Report: Al-Qaeda operative held in Israel over 3 years
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 17.11.13, 21:09
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1. key seen flying into sea
2. Absurd
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.18.13)
" .... and now (the State) doesn't know how to get rid of him." Of course we do! And we should.
3. terrorist
courious   (11.18.13)
and why we keep giving this piece of excrement medical service, food, etc.? why is he alive/ and why is this info revealed? next they will want to free him as a gesture of good will. the price of the bullet is cheaper than all the other possible consequences.
4. Oops
USA   (11.18.13)
....he choked on some food. Who wants to claim the body?
5. Despite what 'Sarah B' says
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (11.18.13)
and we all know her complete disregard for the rule of International law. It troubles me that this Gentleman has not being tried for his crimes and if found guilty sentenced to life imprisonment. Locking him up and throwing away the key without trial cannot and should never be an option, to do so would make us no better than them, as would 'Sarah B's suggestion of a summary execution, although she is no better than Irma Grese, thankfully normal decent Israelis, and Jews in the diaspora are more willing to learn from history
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