Netanyahu calls Iranian deal 'historic mistake'
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Published: 24.11.13, 11:16
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1. Look,
Chaim ,   Arad   (11.24.13)
If the world leaders met to discuss this, did you expect a different outcome? You see, why should he fight against his own people? How does this affect us? It really doesn't. We will not be blown off the face of the earth by Iran, Russia, US, or any other foreign power. Remember, Elohim sets kingdoms up and He brings them down. He is the protector of Israel, not the USSA.
2. Continue preparations for exercising the military option
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.24.13)
3. You are not alone! - Obama
Raoul ,   Herzliya Israel   (11.24.13)
Obama said - in Hebrew no less *Atem lo lavad* when he was here. He has now crossed his own two red lines, first with Syria, now with Iran, and we are supposed to take comfort in those words? No way.
4. The price for this foolishness is very heavy...
writing on the wall   (11.24.13) so heavy that it might destroy the USA and others who participated in this foolish / suicidal deal.......How can one be so foolish........
5. Playing into Iranians hands
jayjay ,   Israel   (11.24.13)
Just more of the usual stalling tactics used by Iran, which they have done many times in the past....they won't let the inspectors see all the sites, and sanctions will resume. Meanwhile, Iran gets closer to making the bomb.
6. #3the fools are our american brothers
miriam ,   israel   (11.24.13)
7. Netanyahu: enough already!
Netanyahu sacrificed Israeli interests to convince the US to stop Iranian nukes and he failed. There is no shame in failing after trying your best, but at some point you have to realized you lost and move on. The Obama regime has decided to give Iran nukes, meaning the Ayatollah regime will be stable, regime change will never happen, and nuclear non-proliferation will end. Israel will soon be bordered by Sunni or Shiite Jihadis launching chemical rockets while protected from the IDF by an Iranian or Saudi nuclear umbrella. After the US sacrificed its Japanese, Turkish and Saudi allies (after dumping Egypt), it is clear that American security guarantees are useless. Netanyahu has no choice but ending the farce of negotiations with PLO, impose Israeli sovereignty on Judea and Samaria, and start moving the Israeli population and infrastructure to the safety of the hills.
8. #3 i belive the ayatolahs not obama
miriam ,   israel   (11.24.13)
9. Short of donning a galabeya Obama has done everything!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.24.13)
10. Future Unpredictable Vaccinate
Zechariah   (11.24.13)
With an unpredictable future and antibiotic resistance menacing vaccination and herd immunity is vital So Israel and other nations need closely observe .Defense nuclear shelters Hover Air craft Escape Submarines plus Attacking Capacity First and Second strike .
11. For years ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.24.13)
... the international community has been urging Israel to give sanctions a chance. Well, Israel did. The sanctions haven't worked, and now they have been withdrawn -- in fact, they have been withdrawn for about a year by the one country (the United States) that beseeched Israel the loudest. Talk about betrayal! Well, Israel's road is clear. Can't say we have not warned you, or given you every opportunity. The ball is in Israel's court now. We know what needs to be done, and we know how to do it. That will come in due course. For now, annexation of Judea and Samaria and repatriation to Jordan of its illegal Arab squatters will send the requisite message to the lying and deceitful American administration.
12. Grotesque , treacherous USA
Philippe ,   Raanana   (11.24.13)
" to limit the plutonium " ?? No really , how do you " limit " the plutonium production ? What is the " limit " ? How long the " limit " will last ? Until when iran will have enough plutonium! The semantics of the Agreement are of the same fabric as the counterfeit Oslo : An INTERIM accord, wich allows more time for the counterfeiter to pursue his goal while the other part stands idle.About Uranium already enriched up to 20% offically but much higher actually , Iran will stockpile it on its soil, ready for further enrichment when they will have the supreme weapon ( Plutonium ).The supreme weapon will deter any country of impeding with further enrichment of Uranium.It's a road map to war...
13. A great deal for all - including Israel
John ,   USA   (11.24.13)
The way forward is through peace and negotiations. If Israel actually begins treating other people in the region with respect then the rights of Israel will, in turn, be respected. Start by acknowledging the pain the formation of your country has caused. End the racist apartheid practices. Create one state with equal right for all and there will never be any sort of apocalyptic war. Continue down a belligerent self righteous path and the outcome will not be good for you or the world. It really is that simple. God loves Arabs, Muslims, Christians Hindus, Buddhists, Athiests, and the whole world just as much as she loves Jews. Learn that. Please.
14. Sarah B
John ,   USA   (11.24.13)
Your thinking is at the root of the problems in this world. I sincerely pray for you...and fear for you if you have to face God in your current mind frame. Best of luck to you - my lost sister.
15. #11 Irma
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (11.24.13)
I see you were wrong again.
16. 14 - She is not lost, she is a gonner..lost case and a waste
eithan ,   TA   (11.24.13)
17. Netanyahu has spit out his dummy
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (11.24.13)
and thrown his rattle out of the pram. Netanyahu has played his hand a fortnight ago and it has turned out to be empty. The fact is last nights deal has neutralised Israel's room for manoeuvre, the military option is now non existent because of the international nature of who brokered the deal.
18. Wake up Israel
David ,   On this planet   (11.24.13)
Terrorism works , they got what they wanted when the big fives surrendered .Obama destroyed the Middle East, surrendered to terrorism and he is trying to do the same to Israel. His greatest agent is Livni, Netanyahu failed when he put her in charge. unless he wakes up he will be the next Sharon.
19. #14 What was THAT, John? Weirdo.
Scott ,   Australia   (11.24.13)
20. to john nr 13
Darryn ,   south africa   (11.24.13)
"Create one state with the Pals", thats laughable. You want us to end the one and only jewish state. The international world jewry has never been safer since thw Creation of Israel. but then again i suppose you want the End of a strong jewsih nation so that your kind can commit more holocausts,pogroms and inquisitions. The world will burn and before that is allowed to happen. and dont talk to me about apartheid, you americans established that. Come to south acrica and see that all of us black and white live in jails with complex security systems and attack dogs just to protect our familiea from the murderers outside our security complexes where we live with electric fencing. Yes God does love all. but we jews have been massacred for the past few thousand years , so no we have had enough and we have paid penanance in our blood for our tiny homeland. so take your lefty opinions and wait for an iranian suitcase bomb supplied to hezbullah, stolen by Al quiade to wipe out your home then you can wave a candle for these succesfull negotiations, well done John
21. to #13 I assume you discussed all this with Hamas
Andy ,   Israel   (11.24.13)
and they have agreed to it all! You're one state with equality for all ethnic groups sounds great. I'm sure the Jews will agree to it. Just look how well its worked in Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and now Syria.
22. #13 Wrong. The way to peace is not to appease tyrants.
Scott ,   Australia   (11.24.13)
The Iranian regime is another North Korea with an appalling human rights record. I know some people like you dont care about Israel's destruction - but the ramifications of an attempt to do so will be catastrophic (even for you). Iran's threats are to be taken seriously. This is a very bad day for the world.
23. US+EU don't want to fight
Sam ,   Canada   (11.24.13)
The US and EU simply don't want to fight.They are looking for the best deals they can get while avoiding conflict. They would like Israel to maximize all concessions with the Palestinians hoping to get some kind of peace deal there too. That the US and EU have given up doesn't mean Israel has to give up too.
24. #17
Israel never had a military option. Perhaps Israel could have succeeded militarily, and probably survived a Syria / Hezbollah / Hamas counter-attack, but Israel would have been internationally isolated without strong American backing which is what Netanyahu asked for. Now that the Obama regime has scrapped the NPT and recognized Iran's (and anyones) "nuclear rights". As I wrote in #7, if Israeli leaders are smart, it won't matter. Israel can adopt a MAD posture against Iran and watch while Shia ends the Sunni. The only thing Israel must do is ensure the survival of the Jewish population from nuclear and chemical attack by moving to the safety of the hills of Judea and Samaria.
25. John #13
kina ,   Israel   (11.24.13)
What a pile of condescending garbage. Stop your self righteous preaching and pull your head out of your behind. Clearly you are ignorant as well naive. Please find a way for American Blacks and Whites, Muslims and Christians, Native Americans (living on their apartheid reservations) and Shia and Sunni to coexist and then come preach your claptrap. Whose land are you living on in the USA?
26. The jews will not go quietly to the gas chambers again
JACK ,   LONDON/UK   (11.24.13)
Israel is dead if it does nothing and damned if it acts. I say lets do it and god bless the IDF.
27. Nuclear Iran
First attack will be on Saudi Arabia. Let Iran to nuke Saudi & the Gulf states. If the Iranian will start sending their rockets toward Israel, then Israel should unleash upto fifty atom and nuke all Iran to the ground. Should the world intervene and declare war on Israel, then Israel should declare war on them. Israel will not go without taking the world with her. NO ISRAEL NO WORLD PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28. I remember the Israeli jets flying over Auschwitz...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.24.13)
29. why should we expect anything else?!
nadav ,   tlv   (11.24.13)
What did our American and European "friends" do to stop Nazi Germany, which also openly called for the genocide of the Jews (an nearly succeeded)? They did NOTHING, except encourage the Nazi German beast to continue its expansion- the same here with Iran. Iran is the Nazi Germany of the middle east, calling for the annihilation of the Jews and the subjugation of other peoples in the region, like the Arabs, Kurds, Christians, Sunnis, Baluchis, Turkomans, Azeris and others... this is only the beginning. Obama is a just an American version of Neville Chamberlain.
30. Accord. to the list, Iran appears to give more than it get
N ,   N   (11.24.13)
Only limited relief in sanctions <-> no enrichment beyond 5% and more monitoring. Where's the trick?
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