IAF, US Air Force hold largest joint-military exercise in Israel's history
Yoav Zitun
Published: 25.11.13, 15:10
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1. turkeys?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (11.25.13)
and why is nato member, turkey, boycotting the exercise?
2. really..with friends like obama who needs enemies
JL   (11.25.13)
3. Maccabee Power!
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (11.25.13)
Fly the skies and give a united message to Iran: We will not cower! Am Yisrael Chai!
4. No Turkey?
Toby   (11.25.13)
5. 1,4
anton ,   istanbul   (11.25.13)
turkey and israel are not friendly as you guys know threfore dont participate in joint drills etc,
6. To #1
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.25.13)
Simple. Its Thanks giving and the Turkeys are afraid.
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   LONDON UK   (11.25.13)
8. #1
Jarvis ,   Joseph USA   (11.25.13)
NATO? What was it?
9. anton #4
arne ,   chicago usa   (11.25.13)
What's Turkey got to gain in it's beef with Israel?Seems to me they are making a mistake--good friends are hard to come by especially in that neighborhood.Best for Turkey they make shalom, what do you say?
10. Greek and Italian pilots - what a joke
Hennypenny   (11.25.13)
Would be funny if it weren't so sad...
11. Mistake
Oleg ,   Fort Lauderdale, USA   (11.25.13)
The best Air force in the world does not need to train and teach others. They offer nothing new to Israel. Tomorrow they will teach and instruct our many enemies. To the IDF stop looking for friends. In the past we helped Iran, South Africa, Turkey, Uganda they all became our sworen enemies. Do not show and talk about our massive power. Let our enemies and friends have nightmares. God bless and protect Israel's top guns.
12. oleg #11
arne ,   chicago usa   (11.25.13)
your right on the money. the old saying "speak softly but carry a big stick" certainly applys to all of Israel.don't advertise or telegraph a punch, just do it.
13. To: Tom at No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.26.13)
Turkey refused to participate if Greece participated, and Israel refused to "disinvite" Greece.
14. This Is A Red Herring Exercise
A.C.Guard ,   USA   (11.26.13)
planned by the U.S. to make Israel forget that Iran has been given the go ahead to produce nukes. Obama is a Kenyan born Muslim, Jarrett is Iranian born and Kerry has never been a friend of Israel. Any thoughts the U.S. would, with Israel, go to war against Iran is very foolish thinking.
15. #14. Obama wasnt born in kenya
ari   (11.26.13)
otherwise he could not be president. but he sure is a piece of.......
16. Polish Pilots went back to London to finish a plumbing job
Alan ,   SA   (11.26.13)
17. Israel is well served by excercises like this
Israel is well serve ,   Military City, USA   (11.26.13)
All participants have a great opportunity to learn from each other. When Air Forces only practice against their own, they do not get the same experience that they can gain by engaging others whose tactics and training differ from theirs.
18. Turkey is not there because its Thanksgiving
zionist forever   (11.26.13)
Be a major embarrassment if the IAF pilots were to have Turkish ones for dinner by out preforming them. When you don't have good relations better to stay away avoid any chances of embarrassment. If your on good terms its put as learning from each other if the relations are bad then its an embarrassment if your beaten not put down to a learning experience.
19. 14
zionist forever   (11.26.13)
These red flag events go on all the time in different parts of the world and over last 5-10 years Israel has attended them although in the past stayed away to avoid others learning the tricks of the IAF trade until it was decided learn how others do thing rather than just practise amongst ourselves. This is just the first time its been held in Israel.
20. above
moishe   (11.26.13)
included countries pilots much better than Turks could ever be. exclude Turks and less problems. only a matter of time that Turks will leave NATO.
21. arne
anton ,   istanbul   (11.26.13)
i have replied you but did not go through @zionist forever in order to say such thing you need to know turkish pilots do you? :) someone said greek pilot are joke no they are not they are one of the best in europe turkish and greeks pilots are in constant dog fight wich shapes their skills great deal stay away from patriotic comments if israel ever faces real military in war only then you might see the reality ;)
jermanh nguyen ,   OREGON, USA   (11.27.13)
No Turkey? They are afraid to show up b/c it's almost Thanksgiving. And you know what they eat in the US on Thanksgiving. Yes, turkeys get slaughtered during Thanksgiving.
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