Palestinian journalists say freedom of speech in danger
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Published: 20.11.13, 16:25
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1. Any better than Israel ?
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (11.20.13)
The rule of the Palestinian Authority is not any better than than the rule of Israel . On the contrary Israeli rule seems quite better in many respects than the PA rule... What would we expect from the PA when we see its supposed leader Yasser Arafat getting sacrificed by AIDS , and when we see his aging successor , the mummy Mahmoud Abbas whining and dining a young Palestinian singer as a hero while brazenly ignoring some of us who sacrificed our dear ones for the sake of loyalty to the " nationalistic " cause ? An Arabic proverb goes : " the securer of the premises is their thief " ... ! Those whom we blindly trust simply are the ones who very eagerly betray our trust...
2. DEATH TO ISRAEL is only freedom of speech they have
zionist forever   (11.20.13)
The palestinians have never really had free speech just an illusion of it. They tried holding what they called democratic elections and when it was announced Hamas won Fatah people start pushing members of Hamas off rooftops because they couldn't accept they had lost power so democracy was just an illusion as well. Abbas moans there is not enough money but he then goes and gives $60,000 to ever prisoner released and those still in prison get paid a salary as compensation for being in prison. So they are obviously not as short of money they want us all to believe. Everything about the palestinians is an illusion including their history which they have successfully sold to just about the entire world.
3. I do not believe this..
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.21.13)
The Islamic cult promotes a peaceful organication, who: -have freedom of speech.. -tolerate any other religion than the Islamic cult ideology. --always give a fair trial for accused.. -never kill randomly.. -never throw people from roofs -never brainwash kids -distance themselves from terror So, why make the fuzz?? Islam is the ideology of hell.
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