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Report: 250 Hezbollah fighters killed near Damascus
Roi Kais
Published: 28.11.13, 12:34
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Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.29.13)
of islam! What if they really tried to make peace with others instead of just fighting and killing one another? They encourage Palestinians to fight a nonsense war with Israel; while they could have demographically be in majority inIsrael years ago. And perhaps have an Arab president in Israel by now. Who knows. It could have happened if Arabs never attacked Israel.
2. Dream on...
mark schroeder ,   germany   (11.29.13)
If your sources are Al Mustakbal, you might as well quote Micky Mouse too...
3. Better over there than over here.
leo ,   usa   (11.29.13)
4. What a pitty
Anshel ,   Canada   (11.29.13)
18 thousand virgins less...
5. Nas.. Spokesman
Lebanese 2 ,   USA   (11.29.13)
Hey kass... Wy don't you say the Shiaa taking over Syria , because even the unborn child know what Iran doing .
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