Not for Obama, for us
Yossi Shain
Published: 30.11.13, 11:22
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1. For you? You address, Sir? I am bringing demolition
Miron ,   USA   (11.30.13)
equipment to make you wish come true, pronto.
2. Good idea.
Jules   (11.30.13)
But there is one precondition, without which any negotiations are pointless, namely: the Arab world must officially recognize Israel as Democratic Zionist State and the Homeland of the Jewish people.
3. Judging by the sheer idiocy, I'd swear the author is a pro-
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.30.13)
fessor; by Jove: He Is!
4. Same old fallacy
Sidney ,   USA   (11.30.13)
If you accept that Israel is always responsible for the failure of the peace process, this would make sense. To many people from the fools at Haaretz to the American officials named in this article, this is the essence of the Arab-Israeli dispute. The truth is that the Arabs have never given up the goal of destroying Israel by the long process of attrition. People like the writer are Lenin's "useful idiots".
5. Finally, a voice of reason
Rachel Rabin ,   TA, Israel   (11.30.13)
Thank you for this article. I would also kindly add that a policy of occupation, repression, and illegalities has a deep effect on our own morality and self-worth. Occupation is a very destructive force that impacts the soul and the spirit, our own individual and personal soul and spirit, as well as our collective national soul and spirit.
Claude ,   Cape Town & London   (11.30.13)
Could not be clearer. It's not about the size of Israel or final borders of Israel, these issues together with a compromise over Jerusalem can be agreed on. The arab nations, Iranians and ultimately the Palestinian people will have to accept that Israel exists as a legal state, as a member of the UN and is the Jewish Homeland. Now we await a barrage of all the usual posters from Brisbane, Seattle and others. As I write this from Cape Town not too far from where Desmond Tutu now resides I am reminded that even with all his critisms of Israel, (some quite justified) he has never demonstrated any evidence of anti semetism or denied the right of Israel to exist, or the cultural, historical , religious connection we have to the land of Israel.
7. # 2 is completely right
italian   (11.30.13)
A phony peace is irrilevant, if they don't recognise Israel as zionist and jewish State. I don't want any Abus who tries, the day after the signing, to foment Israeli arabs as a fifth column. Those among the arabs who feel themselves as palestinians need to go to a palestinian state. But there won't be peace if they try to advance the idea of two state solution, with Israel as a dual state. People like Zoabi don't deserve anything here.
8. Middle East: Judenrein
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (11.30.13)
For thousands of years we've been DEported, EXported, DEspised, DEnied, and DEgraded. Jews could pack up and fly to the farthest reaches of the galaxy and establish a Jewish Planet: and somehow, some way, the goyim will find a way to say,"NO! You Jews cannot 'illegally occupy' that planet!"
9. peace would be great but not to cut your throat
marv   (11.30.13)
Peace not at any price. Peace would be great but not to hamstring israel with indefensible borders, an issue that livni cannot comprehend as she understands nothing about military geography. By example, a duck will chase you if you run from it but not if you stand your ground, it will move away. The same applies to concessions. The more you give, the more they want. israel should actually be demanding land concessions from the palestinians and jordanians, against conventional wisdom but in line with san remo.
10. 2.
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.30.13)
Of course, you are correct. The pallies will recognize us when pigs can fly.
11. @8
Etienne Prinsloo ,   Nova Scotia Canada   (11.30.13)
Spot on! All that will please the Arabs, European liberals and Hussain's democrats is the annihilation of Israel. How do you make peace with a region where parents raise their children to hate Israel? How do you make peace in a world where you get blamed for all the ills of the ME? How do you let your guard down when even your "allies" cannot wait to get into bed with Iran and Hezbollah as the US and true to tradition , the UK is doing?
12. Facts and Fantasies
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (11.30.13)
Shain reports correctly the reaction to an effective Israel lobby in US. He is further correct to report that the Israel-Palestine issue did not cause the turmoil in Arab ME. Palestinians were used by Arab governments and dictators to distract their subjugated as they raped and pillaged , so They are now using it to against the west. Shain is not right about the Peace; It is used to impose on Israel a sword of Damocles over its security. Palestinians do not want peace.
13. Great Spin
Zev ,   Israel   (11.30.13)
Since U.S. is weak Israel should commit suicide. No Thanks
14. Peace with who? Murderers?
Rachel ,   US   (11.30.13)
15. Israel Win the peace! To the victor goes the spoils
Goodbye Iran ,   headed for dustbin   (11.30.13)
16. Gosh, Yossi...
manicdrummer ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.30.13)
...you certainly are lacking in faith in The Almighty! You'd rather bend to pressure from Gentile nations instead of trusting in the Lord.
17. Endless stream of naive peacenik is amazing
trump   (11.30.13)
Since the conflict is based on teligion, itis neddless to suggest "compromizes" Since Israelis and saoudis are bound by the Shia threat, the existential menace must be removed Only afterwardards, might discussions begin between highest religious authorities of both sides WITHOUT outer interference.
18. tThe leftists continue, to be Israels biggest
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.30.13)
danger aside of Iran...! That article is total leftist GARBAGE !
19. move towards peace ???
Diana Kashapova ,   Germany   (11.30.13)
"Weakened US status in Middle East obligates Israel to firmly move towards peace" Weakened Allies status in Europe 1939 obligated Jews to firmly move towards Ausschwitz
20. Israel/Palestine
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (11.30.13)
There is a truth. Peace is the best solution for ending the awful conflict. But there is another. Arab Palestines and Arab countries as a whole must recognize Israel's existence and sovereignty, with secure frontiers. And also a third. "Jewish" (State) doesn't mean "Only Jewish"; all its dwellers deserve equal rights. I am sure the great majority of Israelis agrees with me.
21. half right
Shain is half-right: Israel would benefit from peace. His problem is conflating surrender to the corrupt terror organization Fatah with peace. Israel was closest to peace when the Shamir/Ahrens government defeated the First Intifada and banished the PLO. But under the Rabin/Peres regime, and their resurrection of PLO, Israel lost any chance for peace. Fortunately Shain is another journalist paid to write some fantasy article. Hopefully Netanyah will be more sane.
22. Ex-President Carter, Brzeszinski - "liberals" ?
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Winnipeg, Canada   (11.30.13)
" Even President Obama has been warned by liberals, including former President Carter and his National Security Advisor Brzezinski that a policy biased towards Israel is dangerous for America ".. Both of these " liberal " guys have been, and still remain extremely anti-Israel, and have a hatred for the Jewish supporters of Israel in the USA.
23. to #2
M ,   the gulf states   (11.30.13)
all right. fine. i recognise that israel is a state not for christians, muslims, hindu's or any other religion just for good zionist jews. your happy now?
24. 65 Years of Israel didnt cause "Arab Spring"disaster-1 Term
Alan ,   SA   (12.01.13)
of Obama's Presidency did
25. So, what would lefties offer that would bring peace?
Sam ,   Canada   (12.01.13)
They don't know but they babble on anyways.They do Israel more harm than good by implying Israel is at fault when it's the Palestinians who reject a Jewish majority Israel.
26. To the left everything means give up our land
Mordechai   (11.30.13)
If America were to be stronger in the region the writer would also be demanding we move towards peace ie we give up our land and get nothing in return. In reality we can't move towards peace with the PLO and Hamas because the PLO and Hamas are committed to Israel's destruction no matter what we do. We can and should move towards better relations with the new moderate government in Egypt and full support their war against the Muslim brotherhood. We should do what we can to form an alliance with the saudi's against Iran but remember they are still muslim fundamentalists. And we should destroy the PLO and Hamas because that is the only move towards peace we can make on that front.
27. @18 Irgun is left, Vichi is right radicals
Miron ,   USA   (12.01.13)
Israeli press is being high - jacked by people who have nothing to lose from Israel dismantling. It's normal and expected. And for good or bad, there wish is my command, up close and personal. It's not like they live somewhere else... they got addresses... It's not that difficult to give them all personal Gush Katiff. And it will solve more troubles for Israel than 50 years of so - called negotiations. They have forgotten from whose tabke they are eating.
28. To Rachel Rabin
Malka Jerusalem ,   Israel   (12.01.13)
Boy have you been brainwashed. This article is so misguided it is ridiculous.
29. pathetic article
Steven ,   USA   (12.01.13)
The author creates a profile of himself as a cowardly, cringing Jew. I thought it was a dastardly stereotype until I started reading on line Israeli based websites. The author clearly fears for his life, and fears empowerment for Israel (and probably for himself as well). Pitiful.
30. Peace for our time
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (12.01.13)
There is no such thing as "peace with infidels" in Islam. Get used to it.
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