IDF delegation to Philippines treated 370 patients thus far
Yoav Zitun
Published: 17.11.13, 00:14
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1. Just Window Dressing
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (11.17.13)
This propaganda exercise does not excuse the barbaric treatment of Palestinians by Israel who are doing everything to push them out of Israel. the WB and Gaza. This is just a photo op
2. To are incapable of knowing
Chaya ,   Melbourne Australia   (11.17.13)
The extent of your OWN biased bigotry! Have you EVER been to Gaza, West Bank or just sat on your a$$ on aboriginal lands?
3. #1 While you sit on your butt & do nothing
Benji ,   US   (11.17.13)
Kudos to the IDF!
4. 1
johnathan ,   Aboriginaland   (11.17.13)
I agree push the unwanted Arab terrorist out of sovereign state of Israel-I don't care by what means.I know that you are an Arab goat lover-your post says it all.
5. IDF treated 370
Thank you Israel.
6. #1 You are posting your same drivel on all Phil.reports.
Alan ,   SA   (11.17.13)
It seems to be worrying you.that Israel help is so appreciated and countries which have endured natural and terror disasters
7. #2 219,000 Palestinians treated in Israeli hosptials in 2012
Predictor92 ,   USA   (11.17.13)
219,000 Palestinians were treated in Israeli hospitals in 2012. Israel is supposed to be paid by the PA for these treatments, but the Palestinians have not payed for it for years, but Israel keeps on doing it Why is it that Israel went to a place that did not have much media coverage. Now tell me the story of Wafa Samir Ibrahim Bas, who was planning on bombing the hospital that was treating her Tikun Olam is an important part of Judaism. To help save lives is important. If Israel had any particular motive for going to the Philippines, it that it helps them train for natural disasters at home(Israel is on a fault line, a rift valley)
8. to #1 from australia
chaya ,   central israel   (11.17.13)
sure, propaganda and photo op. however, you forgot to mention same activites in all other countries where aid was extended.. by the way, did you take part in anyway to help others in need or was just sitting with a beer on hand and made a big burp?
9. #1 Please keep your Israeli hatred..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (11.17.13)
to yourself,and rather comment on the positivity of this article,or just shut up..
10. Darren, where do you get your info from?
Leah   (11.17.13)
Methinks you are swallowing tripe from the likes of Al Jaz in English or the like. Because if you could read or understand Arabic, you would know you are a useful idiot to the waqf and the caliphate (read fourth reich).
11. Where's your delegation of Dr's and Nurse's?
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (11.17.13)
Stuck in Australia or Gaza??? Why is there NEVER any help from your terrorists friends?? Too busy killing little Jewish babies?? Israel has been helping victims for eons while you loud mouthed louts do murderous damage. Go to hell you filthy beast. KEEP BUILDING ALL OF ISRAEL !!!!
12. Why don't we see this on CNN/BBC?
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (11.17.13)
If they post all the negative news about Israel, then they should post all the positive sides too.
13. Australia - a cesspool of racists
citizen of the world   (11.17.13)
Australia has turned into a cesspool for racists. On one hand, dirt pool towns of poor aboriginals. And on the other hand, ignorant racists, anti-semites who bash Israel, Arabs and drunk people.
14. 12
AL QUDS ALYAHUDI ,   Jerusalem Jewish   (11.17.13)
The main reason BBC/CNN, will not show the good thing what Israel and the Jews doing by travelling thousands of miles to help, because BBC/CNN bosses are Arabs. BBC/CNN not Arabs money, they have already closed down. G D bless the IDF with their clean heart.
15. #1 Sourpuss
ChanahS ,   Israel   (11.17.13)
How many of your oil-rich Moslem bros are helping their fellow Moslems in the Philippines? Do you know how many injured Syrians (Arabs vs Arabs) from both sides are being treated in Israeli hospital (including many children and teenagers)? In fact, what the hell do you know about anything? (Nothing)
17. G-d bless you Tzahal!
Anonymous ,   Israel   (11.17.13)
Kol hakavod to tzahal! May you go from strength to strength with all the important and excellent work you do! No.16, why don't you keep your uninformed, unintelligent and bordering racist comments to yourself! It is called news and it happens to be one of those rare items that is about something nice and positive, that any country would want to announce and talk about, not just Israel! We have also talked about other countries helping the Philippines too! So stop looking for the negative in everything!
18. Hey idiot #16 it is not JEWS' bragging
Rachel   (11.17.13)
It is stating facts. People who lean to the left (not at the Seder) or 22 Islamic run countries want fairy stories. The rest if the people in the world like the facts and cold hard truths. Sorry if that bothers you. But why take it out on Jews. Why not get YOUR friends to act to help?! After all you all OWN the world's oil AND threaten anarchy and death to promote your way of life. Why are you so intimidated by a tiny country and it's population?
19. #1 Facts
solomon ,   bklyn   (11.17.13)
Israel’s arabs vote, are represented in government and the Supreme Court while going to the same hospitals as Jews to be treated by the same Jewish and arab doctors and nurses. Your post denies reality. Typical.
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