Defendants in Natan Zada lynching get 2 years in prison
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 28.11.13, 13:57
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1. 2 years for a lynch? Is this a joke?
Tahl   (11.28.13)
Yes, Nathan Zada was a terrorist himself, but he was already cuffed and completely subdued and posed no danger to anyone anymore, when these people came and beat him to death. No matter how hard Israeli-Arabs would spin this incident - it was a cold-blooded LYNCH done not for protect anyone, but purely out of revenge. As such, I cannot believe the District Court had sentenced these murderers only for two years. Should have been something like 20 or 25 years (if not life). No matter how enraged you are at a terrorist, you cannot take law into your own hand and mete out justice yourself in the old fashion of "an eye for an eye". This makes you no better than the terrorist you kill. When a Jew (Yoram Shkolnik) did the same for an Arab terrorist, he received life in prison.
2. Sentences were too lenient.
Reuven   (11.28.13)
Israel's entire judicial system needs to be overhauled. And affirmaative action programs that give favoritism to Arabs for judicial appointments, must be ended!
3. Wow, commit cold blooded murder, 2 years in jail.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (11.28.13)
Two years in jail. What a perversion of justice. The corrupt judge was bullied by and afraid of the arab demonstrators. I am personally disgusted. Another example of a corrupt Israeli judiciary.
Two damn years? Just 2 lousy years for murder? WTF ?
Israel . once mighty and fearless and brave and just , is today afraid of offending a few savage arabs. This two year jail sentence is a bloody insult to jews everywhere.
6. Would be different if they were Jews
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (11.28.13)
"Revenge is for God; punishment is for the judiciary" the verdict read. Oh really? What do you call killing 1,500 Palestinians in Operation Cast Lead of which the Israeli army admitted 500 were innocent civilians?
7. Extremely Lenient Sentences for Murderers
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.28.13)
Poor Israeli justice. So far removed from Jewish Law and Torah ethics. How sad.
8. insanity!
9. 5 Israel
CJK   (11.28.13)
israel is becoming like the goy nations, without courage or honour or vision.
10. I'm curious
I'm curious to know what would have been the outcome if the opposite would have happened
11. In the USA they would have gotten the death sentence...!!!!!
Absolute INSANITY ,   in ISRAEL   (11.28.13)
Israel has LOST ALL MORAL standards. Arabs kill and either get 2 years or NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12. Jews who did the same were given life sentences
Avi ,   Jerusalem   (11.28.13)
Why the huge difference?
13.  TWO YEARS ?????
I have received a longer sentence than 2 years for farting aloud in a public Library.
14. 2 Years for Killing????
Badbob ,   NYC USA   (11.28.13)
He was cuffed & they then murdered him!! They should be in for life or death penalty in my opinion.
15. #6 If you cannot see the difference
Tahl   (11.28.13)
Between targeting rocket-launchers who deliberately surround themselves with civilians as human shields as they shoot, and deliberately lynching a cuffed and subdued man who no longer posed danger to anyone - then there is really no point in debating with you.
16. #10 if you're curious look up "Yoram shkolnik"
Sentenced for 20 years in prison for killing a cuffed Palestinian terrorist.
17. Well ...
Reuven ,   Netanya   (11.28.13)
Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir: "No terrorist should come out alive from an attack."
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