Ya'alon: I supported Oslo, but I sobered up
Yoav Zitun
Published: 18.11.13, 00:00
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1. the shia terror regime must choose: survival or nuclear bomb
CJK   (11.18.13)
the shia terror regime cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons.
2. Valerie Jarrett has been negotiating with Iran
CJK   (11.18.13)
according to channel 10 news, obama confidante valerie jarrett has been negotiating with the shia terror regime for over a year. the geneva talks are only a smoke screen at which the jarrett deal was to be presented as a fait accompli. jarrett, born in iran, is a simple business woman, with no experience in diplomacy or knowledge of nuclear science. obama supervised the talks himself. obama also has no experience in international diplomacy or knowledge in nuclear science. his expertise is in community organizing.
3. Finally this schmuck gets it!
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (11.18.13)
4. Bravo! Sanity at long last of OSLO death.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (11.18.13)
5. Many politicians haven't sobered up and new ones get drunk
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (11.18.13)
6. Islam cannot accept idea Jewish State
Zechariah   (11.18.13)
Islam only can accept Jews as second class citizens under the protection of Dhimmi.In the Nazi era it mutated to a pronazi stance .Refugees were refused entry into Turkey as in the Struma Catastrophe.Mass Refugee for Jews in all Islamic lands not only mandated Palestine ought have been offered as a humanitarian obligation.Islam showed itself somewhat worse than the USA Britain and the USSR.Nevertheless it needs be admitted the Jews in Arab Lands were permitted to live and in some lands live well.The same right ought be accorded to all Arabs who can live in peace with their Jewish Neighbours.
7. Most of us, Israelis, supported Oslo. And, most of us have
NLKatz ,   Israel   (11.18.13)
come to realize that our leaders were being fooled at Oslo by those who never intended to change their goals, only their tactics: to being about Israel's demise; to "cleanse" the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people of its Jews; and to use all means at their disposal in order to bring this outcome about. Evidence: The PLO Charter that was to be amended 20 years ago, still calls, as its main thrust, to wiping Israel off the map and the expulsion of its Jews out of it through whatever means possible!!
8. Boker Tov Moshe - But what are you going to do about it.
Zev ,   Israel   (11.18.13)
9. West doesn't want to fight. Pals don't want Jewish Israel.
Sam ,   Canada   (11.18.13)
It's not very complicated. The West has had enough of fighting and would rather appease than fight the Muslims especially with doves like Obama and Kerry. The Palestinians don't want a Jewish Israel. The 'peace process' is just an internal debate among Jews. The Palestinians just use it to gain advantages from Israel or the West.
10. Who was Yaalon lecturing to?
Israeli 2   (11.18.13)
It must be a conference of the dunce and dense. All he is saying is we, with our leftist mentality are indeed wrong, but i woke up to realize the true intelligence of the far right. Thank G-d I did. In conclusion: Stop fighting for the continuation of mental retardation...ideas we can never accomplish.
11. yaalon
farrokh ,   Iran,usa   (11.18.13)
New barking dog(toothless).
12. 11 wait till he sinks his teeth into your throat
C   (11.18.13)
13. #7 Better late than never; Askenaz think they know Arabs
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (11.18.13)
In Sir Martin Gilbert's " In Ishmael's House, is a historical record of events Jews experienced in Lands conquered by Arabs. Ashkenazi Jews believe they know Arabs and judge them according to logical assumptions that apply to Westerners who live in cold climates and not a race living on sand deserts in full sun Until Islam matures, is modernised in accordance with the real world, an event unlikely to take place with the domination of the Imams who rule by keeping the people ignorant, The Koran as modified over time, dictates there can't be peace
14. It's all about money
David ,   On this planet   (11.18.13)
Israel is a very rich country, we spent millions on Peres birthday, but we have children, retires and shoah survivors starving. Palestinian leaders and their families are all millionaires, why would any one push for peace. It's all one big show, we forgot why we wanted a country, we all want to be rich,The western world keeps that fire going,every body is making money What a wonderful world
15. Peace Negotiations
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (11.18.13)
How can you have a meaningful peace agreement with a people whose religion calls upon them to kill Jews? Islamic doctrine calls for death to infidels. The Fatwas of Muslim Clerics make it clear that "infidels" means "non-believers", especially, Jews. Muslim Clerics preach "death to the Jews",and their schools teach "death to the Jews". The Western leaders who are promoting the so-called "peace talks" pressure Israel to make concessions, but wouldn't dare to suggest that the Muslims should renounce the Islamic doctrine of "death to infidels". But, peace talks are worthless, if Islamic doctrine calling for death to Jews is not on the agenda.
16. Stop settlement construction
Dave ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (11.18.13)
It worsens everything and the Palestinians feel like Israel is mocking them. Just stop this madness.
17. to 15
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (11.19.13)
You are right...It is beyond comprehention, that the very people in the Gaza province, who call themselves a " palestinian nation", are in reality refugees from Jordan, Egypt, Syria, etc... Non of the recorded history, has ever known an Islamic palestinian People...Judaism is based in the belief in G-d (Higher/Non Human Power) and is about 3,300 years old, while Islam's is based on about 800 years old belief in the Prophet Mohamed (human), since the year 800 AD ..
18. to 16
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (11.19.13)
Grow up, little boy...Too much son on the beach in Sao Paulo, could cause you seeing lots of "mocking",havock and black spots, as far away, as accross the globe...Wow !!!
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