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Hezbollah affiliated media release Beirut blast footage
Roi Kais
Published: 20.11.13, 16:21
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1. Too Bad Innocent . . . Oh Wait . . .
emanon ,   USA   (11.20.13)
Gee, arab vs arab violence. Who would have guessed the followers of a religion of peace would behave this way . . .
2. So it wasn't us evil zionists?
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (11.20.13)
I can't wait for them to reveal the exciting twist on this story that for the first time in history Al Queda and the Zionists are working together to attack Iran and Hezzie.
3. More culture than in a litre of Yogurt.
Alan ,   SA   (11.20.13)
Ambassador Ghazanfar Rokn-Abadi was on his way (Tuesday) with cultural advisor Ibrahim Ansari to see the Lebanese Culture Minister Gaby Layyoun,"
4. Wherever Hezbollah is
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.21.13)
Lebanese Bloodshed and Misery follows End Hezbollah Occupation of South Lebanon Now
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