arab websites to view how one-sided and inflammatory they actually are. This is not some high-flying European philosophical issue but one which may be tested in the real world...if you choose to be a fact-finder as opposed to someone who remains "above the fray."
9. # 6
Jules   (11.18.13)
Read the PLO and HAMAS political Charters: there is no place for Israel in them. It's all about "Palestine" (i.e. a "country" that never existed in history) and about the destruction of Israel.
10. Words can kill
Gerbault ,   Issy France   (11.18.13)
I wonder what Netanyahu seeks in willing to have the PA consider as a Jewish state. I am far more concerned that this same PA (not to say Hamas) educates so badly its people: how may this lead to any peace spirit ? It does not seem to me that Egypt or Jordan put any such evil ideas about Jews in its propaganda.
11. the point is that this talk kills
Jo   (11.18.13)
Murder is murder and peace needs truth. to those who go on about stolen land as the motive, tell me the land name and I will tell you it's full history...... but even this serves no purpose in creating peace. If the Palestinian leaders are "talking" like this then these "talks|" are useless, frankly I think the Palestinians like the status of endless talks....gives them someone to blame and no accountability.......a sovereign state does not have the same leyway..
12. #6:and that's why dear, you'll wake up one day with a pole
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.18.13)
up your derierre and you'll have no idea whatsoever, how it got there. Poor sod, I do not envy you... :-(
13. Arabic should be learned by all in intelligence
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (11.18.13)
All who are working in intelligence should be taught Arabic. There should also be an active recruitment of individuals who speak Arabic in order for them to follow what is really being said by the PA and others. This is an unnecessary failing on our part - we should do better than that.
14. the lack of education
chaya ,   central israel   (11.18.13)
is also a factor to consider. since the younger generation are not given the proper education like in all other nations therefore they are easily brainwashed. they are not exposed to other ideas , only the ones of the ramallah authorities. It's a pity !
15. And don't forget the rabid rabbis....
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.20.13)
...who incite their young devotees to commit acts of murder and violence...Yes, words can kill
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